Team Links

BAC offers a wide variety of meets for swimmers of all abilities – WAY more meets than any single swimmer would do.  In fact, there are several weekends where we offer two meets the same weekend, just for different swimmers within the BAC family.

Ultimately, meet participation is an individual swimmer/family choice.  We generally promote meet participation, because meets are fun!  They’re also a great way (but not the only way) to realize and celebrate some of the improvements your swimmer has been making in practice!  If you have any questions about meets for your swimmer specifically, connect with their lead coach.

Here’s a quick explanation of each meet currently on our schedule.  Sometimes it works to look at meets individually, but sometimes it makes more sense to look at them in groups (attending at least one of the late Oct – early Nov meets for example).  REMEMBER, ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR LEAD COACH ABOUT MEET AND EVENT SELECTION, AND LET YOUR SWIMMER TAKE OWNERSHIP IN PICKING RACES!!

  • OCT 12-13:  BAC SPOOKTACULAR - Technically, we have 2 different Spooktaculars.  The Saturday meet is a perfect season-opener for swimmers of all ages.  The Sunday meet offers a few longer events for our older or more experienced swimmers.  GENERALLY, WEEKENDS WHEN WE HOST MEETS ARE ‘ALL IN’ WEEKENDS.  Meaning that we’d like to see nearly every BACer check their schedule to see about participating.
  • OCT 26-27:  (a great example of different meets offered for different BACers)
    • DFAC – a quick and small local meet, reserved for 12-Under swimmers
    • LFSC @ RECPLEX – a complementary option to DFAC, but open to all ages
  • NOV 2-3:  MICHIGAN BUS TRIP – a fun meet that should be worth the time investment for interested swimmers.  We’ll travel midday Friday to Sunday evening.  Saturday the meet is a prelim/final format for 11-over swimmers
  • NOV 8-10:
    • IFLY – this is a ‘Senior’ (all ages together) meet with time standards.  Limited to HS boys and some MS girls
    • WEST – a single day meet for all interested ages.  Travel to Waukesha is pretty easy
  • NOV 22-24:  This is another ‘all-in’ weekend, and many groups might ‘rest’ a bit to see some impressive mid-season times
    • WGLO – This is a pretty competitive meet that draws teams from outside Wisconsin.  It does have qualifying standards, so only some swimmers will be eligible.
    • MSS – a complement to WGLO.  This year should be extra exciting as they are debuting their brand-new pool!
  • DEC 13-15:  Another ‘all-in’ weekend, either at our Holiday Splash or at the State Meet
    • BAC HOLIDAY SPLASH – A BAC hosted meet with a variety of events spread over 3 days
    • SINGLE AGE STATE – This is one of 4 ‘LSC sponsored’ Championship Meets offered this fall/winter.  It is ‘single age’ (meaning a 9yo age group and a 10yo age group instead of ‘9-10’) for 12yo, 11yo, 10yo, 9yo, and 8-u.  We won this meet it’s first years of existence and we’re pumped up to make it 3 in a row!
  • DEC 20-22:
    • SPS WINTER CLASSIC – a great local option for folks that aren’t traveling for the Holidays or for folks that can’t attend the Splash.
  • DEC TBD:  SWAT DUAL – Details TBD but for the past 3 years we’ve had our 14-U athletes do a one-day bus trip to Greenfield to go against one of the stronger teams in Milwaukee
  • JAN 3-5:  for any ‘BAC hosted’ meet we consider it an ‘all-in’ weekend
    • BAC JACK PETTINGER INVITE – A 3 day meet offering a ton of events.  Saturday is run as a prelim/final meet for 9-o swimmers.  Last year was Year 1 for this new format and it was AWESOME
    • SSTY BIG CHEESE – exclusively for HS girls in our Madison or Baraboo Senior Groups
  • JAN 26:  BAC GROUNDHOG – a single day meet here in town
  • JAN 31 – FEB 2:  Another weekend we’d like everyone to consider one meet or the other
    • SSTY A+ MEET – like WGLO, this is a prelim/final meet with stiff competition and qualifying time standards
    • SPS SINGLE DAY – a one-day complement to A+
  • FEB TBD:  BAC INTRASQUAD – TBD but we’ll likely add something (a short intrasquad perhaps) to the schedule in early February
    • We’ll talk more about this as the meets get nearer.  Just be aware that there are multiple levels of season-ending meet, and we definitely want to prioritize EVERY BACer participating in one of them.  About 70% of our kids will end their seasons at the Regional Championship Meet in Middleton, while the rest will go on to a State Championship Meet or beyond.