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Volunteer Requirements


Volunteer Meet Requirements for ALL BAC FAMILIES :

If you have a swimmer in one session, sign up for one session of work.  It does not have to be the same session your swimmer is competing in.  If you have multiple swimmers, sign up for two sessions of work. 
If you have swimmers in more sessions, you may be needed to work more but generally because we have a large team, parents only have to do two sessions.  If your swimmer is not in the meet you do not have to work. 
Coach EJ will then assign a job to your family from the meet signup page.  Be aware you are not guaranteed a particular job just because you signed up for it.  We may need you in another spot.  If you do not sign up to work we will automatically assign you a job.

The final job list will come out approximately 7 days before the meet. 

*No-show families will be fined $100

*Exceptions will be made for sick kids, family medical emergencies/death in families only.  Keep in mind after the meet file goes in to WI Swimming (deadine date) you will still be required to pay meet fees.

​Please note:  on occasion a swimmer may want to swim in a meet but a parent is unable to help that weeked.  Please feel free to contact EJ as he can make arrangements for you to work an extra shift at a later meet. ([email protected])


$350 VOLUNTEER BUYOUT:  Some families may prefer to buy-out instead of working in any of our
​BAC meets. If this is the case you can bring in a $300 sponsor or simply make a $300 donation.  Please contact Sherry ([email protected]) if you wish to "buy out".