Ledges Lionfish Summer Rec League Team

Ledges Lionfish Summer Rec League Team


The Stateline Aquatic Team also offers a summer recreational league swim team called The Ledges Lionfish.  The Ledges Lionfish Team participates in a summer recreational swim league called the Rockford Summer Swim Conference (RSSC).  The RSSC is a small, local swim conference made up of teams from Peak Sports Club, Forest Hills Country Club, Mauh-Nah-Tee-See Country Club and the Rockford Country Club.  


The Lionfish Summer Season runs from day after Memorial Day until the end of July.  There are dual meets on Monday evenings and a Championship Meet at the end of July.


Our Ledges Lionfish program is perfect for swimmers who are new to the sport or for those who want to try being on a competitive swim team without making a large time and financial commitment. Our coaching staff works with the Lionfish swimmers just like our USA Swim Team Members.  We teach the fundamentals and techniques needed to have a fun and enjoyable swim experience.


Our year-round STAT USA Swim Team members are able to compete in all of the Ledges Lionfish dual meets and championship meet.  However, our Ledge Lionfish swimmers are only able to compete in the RSSC dual meets, the RSSC championship meet and possibly a few, specially designated USA Swim Meets in the summer.  This can get a little confusing.  It all has to do with the USA Swimming Meet Sanctioning process.  Please contact the head coach, Scott Kitzman for more information about the Lionfish meets and other specifics.