Posted 08/21/2017

Practice Group Descriptions

We offer age and skill appropriate training groups.  Below is a brief description of our practice groups and typical practice times.  For more specific information on exact times and costs, please refer to our registration packet that comes out at the beginning of each season.

Level 1                               

This is our beginning group.  In order for kids to swim in this group they need to be able to swim at least one length of the pool freestyle with their faces (mostly) in the water utilizing rotary breathing as well as one length of backstroke.  This group typically practices 2 times a week for an hour during the short course season.  Additional practices may be offered during the summer outdoor long course/summer recreation league season.  The goal of this group is to expose swimmers to the fun of competitive swimming while honing their technique and love for the sport so that they are able to compete in swim meets with confidence.  We will recommend that our Level 1 swimmers attend certain meets throughout the season.  By competing in meets the young athletes really learn to connect what we do in practice to the skills that are needed for them to perform well at our swim meets.  Competitions for this level of swimmers are fun and a huge part of the learning process.

Level 2                               

Kids in this group are usually 9-12 years old and are ready to take their swimming to the next level.  This group typically practices 4 times a week for 1-1/2 hours during the short course and summer outdoor long course season.  The coaching goal for this group is to work with them to perfect their technique while simultaneously building an aerobic base that will sustain them throughout their swimming career.  Our Level 2 swimmers will participate in dryland exercises as well as other clinics and classroom sessions.  We will work to improve their stroke technique and proficiency in all four competitive strokes, while learning how to compete with effective race and strategies.   Meet participation is strongly recommended for Level 2.  Meet participation is crucial so that the athletes can strengthen their connection and understanding that their practice habits have a direct relationship on their meet performance.

Level 3                               

Our Level 3 swimmers typically range in age from 9-13.  These swimmers are typically more proficient in their stroke and turn techniques and tend to be more committed to the sport of swimming.  As such, these swimmers are capable of handling the increased work load that is needed to perform well at more competitive swim meets.  The Level 3 practice group trains 4 times per week for 1-1/2 to 2 hours depending on the time of the season.  Practices include a mix of dryland work to supplement and enhance our in-water work.  Additional practices, clinics and classroom sessions will be offered as well.  The coaching goal of this group is to increase the athlete’s aerobic training base and improve their overall swimming speed and power so that they may be able to qualify for more elite level meets such as the State Meet, Zones and perhaps even national level meets!

High School Prep

Our High School Prep training group is intended for middle school and high school age swimmers who may be new to the sport and need more fundamental stroke development.  At The Stateline Aquatic Team, we believe that all kids who want to be in the sport of swimming, especially at the high school level, need a fundamental base set of technical swimming skills.  We believe that the sport of swimming is a technique limiting sport – those that don’t have, or utilize, the right technical skills in the water are going to be at a serious disadvantage to those that do have these skills no matter the size or strength difference.  High School Prep swimmers are offered practices 5 days a week for 1-1/2 to 2 hours a night.  Some Saturday practices may also be offered throughout the season as the pool and meet schedule allows.  It is recommended that swimmers attend an average of 3 practices a week, attend all Required Meets and as many of the other meets as their schedule allows.  Practice sessions will be a combination of in water instruction, dry-land strength and coordination exercises, clinics and classroom presentations.


Our Senior–1 Group is geared for swimmers that have a good set of technical skills, or have a good swimming background already, but aren’t necessarily committed to the rigors of intense training required of our Senior-2 Group.  The Senior–1 Group will be offered practices 5 nights a week for 1-1/2 – 2 hours depending on the dryland schedule.  This group’s practices will be a combination of skills and drills for all four competitive strokes, aerobic capacity work as well as developing speed while remaining technically proficient.  It is recommended that swimmers attend an average of 3 practices a week, attend all Required Meets and as many of the other meets as their schedule allows.  Practice sessions will be a combination of in water instruction, dry-land strength and coordination exercises, clinics and classroom presentations.


Our Senior-2 Group is intended for motivated and committed athletes who are looking for a challenging, positive and supportive team environment to achieve their individual goals at the season-end championship meets.  The swimmers in the Senior-2 Group are typically high school age swimmers (and college swimmers during the summer) who are willing to work hard and be committed to each other and themselves for their goals.  We recommend strongly that swimmers in this group commit to attending at least 4 practices a week in order to support their teammates in this group and to achieve their season-end championship meet goals. Practices for our Senior-2 Group are offered 5 times a week during the short course season and two-a-day practice sessions are offered during the summer. The Senior-2 Group will have dryland training, clinics and classroom education sessions to complement their in-water practices. There will be predominately one practice for this group and will be designed to support the training needs of the group as a whole.  Practices may get differentiated even more as pool space and the season plan dictates.  Our coaching staff will design practices and counsel these swimmers as needed to help them prepare to achieve whatever their individual goals may be - whether that’s a State, Zone or National qualifying time!