To put YMCA principles into practice though programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.
Parents/Guardians agree to:
·         Support decisions made by the coaches and cooperate with them and the Door County YMCA staff to make the competitive swim program the most meaningful for all team members.
·         Volunteer at least one family member at each home meet for a work position.
·         Assist in fundraising efforts/activities as organized by the team. We view  these activities as great team exposure and community involvement.
·         Participate on the Swim Team Parent Advisory Committee or other committees if possible.
·         Be responsible for accurate and timely payments of all fees.
·         Discuss any concerns/questions  with Head Swim Coach.
·          Be a good sport parent - Be on time, promote good nutrition, sleep, and promote team.
·         Be a positive representative of our team by displaying great sportsmanship.
Athletes Code of Conduct
·         Respect the coaching staff. teammates,YMCA staff, pool facilities,and the YMCA facility-at all locations
·         Practice with commitment, dedication and promote progress of other swimmers.
·         Safety is first,last, and always.  Don't do anything that may cause injury to you or others.
·         Be a positive representative of the Door County YMCA swim team by displaying good sportsmanship within the team and at meets. We promote friendship, honesty, fairness, and intensity in competition.
·         Avoid any situation/behavior that would be unacceptable as an athlete or role model in all situations and locations.