Parent/Swimmer Handbook




We are what we repeatedly do.

Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.



"The virtue of all achievement is victory over oneself.

Those who know this can never know defeat."



Qualities of Character that our swimmers learn and display academically and athletically:

Commitment   Self-discipline   Goal-Setting   Teamwork   Determination   Self-respect   Perseverance   Dedication   Olympian dreams   Cooperation   Time management   Resiliency   Honesty   Respect for others   Self-confidence   Self-sacrifice   Courage


Table of Contents:

Door County YMCA Mission Statement



Coaching Staff

Team Information

Team Communication

Eligibility and Forms


Practice Information

Meet Information

Team Calendar

Code of Conduct

Parent Goals


Medical Form

Honor Code

Parent Contract

Registration Form

Concussion Fact Sheet for Athletes

Concussion Fact Sheet for Parents

 Mission Statement

To introduce and instill YMCA core values through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

DCY SWIM- Where Champions and Friends are made!

Congratulations on joining the 2017-2018 DCY swim team program!!!! Our program has been one of the most successful sports program in the county and state for several years now-measured in any way success can be measured.We are a program committed to developing character and integrity in our swimmers. Welcome to all of our new swimmers, our Dolphin Club swimmers, and all of the returning swimmers. The DCY swim program is designed for swimmers with a wide range of ages, experiences, desires and abilities. The practices, events, and meets develop skills, sportsmanship, work ethic and team spirit while emphasizing fun. We have an exceptional skill development program for beginning to elite swimmers. We are proud of you for joining a program that is known state-wide and nationally as a premier swimming program!

Parents: Congratulations, you are now part of our family! You will be involved in a program unlike any other! You will watch your child grow not only as a competitor, but as a person-mentally and physically. You are encouraged to volunteer in a variety of ways. Please become involved to enjoy everything the team can offer. Swim parents truly make our swim program successful. We encourage parents to seek out the Head Coach with questions or concerns, or speak to a Parent Advisory Committee member. As the DCY team continues to grow, we will strive to retain the personal touch and family atmosphere that we enjoy now. Every swimmer and every family is important to us. Your enjoyment of the time you spend with our team is our true measure of success for us personally. 

The DCY swim team has made incredibly positive strides every year. Each year, we see more commitment in Fall Prep, during the season, and even in the Spring and Summer sessions. We continually increase our team numbers, with approximately 130 swimmers on the team this season! Every year, more swimmers are qualifying for State and National level meets. Our lists of YMCA State Champions, State Records,  and “Top 16 National Times”  increase every year, along with finalists in the YMCA Nationals Short and Long Course Championship meets.. This year, we were extremely fortunate to have a NATIONAL CHAMPION in 5 races,  with 3 NATIONAL RECORDS set in each National meet. 

Welcome to another fantastic year!

Mike McHugh, DCY Head Coach


Contact Information:

Door County YMCA Swim Team

1900 Michigan Street

Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235

(920) 743-4949

Mike McHugh

Head Coach/Aquatics Director

Coaching Staff:

Mike McHugh, Director of Competitive swimming, Head Coach:

Mike started coaching swimming in 1983 at Oshkosh North, where he coached Boys High School. He swam 4 years HS and 4 years college as a distance free-styler, qualifying for State and National levels. Mike started coaching High School boys swimming in Sturgeon Bay in 1991 and girls in 1993. He finished with the High School Girls in 2010 to devote more time to the DCY Program. He has coached multiple High School state qualifying swimmers in individual events and relays, including state champions and state relay records. He has also coached Team State Champions and been recognized and received Wisconsin Coach of the Year Awards. In the YMCA program, he has coached over 600 State qualifiers. He has coached many YMCA National qualifiers, with the greatest success in the last 9 National meets. He has attained an ASCA Level 4 coaching status. Mike is also the owner and director of the Peak Performance Summer Clinic which is designed to develop elite athletic skills through dry-land strength, agility and speed training.

Rachel Stollenwerk: Northern Door Coach

Rachel was a competitive swimmer for several years, experiencing success at the state level. Rachel is committed to developing a Northern Door Program as part of the DCY Swim team and has made several positive strides towards that goal.  Rachel has close family ties in Northern Door and runs a succesful business during the tourist season.

Assistant Coaches: Jeff Norton, Jane Haas, Kelly Rankin, Chad Luberger, Kelly Nordin ND Assistant Coaches: Jackson Parr, Annie Bley

Team Information:

 Administration: The team is directed by the Head Coach who is hired by the YMCA as a member of the professional staff. The coach is evaluated and supervised by the YMCA Aquatics Director. There is a Swim Team Parents Advisory Committee that supports and directs the team ,consisting of swim team parent volunteers that work with the administration and Head Coach to insure parent and swimmers’ needs and concerns are addressed. This is a committee that is responsible for the operation of the team.

Communication: Please stay up-to-date by checking your e-mail and the web-site every day during the season.

Session: The swim team has one distinct competitive session each year, the Winter/Spring session, which runs from the beginning of November to the middle of March. Some swimmers will swim in the National meets that occur in the Spring and Summer.

YMCA Membership:


 Team Fees:

  • Team fees are assessed according to each participant’s training group. There is a 10% discount on the team fee for each additional child.
  • When you register, please register for the following:
    • A group
    • # of days of practice per week
    • Event fee level option
  • Payment options:

o   In-full: During registration week of the Fall 2 2017 session

o   Monthly drafted payments via credit card or EFT: Five monthly payments will be deducted   on the 1st or the 15th of November, December, January, February, and March.

o   NOTE: Coaches will be given a list of swimmers who have completed payment arrangements once the program starts. If a payment plan has not been set up, your child may not be allowed to participate in practice or meets until payment arrangements are made.

  • Once a participant has paid the first team fee, that participant will be a member of the team for the duration of the season. Parents will sign a contract for a fee payment commitment for the entire season.

          Event Fees:

An event fee is the amount it costs to enter an event at a particular meet. The cost of the event fee depends on the meet and location.

Splash Fee: The one time charge the host team charges each swimmer to cover the cost of hosting and running the respective swim meet.

         Equipment Needed:

  • Training and/or practice suits (website)
    • A solid, black suit for meets is mandatory. The team suit order will be coordinated by the Aquatics Director at the beginning of the swim session. Placing an order via the team isn’t mandatory.
  • Towel
  • Goggles-2 pair
    • Available at the Welcome Center of the YMCA
  • Swim cap
    • DCY swim caps are available at the Welcome Center of the YMCA.
    • A ‘DCY’ cap is the only acceptable swim cap to be worn at swim meets.-, unless a speed cap is worn and approved.
  • Any swim cap is acceptable at practice.
  • A swim bag for everything
  • Team warm-ups or something to wear at the meets that is warm and can get wet
    • ‘DCY’ apparel will be available for order during the season (optional purchase)
    • Swim shoes (flip flops) should  be worn in the shower and at other pools. These are optional, but recommended.

Meet Expenses:

  • For all meets, swimmers will need:
    • Transportation to and from the competition.
    • Spending money for a snack, breakfast and/or lunch or depending on the length of competition
    • Arrangements for a place to stay if the competition exceeds one day. Hotel information and directions to the meets will be posted on the team website as the information becomes available. Lodging and transportation arrangements are the responsibility of the parents.
    • Admission fees and/or heat sheet fees may be charged for non-swimmers to attend the competition. These fees vary and are paid to and set by the hosting YMCA.


Team Photograph:

A team photo, as well as individual shots, will be coordinated during the course of the season. Prints will be available for purchase for those who are interested. Fees are due upon ordering and individual shots will only be done for those who commit to purchasing the print. Matt Orthober will be taking the team pictures this year. A date will be selected late in the season and you’ll be notified

Team News will be posted on the DCY Swim Team website ( .This information will contain all you need to know for the week(s) ahead. The News will automatically be emailed to you after it is posted.

WDOR Radio Station:

Any practice/meet cancelations or last minute schedule changes will be announced on WDOR and the team’s website.

Welcome Center:

The Welcome Center Staff should be able to help with general team information. If they can’t help with a specific question, please contact Mike McHugh, Aquatics Director.




Eligibility and Forms:

For all YMCA meets, a swimmer’s age group is determined by their age on December 1 of the respective year.

 For the Wisconsin YMCA State Championship meet, the swimmer must be a full privileged YMCA member by December 1 of the respective year.


Please turn in the following forms before the swimmer’s first practice…

  • Honor Code Form
  • Emergency medical Form/ Concussion compliance
  • Scheduled Payment agreement
  • Team Registration Form

  Swim team Eligibility:                                                                                  

The following rules will help to clear up some confusion regarding the meets our team swims each season.

For all YMCA meets, a swimmers age group is determined by their age on the December 1.

For the YMCA Sectional Championship, the swimmer must be a fully privileged YMCA member. All swimmers are encouraged to participate in meets for which they qualify. We really encourage all swimmers to participate in this meet, it is the culmination of the entire season.

State qualifiers are swimmers who meet or exceed the qualifying state time standard while representing their YMCA team at any meet during the current competitive session.  Only A, B, and C relays are allowed from each team at State.

To advance to the YMCA National Championship in an individual or relay event, swimmers must meet national time standards while competing for their YMCA team or High school team from the previous year’s National meet.



Fundraising opportunities exist to help diminish team fees and help the team through equipment or training purchases. Fundraising opportunities are available to all families that wish to take advantage of reducing their out-of-pocket payments. All Fundraising is due by Feb. 15 to offset team fees.. All Fundraising monies should be turned into the YMCA Welcome Center. Make sure your name and fund raising event is written on the envelope and tell the front desk what the funds are for….be specific.

Schedule of Opportunities:

The following are fundraising options available to you, these aren’t mandatory. If you choose not to participate in these events, your fees, as stated in the previous section, will be due in full according to the schedule provided.

  • Christmas Tree Sales:
  • Swim-a-Longs
  • Special Events
  • Team Fundraising-Turkey Trot, Hog Wild runs


Practice Information:

Practices may be canceled prior to meets or in the case of other events at the YMCA, Please watch your email and the DCY Swim website for notice regarding these dates.

Switching of Groups Mid-Session: To make the most of your practice and avoid conflicts, there will be no switching groups due to personal schedule conflicts without the Head Coach’s consent. However, during the year you may be asked to switch groups based on performance/commitment.  If this happens, we will prorate the difference based on the number of weeks remaining. This will be an optional move that will be decided by the Head Coach.

Team Social Functions: Occasionally social functions will be organized outside of practice time as a teambuilding/fun venture.  These events may be for swimmers and/or families and are always optional.  We’ll try to give you plenty of notice for these events, but make sure you check the team calendar and all communication spots as regularly as possible.  Parent Volunteers will be needed to assist with these events.

Practice Policy:

The following are coaching staff suggestions regarding practice.  Following these guidelines will help ensure a safe and fun practice for all.

Arrive on time (5 minutes early) and ready to swim.  Remember to bring everything you need including a towel, suit, cap, goggles, water bottle, lock for your locker, and your YMCA membership card.  Wait on deck for your coach to start practice.  Respect your coaches by not talking while they are giving directions.  If you have questions, raise your hand and ask your coach.  There will be no diving from the shallow end of the pool. Check your mail and bulletin boards for new information.  Lastly, always strive to help your teammates. Helping your teammates to improve is the best way to help yourself improve.  Make the most out of every practice – our time in the water is limited, so every drill and every minute counts!  Please remember to walk on pool decks as they may be slippery.

Practice guidelines to be followed every day:

        All swimmers must scan their membership cards at the YMCA Welcome Center upon entering the facility.

  • Swimmers should be in the pool area no earlier than 15 minutes before the start of practice.  A stretching/gathering area will be designated. Swimmers must stay for the entire workout unless prior arrangements have been made with the coaches.
  • No street shoes are allowed on deck.
  • All personal items must be stored in a locker during practice and meets. It’s recommended to bring a lock (preferably combination) to secure money or other valuables.  Locks may not be kept on overnight. Annual locker rentals are available for a cost of $25 per year (in Youth Locker Rooms). See the YMCA Welcome Center for more information.
  • Coaches are to be on deck and therefore are unable to supervise the locker rooms or rest areas. 
  • Younger children should be encouraged to use a buddy system so they can look out for one another. If there is trouble in the locker room, let the coach know immediately.
  • The Sturgeon Bay participants should be using the Youth Locker Rooms for changing and showering (the tiled floors). The Men’s and Women’s locker rooms are for our adult members. 
  • The team will practice according to age groups and ability. A swimmer may, at the discretion of the coach, swim with a different group according to skill level and the need for instruction.
  • Parents, please make sure that your child understands that s/he is responsible for his/her behavior and is to abide by the rules and regulations of the YMCA. Each swimmer and his/her conduct is a reflection of the Door County YMCA. Each swimmer and parent will need to sign the attached Code of Conduct, agreeing to the rules laid out in this handbook prior to the start of the season. Failure to do so will result in the child being asked not to swim with the team until this document is on file.
  • Only the coaches and YMCA Aquatic Staff are allowed on deck. Parents may view practice from the mezzanine or multi-purpose room corridor (in SB) and the viewing area on Monday only. The balance of the week, practice times are closed.
  • A courtesy phone is provided for your use at the YMCA Welcome Center. No calls are allowed from the YMCA phone located in the pool office…this phone is for Door County YMCA staff  business only, not for personal calls.
  • The lifeguard(s) on duty will be in charge of administering the rules of the pool.  If any request from the lifeguard is refused, the Head Coach and Aquatic Director will be notified immediately..
  • Bad weather policy – practice will go on as scheduled unless the decision to close the pool due to lightning or bad weather is made by the Aquatics Director.

Practices are the heart of the swim team program. Each practice session is designed to incorporate skill development, fitness, team building, and fun. Swimmers are encouraged to train hard and challenge themselves. Workouts are individualized, as much as possible, to meet the specific needs and goals of each swimmer. Group activities are included in practice to promote team unity and spirit.







                                                                                 Practice Levels and Organization:




 12 years old and under.


 Beginning level for swimmers new to competitive swimming.


 To teach basic concepts of the four competitive strokes.


 2-3 per week recommended.


 Participation at each home meet is required. 25% participation at away meets is recommended.

Junior Elite



9 years and older.


Legal technique in the four competitive strokes and ability to repeat distances over 50 yards.


To improve physical conditioning through progressive, strenuous training. To introduce race strategy and strength training. The Goal of this level is to compete at the YMCA State Championships.


3-4 per week recommended.


 Participation at home meets is required. 50% participation at away meets recommended.




13 years and older.


High ability level in all four competitive strokes and solid level of physical endurance.


To refine and master technique in all four competitive strokes. To engage in highly strenuous physical training. To learn race strategy and implement that strategy at swim meets. The goal of each individual in Seniors is to qualify and compete at YMCA National Championships.


4-6 per week recommended.


 Participation at home meets is required. 90% participation at away meets recommended.




Practice Schedule:





Session Start

Session End


Dolphin Club

(ND Also)


3:45 pm

4:45 pm





(ND Also)


3:45 pm

5:00 pm

Oct. 28

Mar 21

2 days: $270.00
3 days: $340.00


3:45 pm

5:00 pm


5:00 pm

6:30 pm

Junior Elite


5:15 pm

7:00 pm

Oct. 27

Mar 17

3 days: $500.00
4 days: $575.00

5 days: $625.00


5:15 pm

7:00 pm


5:15 pm

7:00 pm


5:00 pm

6:30 pm

      Fri 6:00 am 7:00 am      



5:15 pm

7:00 pm



3 days: $500.00
4 days: $575.00

5 days: $625.00


5:15 pm

7:00 pm


5:15 pm

7:00 pm


5:00 pm

6:30 pm

      Fri 6:00 am 7:00 am                
     Fri  3:45 pm 5:00 pm                 

Practice sessions will be arranged and fees assessed according to participation..

Please contact Mike McHugh, Aquatics Director, at

or 920-743-4949 with questions.



       Christmas Break Practice Schedule (Sturgeon Bay) 2015-2016 (ND Invited!)

December 27,28,29,30.                 Juniors                Junior Elite/Seniors

                                                       9-10:30                 10:30-12.

Meet Information

Competing in swim meets can be the most rewarding as well as the most stressful part of the swim team experience. Competition can produce a number of positive results when approached as a personal challenge. Our goal in competing is to do our personal best, push our limits, and continually improve performance. Parents, coaches, and swimmers work together to determine when to begin competing in meets and which meets are appropriate for each swimmer. Every swimmer is encouraged to participate in the meets appropriate to their age and ability. Our team participates in a variety of competitions that offer fun and challenge for a wide range of swimmers.  The YMCA provides meets on a State, and National level.  Everyone qualifies for sectionals if they are a YMCA member as of Dec. 1st.  From then on, time standards must be met to attend State or Nationals.


  • Information for each meet on the meet schedule will be on the Doorfins’ website.
  • Relays will be created by the coaches based on the amount of eligible swimmers who are entered into the meet and marked yes to relays. If a swimmer is to participate in a relay and doesn’t show up, that individual will pay for the fee of the entire relay if coaches are unable to substitute at the meet.
  • Times from meets not sanctioned by the Head Coach will not be counted. As a courtesy to the coach, please let him know if you plan to attend meets other than the meets sanctioned by our team. 

Transportation/Lodging: Parents are responsible for arranging and funding transportation and lodging, if needed, bases on competition times. Car pooling is encouraged if parents can’t attend the meet.

What to Bring: 

  • Pack a swim bag the night before to include goggles (2 pair), team suit, DCY swim cap, and 2 dry towels.
  • Clothing for the deck and leisure, and flip-flops to wear on deck, if desired.
  • Pack nutritious snack food. A concession stand may be available, so bring money for food purchases if desired.
  • Pack a blanket and/or sleeping bag to spread out on the rest area floor for place to relax and keep your belongings.
  • Books, cards, games, CDs etc.
  • Make sure everything is marked with a first and last name.

REMINDER: A team suit and DCY cap (if desired) are required parts of the DCY uniform. You won’t be able to participate in any meet without these unless you have prior approval by the coach on deck.

Home Meets: Assistance at each of the home meets is expected by at least one parent of each swimmer. This is the only way that these meets can be successful. The parent sign-up and responsibilities are located on the swim team’s website. If a family fails to provide a volunteer for a home meet, they will be assessed a $75 fee.

There will be a $10 fee per swimmer for each home meet.  $20 fee maximum per family.

Meet Schedule:                                               

The meet schedule is posted under the Events Tab on the website.

Code of Conduct : Among the many goals of the swim team program is the objective of promoting growth through performance. An emphasis is placed on the values of honesty, respect, responsibility, and caring. The team provides many opportunities for swimmers to interact with teammates, members of other teams, coaches, and officials . Participating as a team member, each swimmer is required to demonstrate exemplary behavior. In addition to representing yourself, you represent the team, your community, your Door County YMCA, and your family. Misconduct will not be tolerated. As parents, your involvement is critical to a successful DCY swim session. The DCY program requires parents to dedicate a fair amount of family time for meets and special events, to participate as volunteers and become actively involved in their child’s swim team experience. In addition, it is imperative that we have parental support for the YMCA coaches and management in the operation of this program. Parents can help set a positive tone for the season and contribute greatly to the success of the program by becoming engaged in a positive manner.. All members and parents of our program and will be bound by the Code of Conduct which is found at the end of this manual and addressed in Team Expectations. In the event of unacceptable behavior by either the swimmer or their parent, the offender will be removed from the situation and the head coach will address the issue.     




Parent Goals:

In order to have a successful youth competitive team, parents as well as children should participate in the program. A strong working parents group is the backbone of any competitive team.

  • To support the decisions made by the coaches and cooperate with them and the YMCA staff to make the competitive program the most meaningful for all team members. .
  • To assist with the hosting and running of home meets.
  • To assist in fundraising efforts as organized by the team.
  • To participate on the team Advisory Group or committees if requested.
  • To take responsibility for accurate and timely payments of all fees.
  • To display good sportsmanship and exemplary behavior as a role model for all team members.
  • A commitment from the parents is needed as well as commitment from the participants to make this swim season the best it can be. Getting your child to and from practices and meets is a good way to show your dedication to the program. Any concerns with the program should be first addressed with the Head Coach. If further input is desired, the next step is to discuss the concern with the Head Coach and Aquatics Director. If you skip the first step, the Aquatics Director will immediately refer you back to the Head Coach.  Please do not address concerns with the coaches during practices and meets as they need to be focused on our swimmers. Email, phone, or discussion directly after practice is acceptable.

Swim Team Advisory Committee:

In accordance with the policies set forth by the Door County YMCA, and in keeping with the goals and objectives of the Door County YMCA Swim Team, the Advisory Committee will be the sounding board for general operations of the team. This is to be done by working with the YMCA professional staff and the Head Coach

Advisory Committee Composition:

  • The Door County YMCA Swim Team Advisory Group shall consist of at least 4 individuals. Each member is charged with the responsibility of fully supporting the YMCA and Swim Team Operations and ‘being the ears for team”, offering suggestions for improvement and helping to meet the goals of the program. The term of office will be annual, to begin in October each year and conclude in April with the annual banquet

Duties to include:

  • To support and coordinate the YMCA competitive swim program with the YMCA Aquatic Director and coaches.
  • To represent the best interests of the Door County YMCA and the YMCA swimmers and parents.
  • Organize fundraising events after approval by the Financial Development Director.
  • Organize and assist in all meets as needed.
  • Help to achieve an effective communication system between the coaches and participants with their families.
  • To coordinate attire orders as determined feasible by the YMCA and coaching staff.


 Awards and recognition:

During the season a number of recognition methods will be used to acknowledge individual and team accomplishments.  You will hear more about these awards as the season progresses

A Recognition Banquet is held at the end of the swim season for swimmers and their families.  All swimmers on the team will receive a certificate acknowledging their participation and individual accomplishments.  The following annual awards will also be awarded:

Virgil F. Starr Trophy:

Most Improved Overall Girl & Boy (9 years and up eligible)

In order to be eligible for the Most Improved trophies, a swimmer must have participated in a full season.  This award will be given based on the coach’s decision of which child improved the most in these categories: meet performance, practice level, work ethic, and team spirit.

Fred J. Peterson Trophy:

Most Valuable/High Point award is given based on how many points are accumulated by a swimmer in a season and display of leadership traits.  These points will not include relay points earned by an individual swimmer. Consideration of this award is based on leadership, points accumulated, meets attended, practice level, and quality of effort.

Most Valuable Swimmer Trophy: Age Groups
Girl & Boy in each age group

The Most Valuable award will be given to a swimmer that is committed to the betterment of the team.  The coaches will determine these awards based on various criteria that will include but not limited to; sportsmanship, commitment, dedication, and the YMCA core values.

Core Value Awards

The core value awards will be given to the swimmer who best represents the Doorfins throughout the entire season.  This award will be determined by the ability level coach, along with the head coach, and will recognize the swimmers who best displays the YMCA character values (caring, respect, honesty, responsibility).









Emergency Medical Form

2016-2017  Winter/Spring Season



Name of Swimmer _________________________________   

Sex:   Male____  Female _____

Address of Swimmer __________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip Code ___________________________________________________________

Phone Number _____________________________ 

Date of Birth ______________________

Parent/Guardian of Swimmer___________________________________________________

Phone Number _________________  Work/Cell #___________________________________

Secondary Parent/Guardian, if applicable __________________________________________

Phone Number _________________ Work/Cell #____________________________________


Insurance Company Name _____________________________________________________

Insurance Company Address ____________________________________________________

Insurance Company Phone _____________________________________________________

Type of Coverage _____________________ 

Coverage Group #________________________

Policy #______________________________


Name of Primary Insured ______________________________________________________

Name of Responsible Party, if different ___________________________________________

Company Primary Insured Works For ____________________________________________

Address of Primary Insured Employer ____________________________________________

Phone # of Primary Insured Employer_____________________________________________


Swimmer’s Physician __________________________________________________________

Work Address of Swimmer’s Physician____________________________________________

Phone Number of Physician ____________________________________________________


Medical Conditions: ___________________________________________________________


Medications Currently Taking: ___________________________________________________


Special Instructions: ___________________________________________________________


Allergies: ____________________________________________________________________


Special Instructions: ___________________________________________________________



Emergency Contact: ___________________________________________________________









Door County YMCA

Honor Code for Parent and Participants of YMCA Teams & Clubs

2016-2017 Winter/Spring Session


Participants/Parents are expected to display high standards of behavior, practice good sportsmanship, show respect for others,and model the core values of the YMCA – caring, respect, responsibility and honesty.Team members and their parents will display proper respect and sportsmanship toward coaches, officials, administrators, fellow competitors and the general public.  The Head Coach and PAC determine rules, regulations, coaching and team decisions, and disciplinary actions.

Participants and their Parents will be positive and supportive in all interactions relating to the team. Concerns regarding practice methods or meet decisions will be addressed with the head coach in a respectful and Values-Appropriate way.

The use of alcohol, tobacco, or use of any illegal drug or substance will not be tolerated while participating at a team meet or practice. Any team member partaking in any of the above activities will be subject to non-participation.  Any investigation in this regard at the school level will be grounds for investigation at the DC YMCA as well. 

Any damages to others property and/or theft will be investigated and replacement expense will be the responsibility of the participant.  Participants are responsible for their own equipment, safety, and behavior in and out of the scheduled practice times.  

At outside events, the safety and well-being of the participant is the responsibility of the parents/guardians they are with.  The YMCA is NOT responsible for the participants, other than when they are participating in their assigned events.

To be eligible to participate in team activities each swimmer must have the following:

  1. Code of conduct signed by both parent and participant
  2. Complete Registration form and payment of fees form
  3. Emergency Medical Form/ Concussion compliance agreement

Any participant/parent suspected of violation of any rules outlined above, or as listed in the Handbook, are to appear  before a review committee composed of the Head Coach, the Aquatic Director/Coordinator, the Executive Director, and one member from the Parents Advisory Group.  Appropriate disciplinary action will be determined at that time.

In signing this Code, I agree to comply with all of the provisions listed in the Honor Code, as well as in the Handbook, for the duration of the season. I have read and agreed to the YMCA concussion compliance policy. 

Athlete’s Name: ___________________________________________________


Athlete’s Signature:_________________________________________________


Parent Name:______________________________________________________


Parent Signature:___________________________________________________


Date Signed:______________________________________________________