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Why DFAC Swimming?

Are you a beginner or intermediate swimmer, seeking a FUN atmosphere -

where you can LEARN?   

Are you an advanced swimmer, looking to step up your training?

Are you swimming to stay in shape, or play other sports? 

Are you a high school swimmer, gearing up before your high school season starts?


Top 9 Reasons to Swim with DFAC Swimming

1.    Excellent coaching, with our 10-member professional coaching staff, with more than 60 years combined coaching experience and more than 100 years combined swimming experience.  All of our coaches were all once swimmers themselves ~ so they know and understand the sport!  Our coaches have swam with other USA Swimming clubs, high school teams, and at the collegiate level.

2.   Our swim program is designed to meet the wide range of swimmer needs, ages, and abilities!  Join our team, and you’ll have fun while you progress.  We offer 8 different swim groups from beginner, to intermediate and advanced.

3.   Camaraderie, fun, and teammates- both in and out of the pool! Building friendships and enjoying camaraderie is one of the long-standing DFAC Family traditions – for both swimmers and families.  Our team hosts outings, socials, parties, and a season end banquet. It’s one of the reasons why when swimmers join DFAC Swimming, they stay with DFAC Swimming. 

4.   Wide range of Competition - with our coaches guide you along the way!  Beginners swim at our home meets, when they are ready.  Intermediate and advanced swimmers compete in local-, state- or national-level competition depending on their abilities and interests.  Our coaches work with each swimmer setting goals along the way.

5.   Flexible, year round swimming.  DFAC Swimming offers sessions every Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.  Swimmers may join our team for just one session, or to stay on all year round.  Swimmers joining mid-season pay prorated fees.


6.   Swim in your “community”.   Sun Prairie and DeForest families swim in both area pools.  Depending on your swim group and practice goals, you may chose to practice only in one pool – or both. This approach is common - MANY teams in USA Swimming and Wisconsin Swimming draw from broad geographical areas, helping build a community of diverse swimmers in and out of the pool.

7.   Diversity.  Our team draws from a wide-range of swimmers across different interests, abilities, and geographies.  Yet, we are one family-oriented TEAM.

8.   Community Involvement. DFAC has been the primary feeder program for both the Sun Prairie and DeForest high school girls and boys swim teams over the years.  DFAC has trained more of these high school swimmers vs. any other USA Swimming team in the area.
We’ve donated thousands of dollars for training equipment, lane lines, scoreboards, and other capital equipment to the DeForest high school pool.  This helps these schools rent their facility to other organizations and host high school meets.  Our home swim meets bring hundreds of families and swimmers in to our communities, helping drive revenue at local area businesses.  Our team is a member of the DeForest Chambers of Commerce.

9.Retention.  Swimmers that start with DFAC Swimming STAY with DFAC Swimming.  Our team has a very high swimmer retention rate, because of our family atmosphere and progressive swim groups.  From the start, swimmers are placed in the right group based on their age, ability, and interest – and as their interests change or grow, they can continue to progress through our program.


Welcome to DFAC Swimming!