Bronze Equipment


Within a few weeks of joining the team, swimmers are required to have their own equipment for practices (with the exception of a snorkel, which can be borrowed from the team). Equipment includes:

Practice suits, team suits, racing suits, caps, goggles and other equipment can be purchased from a variety of places.  Elsmore Swim Shop, accessed on line or at the Schroeder YMCA in Brown Deer, WI is one option, and proceeds from your purchase benefit the Wave. When shopping from Elsmore, you may order on-line and have your items delivered to your home.  Find the link for Elsmore under the "Apparel" tab on the team website.  Equipment can also be purchased locally from Scheels.  Periodically during the season, a representative from Elsmore visits the team during practice to offer items for sale; the team apparel coordinator arranges this visit.