swimmer equipment

New beginning Summer 2020 all swimmers must bring their own training equipment to practices.  Sharing equipment will not be allowed.  


Each swimmer will need to have the following equipment based on group level.  

Blue and White group:  short blade fins, kickboard and pull bouy

Red group:  hand paddles, short blade fins, kickboard, and pull bouy 

Black group:  swimmer’s snorkel, hand paddles, short blade fins, kickboard, and pull bouy, 


All items are available through our SwimOutlet affiliate program.  Simply go to  When you purchase items through this site, up to 8% may be donated back to GBSC.  This TEAM GBSC link has the basic equipment linked by swimmer group.  These items are the basic models, if you prefer another brand that is acceptable as long as it is the same type of item; for example make sure the fins are indicated as short blade.