IMX Challenge

The IMX Challenge (Important Motivational Tool)

The IMX Challenge is a motivational program where swimmers are scored and ranked Nationally on their performance in five or six events. The purpose of the program is to promote versatility in age group swimming while advocating greater participation and development across a range of events that are integral to long term success in swimming.

Program Description:
Swimmers will participate in a designated combination of five or six events and, based on the power points scored for each of those swims, earn a combined score that will be called the IMX Score for a season. These combined scores will be ranked by single ages with rankings and recognition available on the USA Swimming website.

IMX Score:
All USA Swimming registered athletes earn an “IMX Score” based on the cumulative point total of the combination of IMX events for their age level. The overall IMX score, as well as the swimmer’s current best score for each IMX event, appears on the athlete’s My USA Swimming page for each season. As times in these events improve, the swimmer’s IMX score is automatically updated.In order to receive an IMX score, a swimmer must legally swim each IMX event for their age level in a sanctioned meet at least once during the current season.

A swimmer’s times will count for the entire season-so if a swimmer ages up during a season the IMX score on the My USA Swimming page will show a score for his/her lower age group and their new age group (example below).

My USA Swimming Page:
We strongly encourage swimmers who have not done so to create a web account to be able to access their personal My USA Swimming page! If a swimmer has already swum the event combo for his/her age level, the IMX score and ranking now appears in a special section of the swimmer’s My USA Swimming page. The only place to access an overall IMX Score, as well as the swimmer’s current best score for each IMX event, is on
that swimmer’s personal My USA Swimming page. Other features of this special page include a display of personal best times and corresponding power points, a list of meets participated in, a graphical display of times info, seasonal and lifetime best comparisons, in addition other member only features.Age Groups and Events

The following single age groups and event combinations will be tabulated and scored for both men and women:
10 & Under:
200 Free, 100 Back, 100 Breast, 100 Fly & 200 IM
11 & 12-year olds:
400/500 Free, 100 Back, 100 Breast, 100 Fly & 200 IM
13 – 18 year olds:
400/500 Free, 200 Back, 200 Breast, 200 Fly, 200 IM & 400 IM

Swimmers will be able to see their National Rank, Zone Rank, LSC Rank, and Club Rank on their My USA Swimming page. By clicking the appropriate button next to the season a swimmer will also be able to see in the “IM Xtreme Season Details” section below the “Season” chart additional information about each season, such as the size of the ranked group and how the score was calculated. All ranking in this area are gender specific.
The Find Your IMX Ranking page on the USA Swimming website will also maintain an up-to-date ranking of IMX scores that will provide rankings for top 7000 swimmers by both age and gender. USA Swimming will declare an IM Xtreme Challenge Champion for each age level and gender at the end of each short course and long course season. In the future, USA Swimming will also maintain and publish an all-time IMX Top 100 list.Coaches can access a listing of their teams IMX Scores, by age groups, through the coaches My USA Swimming page. Coaches have the option of printing out the detail score for each swimmer by choosing the Detail report or printing only the point totals by choosing the Summary report.

Website Find Your IMX Ranking
IMX Section of each My USA Swimming page