2018 Long Course Family Volunteer Requirement

Although financial stability is a critical component to a successful team, family involvement runs a close second.  Without parent volunteers, our team cannot succeed.  In order to encourage family participation, all families will be required to earn at least 4 volunteer points for the Spring/Summer Long Course Season.  (Families with children who are only swimming 1 session, must earn 2 volunteer points.)

Volunteer points can be earned by completing the following requirements:

  • 1 point – Attending all parent meetings for a given session (1 meeting per month)
  • 1 point – Chair or be an active member of a team committee (Available committees can be found under the Parents Corner tab)
  • 1 point – Officiate at 1 session of a meet that the team attends  (contact a board member if you are interested in becoming an USA official)
  • 1 point – Time for 1 session at a meet that the team attends
  • 1 point – Sign up for a time slot during the William’s Bay Lions Corn & Brat Fest
  • 1 point -- Obtain $500 or more in corporate sponsorship(s)
  • 1 point -- Attending the Night at the Races AND selling all six (6) tickets.

Any family that does not meet their volunteer requirements for the session will be charged $25 per missed point.  Amy Ceshker will be maintaining a record of volunteer time for the team. (email)  Parents are responsible for contacting Amy when they volunteer so that it can be recorded.  Any missed volunteer points will be charged to the family on August 18, 2018.

Thank you to all families for your commitment to our amazing team!  We had a very successful Short Course Season and are looking forward to some incredible Long Course swims!