LGSC Alumni

LGSC Alumni

Lake Geneva Swim Club is proud of our student-athletes and the hard work they put in  - both in the classroom and in the pool. We salute those students who have taken their education (and swimming) to the next level. Athletes listed below are swimming (or swam) at the collegiate level.

Class of 2021

  • Tommy Anderson - Augustana College
  • Loren O'Brien - University
  • Chopper Ceshker - Carthage College

Augustana University to consider NCAA Division I athleticsCarthage College logo.svg

Class of 2020

  • Hunter Johnson - University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  • Willy Pinnow - Morningside University

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Class of 2019

  • Paige Murphy - University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  • Bella Peetz - Monmouth College
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Class of 2018

  • Jenna Hotvedt - University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  • Emmit Matthews - Clarion University
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Class of 2017

  • Katelyn O'Brien - Ohio University
  • Sean Flannery - Ramapo College
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Class of 2014

  • Carly O'Brien - University of Iowa
  • Kady Ruemmele - University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
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Class of 2013

  • Evelyn Edge - Morningside College
  • Corianne Dorgay - Luther College
  • Terrin Seaver - New Mexico State University
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