Local Sponsors & Fundraising Options
National Team

Swimmer Age:  No age parameters
Ability Level:     Highest Level Athletes

     Whitewater Aquatic Center (WAC)
UW-Whitewater (UWW)
     Edgerton HS (2 times a week, in addition to UW-Whitewater)
​     Milton HS (Tuesday/Thursday mornings)

From the Senior Team, athletes move into this group.  These athletes are very self-motivated and goal oriented.  They are expected to be the leaders on the team. They are striving to qualify and compete at NCSA Nationals, Junior Nationals, US Nationals, US Open, and the Olympic Trials.

These athletes regularly compete in swim meets.

Required Meets:  Any team fundraiser (outside of your HS season), Regionals/Silver (if able - swimmers cannot swim in events they have senior state cuts), State.

USA Registration is required.


Large Family Discount Fee:  Pay full monthly fees on 2 swimmers, then 1/2 the monthly fees on all others  The reduced fee is applied to the lowest level swimmer(s).

Scholarships/Special Rates:  No child is ever turned away due to lack of funds.  Families that qualify for FREE school lunches do not pay the monthly fee.  Families that qualify for REDUCED FEE lunches, pay 1/2 the monthly fee.


Practice Requirements
Coach Cheri will make a training plan with these athletes and their families.  Families should expect that their child will have more water and dryland practices than the rest of the team.  

A high school age athlete should plan for 4-5 dryland workouts and 7 water practices.  This will be modified based upon the athletes age (example:  Bridgette Alexander qualified for nationals, at age 12.  She was expected to attend 5 practices a week).

WAC (M - W- F):      Dryland:  5pm          Water:   6-8pm
 (TU - TH):    Dryland:  4:30pm     Water:   5:30-7pm
Edgerton High School - 2 times a week (2 times a week - check calendar)

Morning Workout Days/Times (While school is in session)
TU -TH     5:15am - 6:45am     Milton HS  


Monthly Fee:  $95

Other Fees:  Fundraising

Meet Fees:  

Annual USA membership fee = $70   (good until 12/31/19)
FREE/REDUCED lunch program swimmer annual fee = $5  

Families also pay entry fees + coaching fees