Meet Schedule

LC 2018 Meet Schedule


Meet Name Dates Deadline Groups Attending Location
Patriots Inter Squad 4/14/2018 7-Apr-18 All Groups RecPlex
West April Open 4/28-4/29/2018 11-Apr-18 All Groups RecPlex
MMSC May Invite 5/11-5/13/2018 18-Apr-18 All Groups RecPlex
Speedo Elite (Q) 5/25-5/27/2018 20-May-18 Blue/Senior RecPlex
Patriots WTS 6/1-6/3/2018 23-May-18 All Groups RecPlex
PX3vsWAVE Dual 6/8/2018 1-Jun-18 All Groups RecPlex
Open Water Zone 6/14-6/15/2018 30-May-18 All Qualified RecPlex/Lake Andrea
BSC Stars on the Water 6/15-6/17/2018 23-May-18 All Groups RecPlex
Tri Meet WEST/EBSC 6/27/2018 20-Jun-18 All Groups RecPlex
WI/IL Open Water State (Q) 6/28/2018 20-Jun-18 All Groups RecPlex/Lake Andrea
Patriots July Invite 7/6-7/8/2018 27-Jun-18 All Groups RecPlex
Waunekee 12 Under 7/11/2018 10-Jun-18 All 12 under  Waunekee HS
Silver State  7/20-7/22/2018 9-Jul-18 All Groups RecPlex
12 and Under State (Q) 7/27-7/29/2018 23-Jul-18 Red/White/Blue WSAC, Brown Deer
13 and Over State (Q) 8/2-8/5/2018 25-Jul-18 Blue/Senior RecPlex