Two-Week Free Trial


Two-Week Free Trial

If you are new to competitive swimming, or unsure about signing up for the full season with the Wave Swim Team, we have a two week free trial in order to try out team practices. This gives a swimmer a chance to see if they enjoy swimming with the team, and gives the coaches a chance to evaluate the swimmer and make sure they are placed in the correct group.

In order to do a two-week free trial follow the directions below:

1. Swimmers ages 10 & Under should do their trial with the Novice practice group, swimmers ages 11 - 14 should do their trial with the Junior practice group, and swimmers that are Freshman or above in High School and 14 & Over should do their trial with the Senior group.

2. Print off and fill out the two-week trial form (see below) and then go to the Home page of the website and click the on-line registration button.   Follow the prompts and complete all the registration through

3. Find the practice times of the group that you are trialing with (this information can be found under the "Team Information" tab above.

4. Bring your form to the practice and hand it in to the coach! If you have questions about competitive swimming you can follow this link for some more basic information, or contact Coach Deb at dondell@laxymca.org.

Two Week Free Trial Form