2017-2018 Fee Schedule

****An annual $25.00 registration fee will be charged to every swimmer from 9/1/2017- 9/30/2017.(Included with this fee, all swimmers will receive a silicone team cap, and yearly team tee shirt).  Swimmers that register after 9/30/2017 will be charged $30.00 for their annual registration fee.


 2017-2018 Yearly Fee Schedule

If you receive a scholarship it will be applied to the amounts below but you must email Coach Sam to let him know.  Multi-family discount will also be applied, $2.00 off per month for the second swimmer and $4.00 off per month for each additional swimmer.

Per Month Break Down for Multi-Family Members

                             1st swimmer                           2nd swimmer                  3rd or more swimmers

Novice          $49.00 per month                     $47.00 per month                     $45.00 per month

Junior           $55.00 per month                     $53.00 per month                     $51.00 per month

Jr. Elite         $67.00 per month                     $65.00 per month                     $63.00 per month

Senior           $78.00 per month                     $76.00 per month                    $74.00 per month

High School Swimmers

To simplify the billing process for Swimmers that will be competing for their High School teams:

H.S. Girls who are swimming with their HS teams in the Fall will register as Seniors with the rate of  $78.00 per month.  After registering, email Sam (sbowman@laxymca.org) to indicate which month you will return to the WAVE.  If you return in the middle of November you will only be charged for 1/2 of the month.

H.S. Boys who are swimming with their HS teams in the Winter will register as Seniors with the rate of  $78.00 per month.  Billing for HS Senior Boys will be for 3-months Oct, 1/2 Nov, 1/2 Feb & Mar. Prior to October 15th, email Sam (sbowmanl@laxymca.org) to indicate you will be leaving in Nov. and he will credit your account for 1/2 of November.

Masters          $35.00 per month       Exempt from registration fee.

USA Swimming Fees

Annual Fee                           $66.00

8 & Under Annual Fee          $58.00

Scholarship Athletes             $5.00

For more information and to register for USA Swimming click on the link:

Suspending Accounts

To suspend your account, you must give notice, via an email by the 15th of the month prior to the month you will be stopping. 

Some people like to take a break after the short course season in March before the long course season starts.  You will need to email, Coach Sam (sbowman@laxymca.org) by March 15th or you will be charged for team dues on April 1st.  When you are ready to start the long course season, just email Sam back with your start date.  If you have any questions about this, please email Sam or Jeanine.

For any account inquiries, please direct questions or concerns to Coach Sam:   sbowman@laxymca.org