Pool Locations

Practice Locations

Madison LaFollette High School (LAF)

702 Pflaum Rd, Madison, 53716- Enter door #10 near the fields and follow signs to pool

Sennett Middle School (SEN) - dryland location to accompany practices at LaFollette

502 Pflaum Rd, Madison, 53716 - Entrance door information coming.  Swimmers that have dryland before swim are to meet at Sennett.  After dryland they will walk together to Lafollette pool.

James Madison Memorial High School (JMM)

201 S Gammon Rd, Madison, 53717 - Use the west entrance off of Gammon Rd

Jefferson Middle School (JEFF) - Dryland location to accompany Memorial practices.

101 S Gammon Rd, Madison, 53717 - Entrance door information coming.  Swimmers that have dryland before swim are to meet at Jefferson.  After dryland they will walk together to Memorial pool.

Middleton High School  (MID)

2100 Bristol St, Middleton, 53562. Pool entrance is on the corner of Bristol and Lee Sts.

Monona Grove High School  (MG)

4400 Monona Dr, Madison, 53716- Use Monona Drive entrance and enter through the doors facing Coldspring 

Madison College (MATC)

1701 Wright St, Madison, 53704

To enter, please use the Main Entrance on Wright St but follow the ramp versus the stairs.  Both sets of main entry doors get you inside the main atrium, but by following the ramp, it will take you to the appropriate doors.  It can get confusing because the set that faces the student parking lot brings you in by the Mitby Theater and not by the pool.  The pool is located next to the Redsten Gym and the gym is marked on the big signs before you enter the building. Please avoid using anything specifically marked such as carpool or health services.  They also ask that parents NOT use the gated area. Click here for parking map

UW Health Performance Center at The American Center (TAC) 

4602 Eastpark Blvd, Madison, 53718- Use the Sports Performance entrance by the outdoor turf field and park in the parking ramp to the right and at the rear of the building

UW Natatorium (NAT)

2000 Observatory Dr, Madison, 53706.  Please use the main building entrance NOT the entrance you would usually use to go to a swim meet at the Nat.  The main doors, if you are looking at the Nat, are to the left of the pool doors.  They are nearer to the bus stop.  Once inside, you will need to get to the pool deck through the locker rooms. 


Pool Locations added for Summer

UW SERF715 West Dayton Street, Madison, 53715.  Please wait outside of the doors, we enter as a group.  (Under construction)

West Side Swim Club, 5533 Odana Rd, Madison, 53719.