2020 Long Course Season

Registration will be open from March 1 - March 10th.  Please make sure to register during that time to avoid a late fee.

Important Long Course Information

Please note: When committing to swim meets, you must be registered for the session in which the meet takes place. Also, as communicated, Rocket Aquatics is hosting the Silver State meet on July 17 - 19, 2020.  Each family registered for the full long course season or session two only will be required to volunteer at the meet, even if you don't have a swimmer swimming in the meet.  Please add this now to your calendar and thank you in advance for your help. This is a testament as to how well we run a meet that our club was awarded this meet to host. (If you have concerns about not signing your swimmer up for the full season or session two only because of this volunteer requirement please contact Coach Jennie)

Start Date: Thursday, April 2, 2020

Spring Session: April 2 - June 12, 2020

Summer Session: June 15 - July 28, 2020 - Age Group; July 31, 2020 - Seniors


NEW PARENT MEETING: Thursday, April 2nd - This meeting is intended for any parent with a new swimmer who joined the club anytime during the past year or any new incoming parent this long course season.

AGE GROUP PARENT MEETING: Tuesday, April 7th -   This meeting is intended for ALL age group parents, new and existing.

New for 2020 Long Course Registration:

* We have added an additional senior level group. Anyone with a senior swimmer please pay close attention to the email Coach Scott will be sending with group information.  ALL senior swimmers will be registering for a new group.  The newest senior swimmers will be in Bronze Senior, then Silver, Gold and Platinum.

* Bronze Age Group practice time has increased by 15 minutes so the dues fee was increased to account for the additional practice times.

At registration, you can choose from the following options:

Long Course Sessions 1 & 2: Pay in Full

Long Course Sessions 1 & 2: Pay in 4 equal installments - The first installment is charged at registration. The remaining amounts are billed in May, June and July

Long Course Session 1 ONLY: Pay in Full

Long Course Session 1 ONLY: Paid in 2 equal installments - one at registration, one in May.

Long Course Session 2 ONLY: Pay in Full

Long Course Session 2 ONLY: Paid in 2 equal installments - one at registration, one in June

** Please be sure to register your swimmer for the correct group.  Coach Scott will send an email with group move up information.  If you do not receive an email prior to registration opening up, your swimmer should register for the same group they were in for Short Course.

** RA will now only accept credit card payments.

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Current Pre-Comp Session Information