Fall-Winter Team


Fall-Winter 2018-2019

***Dates Coming Soon***


Register on the YMCA of Dane County website. Swimmers receiving financial aid need to contact Robin Berg at 608-906-8639 (East swimmers) or Becky Whiting at 608-906-8805 (West swimmers).  For information related to fees, please see Team Fees.  Please note that team fees vary based on the practice group level for your swimmer as outlined below.


Practice Groups and Schedule:

If you are having difficulty in determining which level your child should register for, please contact Robin Berg at East or Becky Whiting at West to help determine which practice group is the best match for your swimmer.  It is important for all swimmers to be placed in groups with peers who possess a close level of physical and mental maturity, not just ability. The coaching staff believes in proper development of its swimmers and wants to see them develop at a rate that will promote longevity in their participation on the team and in the sport of swimming.

White: Entry level for Swim Team, with emphasis on basic stroke technique for all four competitive strokes and fun. It is perfect for a younger swimmer who has an older sibling on the team. A swimmer needs to swim at least one length of the pool without stopping to qualify, and have basic front crawl and back crawl skills.

Red:  This level will continue to focus on learning and perfecting strokes, turns and starts. This group will also work on becoming comfortable with competition and introduced to race development. Swimmers must be able to swim 200 continuous yards of freestyle and perform at least a 25 to 50 of all competitive strokes including starts and turns.

Blue:  This level will focus on perfecting strokes and meet competition.  In addition, this group will be exposed to endurance based interval training.  Swimmers will develop race strategies and will work on strength development through dryland training.

Bronze:  This level will expose swimmers to more advanced endurance based training while continuing to perfect stroke technique, starts and turns. Swimmers will also be introduced to goal setting and individual race strategies. This group will also work on strength development through dryland training in addition to swim practices.

Silver:   This level will focus on training for competition, goal setting, developing a base of endurance, advanced strokes and start and turn techniques. During competition, swimmers will begin developing individual race strategies. This group will also work on strength development through dryland training in addition to swim practices.

Gold:  This level focuses on mastery of advanced stroke, start and turn techniques, as well as developing and maintaining a high endurance base. This group trains at a higher level and swimmers are expected to be at a minimum of four practices per week. This group will also work on strength development through dryland training in addition to swim practices.  Competition is a priority for the gold group and swimmers are expected to participate in a number of meets throughout the season, where swimmers should attend at least 1 meet per month. During competition, the swimmers will focus on developing stroke and distance specificity, advanced racing strategies and will work on mental meet preparation.

High School:  The High School groups will practice at the same time as the Gold group, but is designed for advanced swimmers who are in high school. Our goal is to develop these swimmers to achieve qualifying times for YMCA State and the YMCA National Championships and beyond. Swimmers are expected to make four practices per week and are expected to attend USA and YMCA Swimming Meets. Swimmers should also plan on attending at least 1 meet per month. All high school swimmers are expected to return and compete in meets (such as USA State, YMCA State and YMCA Nationals) after their high school seasons are completed.

USA Memberships – are optional, however your child MUST be a USA Member to participate in USA Swim Meets.  When signing up for USA meets it is the families’ responsibility to confirm that your child has a current USA Membership.  The 2017-2018 USA Memberships expire December 30, 2018, if your child has a current USA Membership you may register at any time before December 1 for the 2017-2018 season.  If you do not have a current USA Membership and would like to become a member you may also do so at anytime, but I would recommend doing it right at the beginning of the season when you register, that way your child may start to attend USA Swim Meets right away.  I will be updating USA Memberships October 1, November 1(may not attend USA meet until November 15) , December 8 (may not attend USA meet until December 20) and January 5(may not attend any USA meets until January 17).

2017-2018 USA Memberships will be valid through December 31, 2018. Registration may be done on-line at our web site:  ymcadanecounty.org, or in person at our Membership Desk.