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The 2019-2020 Oshkosh Swim Series consists of 13 meets this year starting at the end of September and finishing with the Winter Open in mid-February.  This year, meets are being hosted by OSHY, Fondy Swim Club (FSC), Fox Valley WAVE (in Appleton) and Fox Cities YMCA Swim Team (Appleton).  

Our focus on the series is for swimmers to work on achieving Best Times.  We will be using Best Time magnets again this year and will keep a running tally for all swimmers in the series.  

Layout of all Series with list of events per meet is HERE.

Event Schedule 2019-2020

If you have questions about the series, please contact:

Kelly Wynns      Series Administrator    941-830-0721

            Meet Info                                                                   Event File

#1      9/27       OSHY                                                                   OSS #1                                                              

 #2     10/11       FCY                                                                     OSS #2
#3     10/19       OSHY                                                                  OSS #3
#4     11/1         OSHY                                                                  OSS #4
#5     11/3        WAVE                                                                   OSS #5
#6     11/2-3     FCY                                                                       OSS #6
#7     11/8        FCY                                                                       OSS #7
#8     11/17      WAVE                                                                   OSS #8
#9     12/6        FSC                                                                       OSS #9
#10   1/4-5       WAVE SplashFest                                            OSS #10
#11   1/21        OSHY                                                                   OSS #11
#12   1/31        FSC                                                                       OSS #12
#13   2/6-9       OSHY Winter Open                                         OSS #13


CHAMPIONS MEET INFO                                                          EVENT FILE

RESULTS: Assuming the internet is kind to you and us during our home meets, we will post live results at OSHY Home Meet Live Results. We will also try to post complete results after each session, and after the meet concludes.  We find we have better success with results at the above link than using the Meet Mobile App.  Thank you for your patience.