Meet Fees FAQ

For any questions that are not answered or for more details, talk to the team admin or head coach.

What are meet fees?

Every swim meet sanctioned by MSI has fees for each swimmer who enters the competition. Both the host team and MSI earn income by holding swim meets. If you chose to swim in a meet, you will have meet fees.

What is MSI?

Minnesota Swimming Inc. (MSI) is an organization whose mission is “To serve the swimming community by promoting the sport through opportunities to ensure integrity, sportsmanship, and excellence.” MSI is a local chapter of USA Swimming. USA Swimming rains officials, registers coaches and swimmers, and creates the rules to ensure fair and safe competitive swimming. River Falls Swim Club is a member of MSI.

How do I know how much the meet fees will cost?

Coach will send out a meet information sheet asking for entries from those who wish to swim. In this meet information, there is generally an entrant fee, a splash fee, and a relay splash. Every swimmer at the meet must pay one entrant fee. The splash fee is for every race that will be swum. Relay fees will be divided among each swimmer on the relay.
For example, let’s take a meet with a $2.50 entrant fee and a $5.50 splash fee. If you have a swimmer entered in 3 individual races, the fees would be: $2.50 + (3 X $5.50) = $18.00.
Some meets only have an entrant fee and a limit of the number of races that can be swum. 
Just check the meet information and ask the coach if you have any questions.

When are meet fees due?

A summary of what you owe for a meet will be emailed out before the meet. Meet fees are tracked through our website. On the 1st of the month following the meet you swim, yor account will be billed.

How do I pay my meet fees?

RFSC will be tracking meet fee due on our website. On the first of every month, if you have a balance due, the credit card or ACH on file in your account will be billed. You can always check your account for charges due at any time. We will do our best to send out a summary and reminder a few days before the billing occurs.