SCST Volunteer Policy & Job Descriptions

South Central Swim Team
Volunteer Policy
Please understand, our goal is to host well-run meets and volunteer commitment is key to
Effective with the Long Course season registration 2018, we will be requiring volunteer
commitment of 10 hours per family, per year. $125 will be billed to families that have not
satisfied this commitment.
How it works:
1. You MUST sign up for your volunteer position on the events page on the website “Job
sign-up” (this is your responsibility and the way we will be able to credit you)
2. If your athlete is swimming, a family representative must volunteer during the course
of the meet (remember, you can choose an opposite session)
3. Day of the event you NEED to sign IN with the coordinator in charge of volunteers
(this is your responsibility and the way we will be able to credit you)
4. Day of the event you NEED to sign OUT with the coordinator in charge of volunteers
(this is your responsibility and the way we will be able to credit you)
5. Your volunteer credits will be satisfied for the year, as soon as there are 10 (ten)
volunteer hours met for your family. Although credit obligation may be complete, we
hope that you continue to support your athlete’s club with additional volunteerism.
6. At the end of Long Course season, billings for unfulfilled commitments will be made
to you and all are volunteer hours are reset to zero for the next year.
Updated March 5, 2019


Volunteer Job Descriptions
Admissions/Heat Sheets: For some meets, heat sheets may be sold or admission may be charged. In
this situation you will sit at the entrance to the meet and collect fees for admission and/or heat sheets. A
cash box with change will be provided for this position.
Announcer : This volunteer will sit in the stands and lead the Pledge of Allegiance when the meet
begins. He or she will then announce what event is being swum and, in some cases, the name of the
swimmer in each lane. This is usually an experienced swim parent with knowledge of heat sheets. This
person should also be comfortable speaking to a large number of people.
Awards : This position takes the labels for awards provided by scoring table and places them on ribbons
or medals designated for the event. The awards are then divided up into bags by team for the coach to
pick up at the end of the meet. This job may be performed during or after the meet depending on the meet
Concessions : Concessions workers keep the concessions stand stocked and running during the meet.
The workers here get to meet and talk to many different team parents as well as swimmers. Since there
are many people working the concessions stand at any one time, there is no reason anyone needs to miss
their swimmer’s race. Everyone takes turns heading into the pool to watch a race.
Head Timer : This person is responsible for making sure all timers are in position and know what they are
doing at the start of the meet or session. During the meet this person will start extra stopwatches in case a
need for a back-up stopwatch arises. This person will also fill in for any timer needing to leave the pool
deck for a short period of time.
Meet Director/Volunteer Coordinator : This person is responsible for checking in all volunteers and
ensuring that every worker knows what his or her job requires. This person will provide the head coach or
another administrator with a list of accounts assigned to work that did not show, as well as the record of
accounts that did work.
Scoring Table : This is a training-required position requiring two workers. Each worker is in charge of
running one of the programs necessary for operating the timing system and scoring the meet. If you are
interested in being trained for one of these positions contact Eric Rhodes at .
Official : This position requires USA Swimming certification as an official, and is always in need by both
our team and other teams in the area. Parents interested in becoming an Official should contact for more information.
Runner : This person collects timers’ sheets and delivers them to the Scoring Table, posts results, and
delivers award labels to the Awards table.
Staging : The staging area is responsible for lining up athletes ages 8-10 and under into their respective
heats and lanes in the Bullpen(staging) area and then escorting them to the starting blocks and lining
them up behind their respective lanes prior to their race.