Parent Program Information

SWMKE Program Information:
2020-21 Short Course Season (Fall/Winter)

Welcome to the SWMKE program.

SWMKE became a Wisconsin USS swim team on 10/1/16. It is coach owned and run by USA Swimming National Team Coach Robert White & two-time Wisconsin Girls High School Swimming Coach of the Year Ann White. The professional swim coach staff is Ethan Sellers, Katie Rovertoni and Mattea Wabeke. The team’s certified Yoga instructor is Melissa Garcia.

SWMKE’s main objective is to provide professional teaching and training to each swimmer. The main focus of the program is quality individual instruction and attention. Team size is not a priority.

Emphasizing the importance of “team” in achieving individual success is a major component of the program.

The SWMKE program provides constant emphasis on: improving stroke, start, and turn technique; developing proper race pace for all distances and events; challenging training sets; increasing overall physical strength and flexibility through dryland fitness/yoga training; strengthening the mental aspects of training/competing through positive thinking, confidence, visualization, focus; and promoting proper diet and sleep habits.

The expected goal of each swimmer is to climb the US Swimming Senior/Age Group ladder to higher levels of competition. The levels are: WI Regional; WI State; Senior Speedo Sectional/Age Group Zone C; US Futures Championship: US Junior National; US Senior National/Open; Olympic Trials; International Competition.

Additional SWMKE program goals include:

  1. Focus on individual/team success at the US Swimming & Midwest swimming levels as well as the WI Age Group & WI High School swimming levels

  2. Provide a competition schedule that challenges each swimmer based on his or her ability level

  3. Educate swimmers and parents to focus on annual and long-term training plans, competition objectives and individual goals rather than short term results

  4. Prepare swimmers for collegiate & professional levels of training and competition


Group: Senior Elite consists of SWMKE’s experienced & highly committed high school and college swimmers. Younger swimmers may be accepted into Senior Elite at the discretion of the head coach based on the individual’s training ability, commitment and attendance. Practices and meets are mandatory unless excused by a coach. Training includes weekly yoga sessions.

Seniorconsists of SWMKE’s top 15 & Over swimmers willing to make a commitment to regular practice & meet attendance but are not ready to handle Senior Elite training sets. Younger swimmers may be accepted into Senior at the discretion of the head coach based on training ability, commitment and attendance. Practices and meets are mandatory unless excused by a coach. Training includes weekly yoga sessions.

Junior consists of SWMKE’s top 13 & 14 swimmers plus all 15 & Over swimmers not ready to handle Senior training sets. Younger swimmers may be accepted into Junior at the discretion of the head coach based on training ability, commitment and attendance. Practices and meets are mandatory unless excused by a coach. Training includes weekly yoga sessions.

Age Group Gold consists of SWMKE’s top 11 & 12 swimmers plus all 13 & 14 swimmers not ready to handle Junior training sets. Younger swimmers may be accepted into AGG at the discretion of the head coach based on training ability, commitment and attendance. Regular practice attendance is expected. Meets are mandatory. Training includes weekly yoga sessions.

Age Group Silver ​consists of SWMKE's top 9 & 10 swimmers plus all 11 & 12 swimmers not ready to handle AGG trainins sets. Younger swimmers may be accepted into AGS at the discretion of the head coach based on training ability, commitment and attendance. Regular practice attendance is recommended for maximum improvement. Meets are mandatory. Main emphasis is on improving technique on all strokes, starts, and turns. Training sets are introduced in AGS.

Age Group Bronze consists of SWMKE’s top 8 & Under swimmers plus all 9-12 year old swimmers who are proficient in Freestyle and Backstroke including starts and turns but are not legal in Butterfly and Breaststroke. No prior competitive swimming experience is necessary. Regular practice attendance is recommended for maximum improvement. Meets are mandatory. Main points of emphasis are improving Freestyle and Backstroke technique and introducing Butterfly and Breaststroke along with all starts and turns.

Pre-Competitive Swim Class (PCSC) consists of swimmers 12 & Under. No prior competitive swimming experience is necessary. Swimmers must be able to complete 25 yards (one length of the pool) of Freestyle or Backstroke to be eligible for PCSC. The ability to swim Butterfly and Breaststroke is not required. Our pre-competitive swim class is designed to introduce the athlete to the sport and create a bridge between swim lessons and competitive swimming. The emphasis is on refining Freestyle and Backstroke technique, starts, and turns. Meets are not offered to PCSC swimmers. Once proficient in Freestyle in Backstroke along with starts and turns, swimmers will be moved to Age Group Bronze for the remainder of the session at no extra cost. ​A two week PCSC trial period consisting of two classes (Saturday, 11/21 & 11/28) will be offered at no charge.


  • -  Senior Elite, Senior, Junior​ - Laguna training fins, paddles, kickboard, pull-buoy, water bottle, mesh equipment bag and snorkel.

  • -  Age Group Gold​ - Laguna training fins, paddles, kickboard, pull-buoy, water bottle, mesh equipment bag.

  • -  Age Group Silver, Age Group Bronze - Slip on fins with heel, kickboard,​ mesh equipment bag and water bottle.

        - Pre-Competitive Swim Class:​ Slip on fins with heel, and goggles.


SWMKE’s training fee covering 12/1-3/1 will be invoiced on 12/1. Fees are listed below.

A $25 per swimmer Team Fee is charged on 9/1 and 12/1. This money is used to offset expenses that benefit all swimmers such as pool rental, pace clocks, backstroke flags, team computer, etc. This fee also helps offset other expenses, for example, this past year the team scheduled the SWMKE Speaker Series featuring multiple Olympic Gold Medalists, World Record Holders and Members of the USA National Team for Zoom talks. This fee is charged in lieu of hosting swim meets. All first year swimmers who have never been on a competitive swim team are exempt from paying the Team Fee.

All swimmers must be US Swimming members and pay the 2020-2021 US Swimming annual fee of $75. This is a fee for swimmer insurance and is good through 12/31/21. Swimmers are responsible for all meet entry fees and will be billed the 1s​ t​ of each month for these charges. Any swimmer with outstanding fees will not be allowed to practice until fees are paid or arrangements are made to pay the balance.

Invoices can be paid with a check payable to SWMKE or cash. Payment can be mailed to: SWMKE, c/o Bob White, 1706 E Iron St, Milwaukee, WI 53207 or given a coach at practice.

SWMKE​ ​2020-21 SHORT COURSE TRAINING FEES (12/1/20-3/1/21) Billed on 12/1 (new swimmer fees due no later than 11/30)

  • Senior Elite:​ $590
  • Senior Elite & Senior (HSG):​ $410
  • Senior Elite & Senior (HSB):​ $380 
  • Senior:​ $560
  • Junior:​ $495
  • Age Group Gold:​ $390
  • Age Group Silver: $315 
  • Age Group Bronze:​ $170

PCSC: $50 - first 2 classes are free trial classes (11/21 & 11/28). Swimmers that continue must have a team account set-up and payment made by the first class of the regular schedule (11/30). Fee covers 23 classes ending on 2/11.


The SWMKE practice schedule is posted on the team’s website. The practice schedule is generally consistent but does change occasionally from week to week. It is important to check practice times on a regular basis. If changes are made, the schedule on the website is immediately updated. If last minute practice changes/cancellations occur (weather, pool closings, etc.), families will also be notified by email.


The SWMKE meet schedule for each group is posted on the team website under the Meet Info tab. Meets are also included on the weekly practice schedule.

Swimmers are expected to participate in all meets listed for their group and compete on all of the days of the meet. Swimmers will be automatically committed and entered in all meets. It is the swimmer’s responsibility to decline a meet by the due date if unable to attend. Swimmers who decline a meet must explain why in their meet message box. The swimmer’s coach will select all events. Parents should become familiar on how to decline a meet and leave messages as well as review the swimmer’s events once the coach has entered them. Once the meet entry deadline passes, all meet fees are the responsibility of the swimmer.


  1. All accounts/swimmers must be approved by the head coach and properly registered before allowed to participate. Approval is based on the commitment level of the swimmer and the family’s acceptance of the program’s objectives and philosophy.

  2. It is important to read ALL SWMKE team emails

  3. The team’s website is: - all team information can be found on the

    website – parents should become familiar with it.

  4. All team equipment information can be found on the team website - questions

    regarding team equipment should be directed to the coaching staff. Swimmers are not obligated to buy equipment through the team store. All swimmers in meets are required to wear a solid black suit (any brand) and a solid white cap if a cap is worn.

  5. Questions regarding registration and billing should be directed to Bob;​ specific questions regarding your swimmer should be directed to your swimmer’s coach. Coaches are available before or after practice for questions. Parents should not interrupt a coach with questions during practice.

  6. Practices are open to the parents to observe.

Email or text are the best forms of communication.​ Every effort is made to reply within 24 hours.
Coach Bob: 
[email protected]​ or text (262) 337-0581; Team office daytime # (414) 897-8932
Coach Ethan: 
[email protected] or text (651) 376-9000
Coach Katie: [email protected]​ or text (262) 844-7181
Coach Mattea: 
[email protected] or text (970) 290-0573


All families must set up a team account through the team’s website ( and register their swimmer(s) as members. Once this is done, swimmers will be approved by the staff and families will begin receiving all team communications.


  1. Go to: Click “Start Registration” and then click “Register Now”

  2. Choose “I am a new user or I am not sure if I already have an account. This is the email I want to use”. Fill in email address and click continue

  3. Create a password – this will be used every time you sign in

  4. Fill in “Billing Information” (parent information)

  5. Fill in “Insurance/Emergency Contact” and click continue

  6. Click “Add New Member” and fill in “New Member Info” (swimmer’s info)

    • -  All Red Asterisks are required

    • -  Click “Select” in “Register To This Group” - select group in drop box

    • -  Scroll to the bottom of box and click “Register This Member to Selected

      Group” and Click “Add”

    • -  Click “Required” boxes (there are 3 of them)

    • -  Click continue and then click submit

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2020-21 INFO DUE TO COVID-19

1. All water practices will be at YIM (3244 E College Dr, Cudahy), Cudahy High School or Deer Creek Pool as indicated on the website practice schedule.
2. All Yoga sessions & Guest Speaker sessions are Zoom sessions accessed with the link:

3. Due to Covid-19 the practice/meet schedule can change at any time. Refer weekly to Practice Schedule on SWMKE website for up-to-date practice times.
4. Safety Guidelines and Rules for all water practices:


1. All swimmers should come and go from practice with suits on so locker rooms do not need to be used (locker room/restroom can only be used with coach approval)

2. Swimmers are not allowed in any other part of the facility except the pool, hallways to pool and parking lot

3. No showers

4. Drinking fountains not available - swimmers must have their own water bottle - no sharing

5. US Swimming spacing guidelines must be maintained in the pool and on the pool deck

6. Swimmers must maintain 6' spacing from the parking lot to the pool

7. It is recommended that swimmers wear masks from the parking lot to the pool & back to parking lot

8. Swimmers must have their own equipment - no equipment will be available to use - no sharing of equipment

9. No parents will be allowed on the pool deck or in the locker rooms (best to just drop off and pick up)

10. Swimmers will not be allowed any physical contact with each other (high fives, etc.)

11. Swimmers must stay home if the swimmer or any member of their family is showing any Covid-19 symptoms - swimmers demonstrating symptoms at practice will be immediately removed from practice and parents called for pick up

12. Coaches will be wearing masks at all times