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Please use the guidelines outlined below to determine what you need to do before registering with the Waunakee Wave.  You may direct all questions to the Head Coach, Greg Lake at [email protected] .

Please keep in mind, it is the number one priority of the coaching staff and the board to create an environment and training structure that will provide an age group program that is appropriate for athletes of all ages and abilities.  All levels and training times have been designed and will be implemented with the goal of creating the most homogenous training groups as possible, with the safety and enjoyment of each athlete in the sport remaining of the utmost importance.


EVALUATION SESSIONS:  These sessions are for new swimmer's or swimmer's who have not been on the team in the past calendar year.  Evaluation sessions are necessary in order to enable the coaches to accurately assess every swimmer who has the intention of registering with the Waunakee Wave.  This is done in both the best interest of the athlete and the coaching staff, so that the placement of each athlete in his/her level is done with purpose, intention and with the respect given to each athlete’s individual success.  Please see the "Evaluations" page for more details. 


RETURNING ATHLETE: Any Swimmer who is currently registered with the WAVE who would like to register for the next session once their current session is complete.


NEW ATHLETE: Any swimmer who is not currently registered with the WAVE, regardless of their past involvement with the team.  All new athletes will have to complete an evaluation session prior to being able to register.  Please see the evaluations section of this website.


SIBLINGS OF CURRENTLY ENROLLED WAVE ATHLETES: Siblings of currently enrolled WAVE swimmers will have priority registration, regardless of whether they are new to the team or not.  New swimmers who are siblings will still have to follow the protocol of an evaluation session.


REGISTRATION AND LEVEL CAPS:  As a returning swimmer, the number of swimmers in each level is designed to accommodate your continuing registration.  Returning swimmers register first in Priority Registration before new swimmers in Open Registration. Use your existing Wave login to register.


SIZE OF TEAM / CAPS OF LEVELS:  In an effort to keep the size of the team appropriate, we will have a limited number of spaces available in each level on the team.  This is to ensure the best possible environment for each athlete to achieve success.  Returning swimmers get priority. The amount of athletes that each level can accommodate are found under the "Online Registration" button.

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