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Summer 2021 Swim Group offerings 

Due to the changing Covid 19 restrictions we will be offering the following training groups [A through E] for our Summer 2021 Session.


*RETURNING SPRING SWIMMERS =  All will be registered by admin. If you do not wish to swim with the Wave this Summer please emai the club.

Training Group's Description - for Summer 2021
'A' Group

Swimmers will be placed on the group with Head Coaches recommendation based on training ability and effort, attendance and goals to compete at the State & National levels. A comparable level is our 'Believer's' level below.  Primarily High School Aged Swimmers.

'B' Group Swimmer's will be placed by the coaching staff and will be comprised mainly of swimmers who were in the Age Group Gold and Senior Bronze groups from our 'Dreamer's' level (more detail below). Ages are primarily 6th through 9th grade.
'C' Group Swimmers wil be placed in this group by coaching staff will be comprised mainly of swimmer who were on Age Group Silver or Age Bronze 2 from 'Dreamer's and Foundation levels (detail below).  Ages are primarily 4th through 7th grade.
'D' Group This is primarily focused on technique and improving each swimmer's love for the sport of swimming.  Coaches will place swimmers in this group mainly from age or experience levels.  The majority of swimmers will come from our traditional 'Foundation' level Age Bronze 1 and 2 swimmers. Ages are primarily 2nd through 6th grade



This is primarily focused on technique and improving each swimmer's love for the sport of swimming.  The majority of swimmers will come from our traditional 'Learner's' level and younger 'Foundation' level Age Bronze 1 swimmers.  Ages are primarily begining 9-10 yr olds and 8-Unders.


Click above for detailed descriptions of each group.

Group Ripples Breakers

9 & Under | 3rd Grade and Under

10 & Over | 4th - 8th Grade

Practices  2x / week 2x / week
Commitment Low (no meets) Low (no meets)
Group Goals

Legal in all 4 strokes

Able to swim a 100 Fr

Able to swim legal 50's in all 4 strokes

Able to swim a 200 Fr

Group AG Bronze 1 AG Bronze 1A AG Bronze 2

8 & Under |

3rd Grade and Under

Experienced 7-10's

2nd-5th Grader's

9-10 & New 11-12's

4th-6th Grader's

Practices  3x / week 3x / week 4x/ week
Commitment Low Medium Medium
Group Goals

300 Fr / 200 IM

300 Fr / 200 IM

800 Fr /400 IM


Group AG Silver AG Gold Sr Bronze

Advanced 9-10 & 11-12 

4th - 7th Grade

Advanced 11-12 & 13-14 

5th - 8th Grade

13 & Over 

7th - 12th Grade

Practices 5x / week with Dryland 6x / week w/Dryland 3x / week
Commitment Medium High Low
Group Goals

State Level 9 - 10

BB's 11 - 12

State Level all

Compete in all events

Improving Swimming

& Overall Conditioning


Group Sr Sliver Sr Gold

Advanced 13 - 14 & HS Age | 7th - 12th Grade

 Advanced HS | 9th - 12th Grade

Practices 6- 7x / week  with Dryland 8-9x / week with Dryland
Commitment Medium High
Group Goals

Place at State

Sectionals / Jr's

Jr Nats / Sr Nats

Oly Trials - College Sw

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