Group Fee

Team Practice Fee

Swimmers who register with the team are expected to pay for the full session for which they register.  Fees are not refundable unless a special circumstance occurs such as a medical reason which hinders the ability to swim or moving 25 miles or greater outside of Waunakee.  To withdraw from the team, you must contact the Head Coach in person, and then the Financial Chair by email at [email protected].  They will assess the cancelation reason.  For non special circumstance reasons swimmers will be charged the remaining session balance due at the time of their departure. 

Spring-Summer 2022

Group Level               

 Monthly Practice Fee

(Spring or Summer) or (Full Summer)

USA-Swimming yearly registration Fee (only if not registered for '21-'22 season) Waunakee Wave Registration Fee (1x per season)


$75 per mos. (full summer)    $85 per mos. (spring or summer)

$78 $30
Age Group Bronze 1 $85 per mos. (full summer)         $90 per mos. (spring or summer) $78 $30
Age Group Bronze 2 $115 per mos. (full summer)       $125 per mos. (spring or summer) $78 $30
Age Group  Silver $140 per mos. (full summer)       $150 per mos. (spring or summer) $78 $30
*Age Group Gold $185 per mos. (full summer)       $195 per mos. (spring or summer) $78 $30
*Senior Bronze/       HS Training $90 per mos. (full summer)         $95 per mos. (spring or summer) $78 $30

*Senior Silver

$210 per mos. (full summer)      $220 per mos. (spring or summer) $78 $30
*Senior Gold

$230 per mos. (full summer)    $240 per mos. (spring or summer)

$78 $30

* AG Gold & Sr Bronze/Silver/Gold groups will have dryland/strength training off site that is                                           an additional cost billed monthly *

Monthly practice fees are charged on the 1st of the month based on the swimmers group level.  A description of each group is available on the Group Descriptions page. Invoices are generated monthly and an email notification sent when the invoice is available for review.  Your credit card or ACH withdrawal is automatically processed for the invoice amount on the 1st of the month.

Any other charges as outlined below are charged to your account and included in your monthly invoice. 

Learners Sessions & Fees

Ripples flat fee is being split into monthly payments for the summer season (see above) 

Each swimmer will pay a one time Team Registration Fee of $30. 

Team Fees

USA Swimming Registration Annual Fee - $77
Swimmer athletes are required to be registered with USA Swimming.  USA Swimming membership is required to swim in sanctioned meets, for insurance purposes, and has many other benefits.  Membership is for an ANNUAL Membership valid from September 2021 until December 31, 2022.  This registration is submitted automatically for you by the team.  The entire membership amount is sent to Wisconsin Swimming who manages the USA Swimming memberships for our state. Once submitted, it is not refundable to the team or the family.
Team Registration Fee - $30
A $30 annual fee is collected to cover the cost of administrative materials, team t-shirt, and team silicone cap.
Meet Event Fees -  per indivdual event charges and athlete surcharges are variable
Meet information is posted on the Events page of our website.  You are responsible for confirming attendance at the meet, and also for all fees associated with your entries.  The fees for meets are usually around $5 per event plus a $3 event surcharge (typically a swimmer will compete in 3 - 4 events per day). These fees will be billed to your account and included in your monthly invoice.  Meet entries cannot be canceled once they are sent to the host team.  If your swimmer does not compete you will still be responsible for these entry fees.
Family Volunteer Commitment 
Hosting meets is an important source of revenue for our program, and running a quality meet properly requires many volunteers.  Each family, regardless of both the number of children on the team and whether their child is participating in the meet, is required to work 2 shifts per home meet.  There are a variety of jobs available at a team hosted meet to fit everyone’s interests.  Check out the Volunteer Opportunities page for details on the volunteer positions.  If your family is not able to volunteer your online account will be charged $100 for each missed shift at the next billing cycle (1st of the month) after the home meet.
Home Meet Concession Stand Fee
Each family will be charged a $15 concession stand fee for each home meet.  This allows the team to buy concession items that are sold at the home meet.  It’s one of the team’s largest fundraisers.
Out-of-District Annual Fee
The Waunakee Wave Swim Team is supported heavily by the Waunakee Community School District.  We value this relationship very much as we are gifted with a beautiful pool and location for training.  Currently, all residents of Waunakee pay a yearly $150 tax fee applicable to the maintenance, usage, and support of the pool.  The Waunakee Community School District requires a once-yearly per family $150 pool use fee for out of district families swimming on the Wave to equalize the contributions of the community.  This payment is made directly to the school district at the start of the Fall/Winter session.  The fee is non-refundable and is not prorated for those that join at the Spring/Summer session.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions about Waunakee Wave Fees.

Thank You to Our Valued Partners