On-Deck Photography

Meet photographers on deck

The only photographers allowed on deck during a meet are professional photographers contracted by the Waunakee Swimming team or press photographers approved by the team.

All people on deck need to be USA Swimming registered, including photographers.

USA Swimming child protection rules (available at include photography we allow. YOU MAY NOT POST PHOTOS OF SWIMMERS IN A PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE ONLINE OR PRINT ENVIRONMENT, SHARING SITE, WEB COLLECTION, OR FILE SERVER. Valid uses for newspaper reports, swim team websites, or other news media are permitted. When in doubt, please contact us.

  • Password-protected access should be emailed to the swim team board for distribution.
  • Do not solicit parents at the meet.

To photographers:

  1. You must email us 1 week in advance of the meet with your current USA Swimming ID.
  2. Download and bring the permission form.
  3. You must check in with the Meet Marshall upon arrival.
  4. The Meet Marshall must review your USA Registration card and press credentials. Failure to do so will prohibit you from being on deck.
  5. You must wear your press credential around your neck at all times.
  6. No flash photography.
  7. You must avoid interfering with the conduct of the meet. Obey all officials instructions, including the team Meet Marshall.
  8. Check out with the Meet Marshall upon exit from the meet.
  9. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE RULES will be reported to the Wisconsin LSC, and will prohibit your attendance at future team meets.

Posted: January 27, 2012


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