South Shore Masters Practice Schedule

South Shore Masters @ Saint Augustine Prep High School & Cudahy Middle School

The Walter Schroeder Aquatic Center and the Cudahy Recreation Department are providing a masters team for adults on the South Side of Milwaukee.  Monday - Thursday and Saturday, swimmers of every level come to Aug Prep or Cudahy Middle School to gain knowledge and endurance in the pool.  Whether you want to stay in shape, gain endurance for a triathlon, or speed for competition, the South Shore Schroeder Masters is the place for you.  With a coach at every practice, there is room for everyone to come and swim!!!

Option 1) 3 practices a week for one location, choose Aug Prep OR Cudahy during the week with a shared practice on Saturday for $39/month. 

Option 2) 5 practices a week at both locations for $59/month.

Monday - St Augustine Prep School 5:45-7am

Tuesday - Cudahy Middle School - 5:45-7am

Wednesday - St. Augustine Prep - 5:45-7am

Thursday  - Cudahy Middle School  - 5:45-7am

Saturdays - 7 AM - 830 AM

 St Augustine Prep - 2607 S 5th St. Milwaukee, Wi 53207

Cudahy Middle School - 5530 S Barland Ave, Cudahy, WI 53110

Coach: Eric C Johnson
Schroeder YMCA Swim Team