•  CC United Philosophy for Multi-Sport Athletes:
  1. Coaches will encourage player participation in multiple sports and will cooperate with hectic school and sports schedules of baseball, basketball, lacrosse, rugby,recreation swimming or USS swimming.
  2. We realize that it is important for the individual athlete to have a broad spectrum of athletic experience while developing.
  3. However, a player is encouraged to define their commitment once they enter High School years. Commitment is defined as participation in Team Events/ Practices/ Scrimmages/ and Tournaments.


  • CC United's Commitment to  High School Swim Programs:
  1. CC United is committed to supporting the aquatic community that we live in.
  2. We encourage all of our high school athletes to participate in their high school swimming program.
  3. CC United will not expect player participation in water polo events that conflict with high school swim team events.