Youth Development

Youth Development Group


The Youth Development group is for all athletes in grade 8 or lower, with no prior water polo experience.  The purpose of this group is to prepare novice athletes for competition and athletes will be invited to join the Competition group as soon as they are ready.  Athletes in this group are eligible for scrimmages, but not sanctioned tournaments.


Registration Options:

  • Annual membership, $1,849 total. Broken into 10 payments Sep – Jun plus registration (for athletes committed to the entire year)

  • Monthly membership, $175 per month (due on the first of each month, prorated for a partial month), plus annual registration $99

* To suspend or cancel membership, email Kim Dang and Coach Julia two weeks prior to your intended date of discontinuation.

* Discounts are awarded to accounts with multiple athletes, or active members of Wave Swim Team


  • USA Water Polo Membership required (price varies)


Group Expectations:

  • Athlete must register with USA Water Polo at the Red or Seasonal Level, and must have their age verified.

  • Practice attendance is not required for your group, but athletes eligible for moving up must maintain an 85% attendance record, without unexcused absence.  Known scheduling conflicts should be brought to coach’s attention as soon as possible.

  • Team suit is not required.

  • Participation in fundraising opportunities, or a monetary buy-out, is required only for team-wide enhancement, such as new goals or balls.

  • Maintaining a positive, healthy team atmosphere!


Player Expectations:

  • Be early, be prepared

  • Be a positive team member

  • Learn as much as you can from whatever you do;

    • Learn from success

    • Learn from failure

    • Learn by making mistakes

    • Learn by participating

    • Learn by watching

  • Understand that you represent the team, not just yourself


Competition Opportunities:

Your athlete’s group is not eligible for all sanctioned tournaments or competition opportunities.

All athletes are encouraged to participate in any informal scrimmages or joint-practices, with other local clubs.


Tournament Escrow:

This registration group does not require a Tournament Escrow Account.


Basic Information:

  • Each family with an eligible athlete is required to have a Tournament Escrow Account for the season.

  • The Tournament Escrow Account is an account for each family that holds a deposit used only to pay for tournament fees.

  • The Tournament Escrow Account requires an upfront family deposit based on their most advanced player’s group.

  • The money in the account will only be used to cover the costs of entering players into tournaments for the year.