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USAWP Membership

USA Water Polo Membership
A USA Water Polo Membership is required for all athletes. This membership insures our players, coaches, facilities, and organization so it is absolutely mandatory that all players have a membership. To obtain a membership, go to the USA Water Polo Membership site here. Club name West Coast Aquatics and Club ID# 89. There are three different types of memberships; Splashball, Silver and Gold. The Splashball membership is for our young athletes between the ages of 5 and 9. This is required for all a Splashball athletes. The second membership is the Silver level. This is the minimum requirement for membership for all players 10 and older and includes coverage on all practices and non-national level events. The Gold membership is required for all of our national-level event players that are 10 and older. These events include Junior Olympic Qualifications and Junior Olympics. If you are chosen to be on one of these teams (15 player max rosters), you must have a Gold membership.