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Account Policies

  Policies for requesting time off or terminating your account.

This Page will go over our policies. Including Membership Cancelation:


INACTIVE STATUS:  If you want your account placed inactive for a short period of time, please email me at: accounts@westcoastaquatics.org, at least 1-2 weeks prior to your request.  If you email me and request this change after the billing date (1st of the month) there is little guarantee that your account will be credited for that month if I get your request later than that.


TERMINATION: All terminations should be requested through our website under the "Team Tab"  This is a google document that you fill out and submit.  You will receive an email notification of completion and the document will come directly to me.  There is no need to email me that you submitted the document.  Please note that West does not pro-rate our months. In other words, a document you submit on February 6, 2018, will not be processed until the end of March.  It is best to get your document in on the 1st of the month to be effective by the last day of the month.  Detailes regarding our 30 day notice requirement is on our registration documents that you signed off on at registration.

Please do not email coaches, the team manager or our CEO about inactive status or terminations with the belief that they are going to process your request.  They should only direct you to the TU portal where the official form is located.


We encourage all parents to check their accounts regularly and notify us if you think you were charged unfairly.  We are humans and errors can be made, however, we will try to correct these problems as soon as possible.  


We thank you for your memembership and appreciate all you do for West.  It is a pleasure working with you all.