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Trial Athletes

Since Water Polo is a new, tough, and strenuous sport to many young athletes, West Polo offers a free, one week trial. Your athlete can come out and try a weeks worth of practices for free at any location during any practice!

This process is for non-returning, new players ONLY who have never tried WEST Polo before. To begin your one week free trial, there are two mandatory steps that must be completed: 1) Complete the USAWP Trial Membership form (below) and bring a copy of the USAWP confirmation to your first practice, and, 2) Complete the WEST Polo New Player Registration. If New Player Registraion is not completed and you do not bring a completed copy of the USAWP Trial Membership form, you will not be able to get in and play. 

Step #1 - Complete the USAWP Trial Membership Form

The first step to the process involves going to usawaterpolo.org and creating an account. Once this process has started select "Trail Athlete". This will give you a free 14 day trial of the USA Water Polo membership. Club Name is WEST Coast Aquatics and Club ID# 89. Once USAWP has completed your registration they will give you a confirmation. Please bring a copy of this confirmation to your athlete's first practice. 

Step #2 - Complete the WEST Polo New Player Online Registration

Click on the "Practice Schedule" tab and stop by our pool to begin your free trial!