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January 17, 2019 Update

1.    SHOR (Saturday/Sunday, January 19 & 20)

a.    We do not have a timeline yet for SHOR. I will email out arrival times when they are received.

b.    PM Session: 7 & Under, 8, 9, 10, 11

c.    Location: Shorewood High School

2.   EBSC Time Trial Meet

a.    When: Saturday, February 9, 2019.

b.    Where: Brookfield East High School

c.    More Information: HERE.

d.    Next Steps: please commit your child on the EBSC website if they wish to participate in the meet. If not, no further action is required!

3.   Diving Help

a.    The coaching staff has received several questions regarding additional diving assistance for athletes.

b.    On Thursday, January 24th, at Milwaukee Lutheran during the regularly scheduled practice from 6-7PM, those athletes wishing to have additional diving help will have the opportunity to work with me.

                                              i.     Regular practice will be held at the same time, so even if you child doesn’t need additional diving help, please still attend.

4.   Weekly Focus

a.    We’ve been pushing the athletes pretty hard this week and “testing” to see where some limits are. I use the term “testing” loosely because we are really using these sets to see where we are at so that we can adjust in the last weeks of the season.

5.   Miscellaneous Items (these were included in previous Gator Blasts, but reiterated here because they are good reminders, or for some nighttime reading to put you to sleep! ;))

a.    Culture/Behavior

                                              i.      The coaching staff is committed to creating a culture within the Novice group that promotes hard work, personal growth, and fun. In doing so, it is important that there is a respectful and positive environment for everyone, which starts with how you behave toward your teammates. This is a really important lesson for the Novice athletes to learn early in their swimming lives. I know that my teammates are what I remember most fondly about my swimming career. On balance, as a staff we’ve seen a mostly positive steps towards the culture we hope to instill, but it never hurts to remind your children that respecting and supporting your teammates is the most important thing that they can do each day.

b.    Meet Entries

                                              i.     I’ve had some questions regarding changes to meet entries/meet commitments. When you commit to meets at the beginning of the season, EBSC in turn pays meet hosts to reserve a certain number of swims at that meet based on the commitments we receive. If you cannot attend a meet that you originally committed to, we can remove your child from the meet, however, your account will be charged for the reservation fee unless another EBSC member adds to the meet.

                                            ii.     I welcome your questions about meet entries at any time, so please don’t hesitate to reach out!

6.   Lost and Found

a.    We are missing a red Colombia coat.

b.    If you locate any of the above items, please let me know.


Additional questions?

Email, call or text Van Donkersgoed