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July 12, 2018 Update:

This past weekend we swam the EBSC Summer Sizzler.  This is a fun meet to have outside for our team.  It is a cool experience kids do not get to do often these days.  We did not have a lot of best times since we have had some big competitions in the past couple of weeks.  

Currently, we have 22 swimmers qualified for state in 137 events of which event limits result in 107 usable individual swims and 16 relays.  We hope to add several more at the Silver Meet next weekend.


July 05, 2018 Update:

This week we have the Sizzler at Wirth on Sunday 7/8.  12 & Under swimmers should arrive around 10:30 AM for pictures (Individual), we will do the group team picture at about 11:30 AM followed immediately by warm-up.  The meet begins around 12:50 and most swimmers will be done a bit after 4.  Please make sure your swimmers have plenty of water!

Please look at relays your swimmers are involved in.  Generally we split the top 2 or 3 relays so they could compete against each other which should be fun.  Changes are a definite headache though so if your swimmer will be late or absent please let me know as soon as possible (text 262-352-9602).

The Silver Meet line up is in and due to the host on July 10 so any changes need to be in soon!  For 11 & 12 girls involved in possible relay decisions.  Even if they have a full list of events consider swimming those involved in relay decisions.  If you have questions please contact me SOON.

We are headed to Noah's Ark Tuesday after practice in the morning (AG) around 9:15 AM.  There will be no afternoon practices for any 12 & under group.  More information will follow.

See you at the Sizzler!

June 28, 2018 Update:


JAGS Summer Invite at IUPUI.  The age group team that traveled to Indianapolis took advantage of the excellent facilities to earn 83 best times in 107 swims for 78% best time performance.  This included 5 club records, 4 new long course zone cuts and 10 new long course state cuts.  Along with the senior team EBSC finished 1st in meet.

Leading the team with 4 club records and 1 new zone time was Maggie Wanezek who broke club records in the 50 and 100 free, 50 back and 200 IM and new zone cut in the 50 breaststroke.  Lucy Thomas set a new EBSC record in the 50 breaststroke and new zone cuts in 200 free and 200 IM.  Audrey Olen achieved the other zone cut in the 50 free.

New state cuts were achieved by: Maggie Johnson (100 fly, 200 IM), Audrey Olen (200 free), Abhinay Reddy (50 and 100 back), Mia Teng (200 IM) and Luke Thomas (50 and 100 free, 200 IM).

Best times were achieved by: Lauren Correa (9), Katie Geske (5), Maggie Johnson (9), Audrey Olen (7), Abhinay Reddy (9), Mia Teng (6), Lucy Thomas (7), Maggie Wanezek (8), Maddy Karun (4), Nate May (7), Sarah May (5) and Luke Thomas (7).  Great job gang!


June 21, 2018 Update:


Express Summer Starter:  We swam a good meet at WEST this weekend, especially the AG 2 group!  Best times were earned by:  Ayushi Chandel (4), Hannah Christianson (1), Luke Dinusson-Wiger (3), Maddy Karun (4), Grace Kirchenwitz (3), Katie Larson (4), Benji Lu (4), Sully Neumeier (3), Chiara Nocentini (4), Emily Penny (4), Luke Thomas (1), Maya Kelsey (1), Matthew Schaefer (1), Jack Stich (2), Lucy Thomas (1) and Caroline Wanezek (2).  Great Job Gang!

JAGS Meet:  This weekend we have several swimmers heading to Indianapolis to compete at the JAGS Summer Inviational at the IUPUI Natatorium.  This is great opportunity to compete at a world class facility.  Good luck to all the swimmers heading to the meet.


We have done pretty well with attendance though we still struggle with communication a bit.  It has been tough with the less than exceptional summer weather so far.  Remember the water is always warm!  Keep on coming! 

June 14, 2018 Update:


On June 16 we swim at Waukesha South High School.  Events, timeline and heatsheets have been sent.  The meet is pretty short.  Please arrive by 6:45 AM Saturday.

On June 22 to June 24 we swim at the JAGS Meet in Indianapolis.  We will back off some hard swimming Tuesday to Thursday and all AG swimmers may "suit up" in tech suits at the JAGS meet if they would like.  This is a great opportunity to compete at one of the world's aquatic facilities and a great time to post times and meet goals.


Our transition to long course went pretty well so far.  It is a different experience and the kids are doing well.  Attendance is good and I think we have made some progress on keeping me posted.  I do some updates for summer activities.

Please let me know any meet changes and practice attendance issues.  Great to be back to summer finally!

June 7, Update:


The Age Group team competed at Schroeder in the Pirate Plunge last weekend.  We had 113 best times in 183 swims for 62% including 9 new long course state cuts.  

Our new addition to the State Team is Benji Lu who qualified in the 100 breaststroke.  Sophia Brueggeman added the 50 back, Katie Geske earned a cut in the 100 freestyle, Logan Loppnow added the 200 free, Audrey Olen in the 50 fly,Mia Teng in the 400 IM, Caroline Wanezek in the 50 back and 50 fly and Luke Thomas in the 100 fly.

Best times were earned by: Thomas Bergin (4), Anya Brueggeman (1), Katie Geske (4), Adyn Hamann (3), Maggie Johnson (5), Logan Loppnow (4), Max Nikitovic (6), Audrey Olen (2), Abhinay Reddy (3), Matthew Schaefer (7), Jack Stich (4), Mia Teng (5), Lucy Thomas (2), Caroline Wanezek (4), Maggie Wanezek (4), Ayushi Chandel (5), Kushi Chandrashekar (5), Maddy Karun (4), Peter Kennedy (4), Grace Kirchenwitz (5), Katie Larson (5), Benji Lu (5), Sully Neumeier (2), Emily Penny (2), Owen Prescott (2), Jillian Seibert (5), Luke Thomas (4) and Isabelle Yttre (4).

Please check out meet entries and let me know what changes you are interested in.

Biathlon and Picnic:

We look forward to seeing everyone at the biathlon and picnic.  This is always a really fun time for all involved!

Noah's Ark:

Our annual trip to Noah's Ark is scheduled for July 10.  We will take a bus or families can drive.  We do need a few adults to come and help out.  Please let me know if you are interested.  It will be on a first come basis.


Last week we did a "Beat the Clock" practice in which we do 100's dropping the send off by 10 seconds every 4 100's beginning at 2 minutes.  The highest number of 100's was achieved by Maggie Wanezek (24 including all 4 at 1:10), Lucy Thomas and Thomas Bergin with 22, Audrey Olen and Abhinay Reddy with 21, Anya Brueggeman and Mia Teng with 19 and 18 were completed by Maya Kelsey, Logan Loppnow, Adyn Hamann, Maggie Johnson and Max Nitikovic.  Great job gang.

Out door practice:

1.  Weather - please use your best judgment.  If there is thunder at 4:50 or later we will cancel.  PLEASE come and get your swimmer.  Also please make sure your cell number is set up on team unify so you can receive text messages.

2.  If your swimmer wants to use a kick board they must have their own kick board in the mesh bag.  Please bring flippers, kick boards and water bottles everyday and make sure their names are on everything.

3.  On dryland days PLEASE have your swimmer wear athletic footwear, not flip-flops or saddles.


June 1, 2018 Update:

Almost summer time!  We are looking forward to getting outside for summer practice!  Here are a couple of things to remember as we get ready for outdoor practices.

Save the date: 

12 & Under trip to Noah's Ark, July 10th, 9:15 depart from Wirth, 8'ish return to Wirth.  Initial information is on the website - sign-up to come after the biathlon / picnic.

Summer Practice:

1. Please make sure your cell phone is updated on the EBSC website.  If I need to send a message about the weather, etc. it is best for it to arrive by text rather than just email.

2. Weather at Wirth Park.  When there is thunder or storms that last or look like they will last past 4:50 PM PLEASE come back and get your swimmer.  We must be out of the pool for a minimum of 30 minutes after lightning and sitting in the building with 100 12 and under swimmers is a bit daunting.

3. We will be doing dryland on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the summer from 4 to 4:30. PLEASE make sure your kids have appropriate footwear to run.  Also please make sure they have water in a bottle WITH THEIR NAME on it as well as flippers and a kick board (If they will want to use one) all with their names on them.


This weekend we are at Schroeder.  In most cases the small Y pool is not available for warm-up/warm-down so it is important to arrive for warm-up if at all possible.  Friday: arrive 4:20, WU 4:30, meet 5:35; Saturday: arrive 1:10, warm-up 1:30, Meet 2:10; Sunday: arrive 12:20, WU 12:40, meet 1:20.  These may change a bit as warm-ups as they are scheduled are pretty short.  If I need to let people know about a time change I will use the Team Unify Message system, which is why your correct cell number is important.

All meets are entered except regionals and state.  Please look over the entries and let me know what changes may be needed.

See you at the Pirate Plunge!

May 24, 2018 Update:

Only a few more days to sign up for the EBSC Biathlon and Picnic!  This is a great activity and blast for the kids and families - please don't miss out on this great opportunity!


Last weekend we competed at the Rec-Plex again in the BDSC May Mania Meet.  We added 9 new Long Course State Cuts as well as 91 best times in 151 swims (60%).

New State Cuts were earned by: Jack Stich (new to the Long Course State Team) in the 200 breast, Luke Thomas (100 breast, 50 back), Sophia Brueggeman (200 back), Lauren Correa (50 breast, 200 breast), Adyn Hamann (200 breast), Logan Loppnow (50 breast), and Abhinay Reddy (100 free) - congrats gang!

Best times were posted by:

Mahi Besur (6), Hannah Christianson (3), Maddy Karun (4), Peter Kennedy (3), Benji Lu (3), Nate May (6), Sarah May (6). Sully Neumeier (6), Emily Penny (2), Tyler Stich (2), Luke Thomas (4), Isabelle Yttre (2),Anya Brueggeman (4), Sophia Brueggeman (3), Lauren Correa (4), Katie Geske (1),  Adyn Hamann (1), Maggie Johnson (4), Logan Loppnow(5), Max Nikitovic (4), Audrey Olen (2), Abhinay Reddy (4), Matthew Schaefer (3), Jack Stich (5), Mia Teng (1), Lucy Thomas (3), Caroline Wanezek (1) and Maggie Wanezek (1).  Great job gang!

All meet entries are in the system up through but not including Silver State.  Please take a peek, discuss the entries with your swimmer and let me know any changes they might want.

Please keep me posted about practice attendance, any vacations, camps, etc. which will affect practice attendance.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!   


May 17, 2018 Update:



This weekend we are at the BDSC May Mania Meet at the Rec-Plex.  Individual entries and relays have been sent out along with the timeline.  I will send updates when I have them.  The psychsheet is available on meet mobile.  

Saturday PM session please arrive around 12:55 PM for 1:15 warm-up and 2:30 meet start.  Sunday please arrive around 12:45 PM for 1:05 warm-up and 2:15 meet start.  Warm-up will be packed so it is important to be there and ready to go.  The meet is positive check-in, please have your swimmer check to see if we have checked them in.  If they will be late or miss we really need to know in advance so we can take care of check in

Noah's Ark:

Our very popular Noah's Ark trip for the 12 & Under group will be Tuesday, July 10.  The cost will be about $38 with the bus and $26.00 per person if driving by car.  More information will follow soon.  


Everything continues to be good and folks are doing a great job keeping me posted about attendance.  Please make sure to have your swimmer bring proper footwear for dryland.  Also maybe another check to make sure names are on flippers and water bottles.  We are getting a bunch of those left at the pool.


May 11, 2018 Update:


The Age Group team had a great outing at the Dan Jaekel Invitational at the Rec-Plex this weekend.  The meet was named after young man who passed away many years ago.  He was a 9-10 breaststroker so the the 9-10 breaststroke winners at the received special recognition.  For us that was Caroline Wanezek who won both the 50 and 100 Breaststrokes!

We set 6 meet records and added 13 new State Long Course cuts.  The team competed in 162 events and had 134 best times for 83% best time percentage.  This is a bit deceiving since most of the kids did not compete long course since last summer - but we do love getting best times!

Setting Meet Records was the 11-12 200 Medley Relay Team of Thomas Bergin, Lucy Thomas, Abhinay Reddy and Maggie Wanezek who broke the record we set last year by almost 4 seconds.  Lucy Thomas added a meet record in the 50 breaststroke and Maggie Wanezek set 4 new meet records in the 50 and 100 backstrokes and freestyles.

New state cuts were earned by Audrey Olen in the 50 free, Abhinay Reddy in the 50 fly and 200 IM,Lucy Thomas in the 100 fly, Caroline Wanezek in the 50 free, Lauren Correa in the 100 breaststroke, Katie Geske in the 50 back, Luke Dinusson-Wiger in the 200 IM, Katie Larson in the 100 breaststroke, Logan Loppnow in the 400 free, Tyler Stich in the 50 and 100 backstrokes and Luke Thomas in the 50 breaststroke.  Great job on new cuts and meet records.

Best times were earned by Ayushi Chandel (4), Kushi Chandrashekar (4), Hannah Christianson (4), Luke Dinusson-Wiger (8), Grace Kirchenwitz (6), Katie Larson (7), Benji Lu (4), Emily Penney (5), Owen Prescott (5), Jillian Seibert (8), Tyler Stich (8), Luke Thomas (6), Isabelle Yttre (5), Thomas Bergin (7), Anya Brueggeman (3), Lauren Correa (7), Katie Geske (5), Adyn Hamann (4), Maggie Johnson (7), Ella Kelsey (4), Maya Kelsey (3), Logan Loppnow (4), Max Nikitovoic (7), Audrey Olen (4), Abhinay Reddy (5), Matthew Schaefer (6), Jack Stich (4), Mia Teng (5), Lucy Thomas (4), Caroline Wanezek (9) and Maggie Wanezek (4).  Great job on a very solid long course start!


Entries are in the system through June 16.  Please check them to make sure they are all good.  Let me know if you need me to make changes or are interested in other events as soon as possible.


I apologize for missing a few practices the last week, it has been a busy time with school responsibilities - thanks to Anne for covering!

Practices have been going very well and attendance has been good.  I know this is a busy time of the year - please keep me posted!

May 3, 2018 Update

The age group team got off to a solid start at the Shorewood Pineapple Pentathlon on Sunday winning the pineapples for both 11 & 12 and 9 & 10 relays.  The newest kids had many best times which was great to see.

Audrey Olen and Abhinay Reddy added new short course cuts in the 50 butterfly.

Best times were earned by:  Thomas Bergin (1), Mahi Besur (3), Sophia Brueggeman (1), Ayushi Chandel (4), Luke Dinusson-Wiger (1), Katie Geske (1), Adyn Hamann (3), Maggie Johnson (2), Maddy Karun (5), Maya Kelsey (1), Grace Kirchenwitz (2), Logan Loppnow (4), Benji Lu (3), Nate May (2), Sarah May (4), Sully Neumeier (1), Max Nikitovic (3), Audrey Olen (3), Emily Penney (4), Abhinay Reddy (2), Matthew Schaefer (4), Jillian Seibert (3), Jack Stich (1), Tyler Stich (1), Mia Teng (1), Lucy Thomas (1), Caroline Wanezek (1) and Maggie Wanezek (2).  Great job gang!

LFSC 5-5 to 5-6:

Event entries, arrival times and relays have all be sent out via email for the LFSC meet along with the Psych Sheet and meet information.  This will be our return to Long Course which means we should have lots of best times.  Please make sure to let us know if your swimmer will be late or not attending.

See you in Pleasant Prairie!


April 26, 2018 Update


The Age Group team is back in action at the Shorewood Pineapple Pentathlon on Sunday.  Swimmers should arrive by 7:15 AM for warm-up and the meet will be over around 11:30 AM.  Entries and relays were emailed to everyone along with an explanation of the relays.  Please check with me if you have any questions.  This is always a quick and fun little meet.

Other entries are mostly up-to-date at this point through mid-June.  Please look at the entries and let me know if you or your swimmer is interested in any event changes.


Practices have been great this week through our new "Spring" like weather has resulted in programs running for those "other" sports which lowers our attendance.  Please keep me posted.  I really do appreciate the number of kids attending and the efforts families go through to get their kids to the pool.  I do remember those days.

Everyone is working hard and I see really impressive work at all levels.  We should see lots of improvement this season!  We are working on freestyle turns this week as well as freestyle drills.  The gang really is doing a great job.


We will be having a parent meeting tonight, Thursday 4-26 at 8 PM at East.  We would love to see everyone represented at the meeting.  It will be short.

Feel free to email questions anytime or stop at practice if you have questions.

April 19, 2018 Update

It was a great attendance week!  With the less than stellar spring weather many kids who might otherwise miss practice to play soccer or baseball have been swimming.  While the spring weather saddens me, having all the kids at practice makes me very happy!

Things are going well and kids are working well.  They are adjusting to racing more and swimming more which is tough for the new folks, but important.

I have entered and emailed entries through May and will be looking ahead at June soon.  Please check entries and let me know about changes and conflicts as soon as possible.

We will be having a parent meeting for the Age Group team at 8:00 PM on Thursday 4/26 at East.  I hope to see everyone there.  Often the same people these meeting every year - they are often not the folks who need the information though.  Please attend especially if your swimmer is new to the AG team. 

Congratulations to Lucy Thomas and Maggie Wanezek are both nominated for the Age Group Swimmer of the season from last year.  

April 12, 2018 Update

It is great to have everyone back from break.  We are getting right back into training (getting everyone back in shape quickly).  Practices have been really good.

Meet entries are in for Shorewood, LFSC 5-5 and 6 and BDSC 5-19 and 20.  I will be emailing those soon so everyone has relay information for those meets also.

It is very important we know as soon as possible if your swimmer is interested in an event change or if they will be missing or late to the meet - especially if they are on a relay.  Please check the entries and have your swimmer check the entry.  There are some events I have used converted (yards to meters) seed times or even made up a time so a swimmer would be able to compete in the event.  

If you have questions please email, text or stop to see me after practice.

March 29, 2018 Update

Not too much to say this week other than to have a great spring break.  I am really looking forward to having everyone back - rested and ready-to-go on Monday April 9th!

March 22, 2018 Update

Practices are going going great, Anne and I are very impressed with our new swimmers from AGT.  Everyone is listening well and working hard.  Heading into spring break we are doing drills of every stroke, working streamlines and smart breathing.

Attendance has been great and people have been really good keeping me informed - keep up the good work.

The kids will be off during spring break and hopefully will come back ready to jump into the main portion of our training for the long course season.

Have a great spring break!


March 15, 2018 Update

The age group team finished the short course season Sunday with Maggie Wanezek and Lucy Thomas competing at the Speedo Sectional Meet in Pleasant Prairie.  This is a pretty deal because there were only 6 or so 12 and under swimmers, in the meet, so they were competing against swimmers into their 20's. 

Lucy competed in the 100 and 200 breaststrokes and the 200 IM earning best times in all 3 events and swimming in finals in the breaststrokes.She placed 20th in the 100 and 29th in the 200.

Maggie swam the 100 and 200 back and the 50 and 100 meter free.  She finaled in all 4 swims with best times and new EBSC records in all 4. Seh was 4th in the 100 back, 6th in the 200 back, 10th in the 50 free and 39th in 100 free.

Great job for Lucy and Maggie who represented EBSC well!

Welcome to our new Age Group Team Members.  I have been very pleased with what I have been seeing from our AGT swimmers (great job Carissa!).  This week we are doing drills and some sets - everyone is working hard, listening well and swimming fast.

March 8, 2018 Update

Wow time passes fast - we are back in action on Tuesday March 13 with Age Group Practice at Milwaukee Lutheran.

Anne and I want to welcome the new folks to our group.  We are very to get new swimmers!  We are sad to see kids moving out of the group but they are moving on to new opportunities and experiences with great coaches and we really look forward to seeing how they develop as swimmers and people. 

PLEASE plan on keeping me posted regarding attendance at practice.  If there is a consistent schedule for another activity please let me know and I will do my best to remember.  For other situations, I would like to know everyday practice will be missed and why.  I do feel it is important to articulate reasons for missing practice.  Swimming is a sport that requires quite a bit of practice to improve, especially as the athletes get older and faster.  AG 2 has a 50% and AG 1 has 60% attendance minimums for the season.  I have some flexibility with that depending on activities and communication.  It is fine to have your swimmer send me an email or text to let me know if they will be missing - responsibility is good!

PLEASE put names on anything you do not want lost!  Waterbottles, kickboards, Flippers, etc.  We will do our best to get things back to the correct swimmer but it is very difficult without names.  I also recommend quizzing them when they get in the car "do you have . . . )

Speedo Meet:

We still have two Age Group team members who are still competing from the short course season.  Lucy Thomas and Maggie Wanezek join a handful of other 12-year-old swimmers competing at Speedo Zone Championship meet this weekend in Pleasant Prairie.  This a senior meet with swimmers from several states.  Keep and eye on meet mobile to see how they do.

THANK YOU - to everyone  who attended the 12 & under banquet on Wednesday and for the very generous gifts to coaches.  I know we all appreciate your support and the confidence you have with us.  

Please feel free to email, text or stop at practice if you have questions or concerns.

March 1, 2018 Update

State Meet:

The 12 and under state team had a great meet last weekend finishing 5th overall at the Wisconsin Short Course State Meet.

Maggie Wanezek lead the team with 2 state records and 6 EBSC team records on her way to 5 first place finishes and 2nd.  Maggie set new state records in the 50 and 100 backstroke events posting the fastest 11 & 12 times in the US this season so far.  Maggie also won and set team records in the 50 and 100 free and 200 back.  She finished 2nd in the 100 IM and 2nd for 11 & 12 girls high point.  Amazing performance Maggie!

Lucy Thomas was EBSC’s other state champion finishing 1st in the 200 breaststroke.  Lucy added a club record 2nd place finish in the 50 breaststroke as well as a 2nd place finish in the 100 breaststroke.  Lucy also added a 4th place in the 100 IM, 7th place in the 200 IM and 7th place in 400 IM. 

Lucy and Maggie have both qualified to swim at the Speedo Sectional Senior Meet next week.  Great job girls!

Other EBSC swimmer who finished in the top 8 and made the podium were:

Stuart Seymour with 3 EBSC club records in the 50, 100 and 200 backstrokes.  These are close to my heart as they were previously held by my son Spencer.  Stuart finished 2nd in the 50 back, 3rd in the 100 back and 6th in the 200 back.  He also added a 3rd place finish in the 50 fly and 6th place in the 100 IM.

Thomas Bergin finished 5th in the 100 back, 7th in the 50 back and 8th in the 200 back.

Logan Loppnow added a 6th place in the 100 breast, 6th place in the 50 breast and 8th place in the 50 free.

Abhinay Reddy placed 7th in the 50 breast and 7th in the 200 breast while also adding 8th in the 100 breast.

Mia Teng finished 7th in the 200 breast.

Also earning places on the podium for top 3 relays were:

11 & 12 Girls:

200 Free Relay (2nd):  Lucy Thomas, Audrey Olen, Maya Kelsey and Maggie Wanezek

400 Medley Relay (2nd):  Maggie Wanezek, Lucy Thomas, Sophia Brueggeman and Audrey Olen

200 Medley Relay (3rd):   Maggie Wanezek, Lucy Thomas, Sophia Brueggeman and Audrey Olen

11 & 12 Boys:

200 Medley Relay (3rd):  Thomas Bergin, Thevindu Perera, Stuart Seymour and Abhinay Reddy.

Also competing for EBSC on the 12 & Under State Team were:

Anya Brueggeman, Lauren Correa, Luke Dinusson-Wiger, Katie Geske, Adyn Hamann, Maggie Johnson, Ella Kelsey, Maya Kelsey,Grace Kirchenwitz, Katie Larson, Audrey Olen, Thevindu Perera, Owen Prescott, Tyler Stich, Luke Thomas and Caroline Wanezek.

Congratulations on a great meet and a great season!  Enjoy a little time off we are back in the pool on March 13th.  See you at the banquet on March 7th.

February 22, 2018 Update


State meet weekend is here and we look forward to many great swims!  Please follow us on meet mobile if you will not be at the meet.

Last weekend we competed at the regional meet and added 4 new state swimmers along with 22 new short course state cuts and 19 new entries to the meet.  We had 71 best times in 116 swims for 61% best times.

New state swimmers include: Sara Jester in the 50 and 100 breaststroke, Anya Brueggeman in the 50 free, Grace Kirchenwitz in the 100 breaststroke and Katie Larson in the 100 breaststroke.  Great job girls - welcome to the team!

Other new short course cuts were added by: Sophia Brueggeman (100 and 200 IM, 50 free and 200 back), Maya Kelsey (50 free), Thevindu Perera (100 IM), Abhinay Reddy (200 IM), Lauren Correa (200 breaststroke), Katie Geske (100 IM, 50 free), Owen Prescott (50 and 100 butterfly), Caroline Wanezek (100 free, 100 IM, 50 Back and 50 fly).  

Best times were earned by: Anya Brueggeman (9), Sophia Brueggeman (5), Adyn Hamann (1), Maggie Johnson (6), Maya Kelsey (3), Thevindu Perera (5), Abhinay Reddy (3), Mia Teng (3), Nogol Alizadegan (3), Mahi Besur (6), Hannah Christianson (4), Lauren Correa (2), Katie Geske (4), Sara Jester (7), Grace Kirchenwitz (6), Katie Larson (8), Sean Larson (1), Nate May (4), Sarah May (6), Max Nikitovic (1), Owen Prescott (8), Matthew Schaefer (4), Jack Stich (4), Tyler Stich (1), Luke Thomas (3) and Caroline 
Wanezek (4).

For this swimmers who completed short course at the regional meet - congrats on a great season!  

Best of luck to the State Team this weekend at Schroeder!

February 15, 2018 Update


Our championship meets are here!  This weekend we will be competing in the regional meet at Waukesha South High School - we hope to get a few more state qualifiers to round out our 12 & under team for state.  Please have your swimmers dress warm, eat well and get plenty of rest to be at their very best!

Remember kids who do not have state cuts after this weekend will be done until long course which begins March.

Please check the Express website for heatsheets.  All other information has been sent.

Good Luck to everyone at Regionals!


February 8, 2018 Update


The age group team had a great outing at the A+ meet this weekend with 66 best times in 83 swims for 79.5% best time performance!  This included 7 team records and a State Record!

Leading the age group team was Maggie Wanezek with a state record in the 50 back (26.22) breaking the state record set by EBSC teammate Kaylyn Schoof.  Maggie also set 6 EBSC club records breaking her own records in the 50 back and 100 back, records by Reese Tiltmann in the 100 and 200 IM, the 50 free previously held by Zoe Woods and the 100 free record from 1974 held by Tricia Pagach.  Maggie's 200 IM, 50 and 100 freestyle times were also Speedo cuts.  Maggie's 50 back time is #2 in the US and her 100 back #4.

Lucy Thomas added a new EBSC record in the 50 breaststroke breaking the previous record by Maggie Teng.  Her time of 30.96 is the 8th fastest time ever recorded in Wisconsin.  Lucy also added a new zone standard in the 200 IM.

New zone cuts were achieved by Thomas Bergin in the 50 backstroke and Audrey Olen in the 50 freestyle.  Ella Kelsey earned a new state cut in the 100 backstroke.

Best times were earned by Thomas Bergin (4), Anya Brueggeman (1), Sophia Brueggeman (1), Maggie Johnson (1), Ella kelsey (6), Maya Kelsey (3), Audrey Olen (6), Thevindu Perera (3), Abhinay Reddy (4), Stuart Seymour (7), Lucy Thomas (6), Maggie Wanezek (10), Lauren Correa (1), Katie Geske (4), Logan Loppnow (5) and Luke Thomas (2).

We also had swimmers at the New Berlin Valentines Day Meet.  Leading that group was Adyn Hamann joining the state team by getting the cut in the 200 breaststroke and Tyler Stich with a new cut in the 200 IM.

Best times were earned by Nogol Alizadegan (4), Mahi Besur (4), Hannah Christianson (2), Adyn Hamann (3), Sara Jester (5), Maggie Johnson (2), Nate May (1), Sarah May (3), Owen Prescott (1), Matthew Schaefer (5), Jack Stich (1) and Tyler Stich (1).  Also a great job!

Regionals is coming up next weekend and we hope to earn more state times.  Please check the entries to make sure everything is set for your swimmer.  Any swimmer close to a cut at regionals should swim time trials to see if they can get it - we have had great luck at time trials.

The state team now includes 21 swimmers qualified 122 individual events (93 usable with entry limits) and 16 relays.  Please be looking and choosing events if your swimmer has more than 6 qualified.  We will finalize relays after the regional meet. 

At practice Tuesday we had a fantastic "Beat the Clock"in which the swimmers do 100's beginning at 2 min. and dropping the interval by 5 seconds every 2 100's.  We had 5 swimmers complete 2 100's at 1:10 22 total (very hard to do) they were:Maggie Wanezek, Lucy Thomas, Thomas Bergin, Stuart Seymour and Audrey Olen.  Ella Kelsey finished 20 (2 at 1:15) followed by Anya and Sophia Brueggeman and Abhinay Reddy with 19 (1 on 1:15).  Everyone did at least 11 making 100's at 1:40 and 26 swimmers did at least 1 100 at 1:30 - great job by everyone!

Enjoy a well deserved weekend off!


February 1, 2018 Update

Meets This Week End:  Big meet weekend - Arrival times for A+ and NBSC:

Here are arrival times and schedules.  Both meets require you to print your own heatsheet.  Timelines and entry information has been emailed so please look for those.  Good luck at both meets!

12 and Under Times for the A+ Meet

Day:                     Arrive:                 Warm-up:                       Meet:                  End:

Friday (PM)        2:45 PM              3:00 PM                       4:05 PM              about 5:20’ish for us

Saturday ((PM)  11:50 AM           12:10 PM                       1:15 PM              3:15 PM

Sat. Finals           4:20 *                  4:30 PM                       5:35 PM              8:10’ish for us

*  There will be warm-up available in the South pool so plan on arriving by a minimum of 60 minutes before the scheduled swim.

Sunday (AM)      7:40 AM              8:00 AM                       9:05 AM              11:15 PM

NBSC Valentines day Meet

Age:      Day:                     Arrive:                 Warm-up:                         Meet:                             End:

8&U      Sat. AM               7:15 AM              7:30 AM                            8:40 AM        10:54 AM

9-12      Sat. PM               10:30 AM              10:50 AM                          11:50 AM        1:50 PM

8&U      Sun. AM              7:15 AM              7:30 AM                            8:40 AM        10:04 AM

9-12      Sun. PM              9:45 AM              10:05 AM                          11:05 AM        1:30 PM

A+ Swimmers should plan on suiting up in tech suits if they have them.  NBSC Swimmers please focus on fast swims, we have several swimmers getting close to state cuts and we would love to have the earned as early as possible.  Swimmers without cuts should wear fast suits if they have them at regionals not at NBSC.

Menomonee Falls:

We had a great outing at the Menomonee Falls last Saturday with 48 best times in 68 swims for 70.6% best time rate.  Mia Teng dropped 7 seconds to earn a new state cut in the 100 IM!

Best times were earned by Nogol Alizdegan (5), Mahi Besur (2), Hannah Christianson (4), Ben Gosnell (3), Sara jester (5), Grace Kirchewitz (1), Katie Larson (5), Sean Larson )(3), Max Nikitovic (4), Matthew Schaefer (2), Jack Stich (2), Tyler Stich (1), Anya Brueggeman (5), Adyn Hamann (2) and Mia Teng (4) - great job!

Practices are good though we have had some sickness issues - tough time of year - please take care!  We have rested a bit this week in preparation for the big meets this weekend and look forward to seeing some great swims!

Absent or late to the meet - A+ swimmers please text Mike (262-352-9602), NBSC swimmers please text Carissa (414-530-4346).

Have a great big meet weekend!


January 25, 2018 Update


We a very long but quite successful meet at Shorewood last weekend.  Age Group team members who were high point winners were:  Caroline Wanezek (9 year old girls), Logan Loppnow (9 year old boys), Sophia Brueggeman (11 year old girls) and Maggie Wanezek (12 year old girls).  Runners up were Tyler Stich (9 year old boys) and Maya Kelsey (12 year old girls).

We added 9 new short course state cuts by: Ella Kelsey (100 IM, 50 back), Maya Kelsey (100 fly, 50 back), Lucy Thomas (500 free, 400 IM), Maggie Wanezek (400 IM) and Logan Loppnow (200 free, 50 fly).

Best times were earned by: Thomas Bergin (1), Anya Brueggeman (4), Sophia Brueggeman (4), Adyn Hamann (5), Ella Kelsey (7), Maya Kelsey (6), Thevindu Perera (2), Abhinay Reddy (4), Stuart Seymour (1), Mia Teng (1), Lucy Thomas (3), Maggie Wanezek (3), Nogol Alizadegan (6), Katie Geske (3), Ben Gosnell (2), Grace Kirchenwitz (6), Logan Loppnow (2), Nate May (1), Sarah May (4), Max Nikitovic (6),Matthew Schaefer (4), Jack Stich (3), Tyler Stich (2), Caroline Wanezek (5) and Owen Prescott (3).  Great Job!

This Saturday part of the team heads to the Schroeder Aquatic Center for the Menomonee Falls meet.  REMEMBER THIS MEET IS AT SCHROEDER NO MENOMONEE FALLS!!!!!  9 and under swimmers should arrive by 7:40 AM, 10 and older swimmers should arrive by 11:25 AM.  Also, remember you need to print your own heatsheets for this meet.  Schroeder is a great pool so we are hoping to achieve some state cuts and get some our swimmers who are close in to the state meet!

Our state team is up to 20 swimmers qualified in 118 individual events with 88 usable for the meet.  We really hope to crack the 100 mark soon!

Practice attendance is a bit of concern with attendance for the past 30 days for AG 1 at only 64% (usually closer t0 75%) and AG 2 at 67%.  Maggie Wanezek is the team leader at 94% followed closely by Lucy Thomas and Mia Teng at 89% and Caroline Wanezek at 88%.  We have 9 swimmers below 60% which is a bit disappointing.  Please work on getting the kids to practice every day possible and communicating when the cannot make it.  Practice is the key to improvement!

January 18, 2018 Update


This week begins the major meet portion of our season.  We will be competing at Shorewood in the IMX challenge.  This meet gives our kids the opportunity to swim several events we do not often get to compete in.  I have sent arrival times as I think they will be now but it is possible Sunday will have some changes. Please check your email to see if there are changes.

Please check entries for the remaining meets.  I have all the entries done through regionals.  I did not enter kids in regionals if they had 6 state cuts or if they were too far away from other events to be likely to qualify.  If you would like event changes please let me know as soon as possible.

We have 20 swimmers qualified for the state meet now in 109 events - keep it up and rooting for more.








January 11, 2018 Update


The age group team had a solid outing at the EBSC Escape to Hawaii Meet last weekend.  This is a tough meet coming right after the holiday break so our 78 best times of 131 swims or 59% best times is quite good.  We had 3 swimmers achieve new short course state cuts.  They were Tyler Stich in the 50 breaststroke, Maya Kelsey in the 100 backstroke and Abhinay Reddy in the 100 butterfly.

Best times were earned by Nogol Alizadegan (3), Mahi Besur (5), Hanna Christianson (3), Lauren Correa (1), Katie (Chicken Nuggets) Geske (1), Ben Gosnell (4), Sara Jester (3), Grace Kirchenwitz (1), Katie Larson (3), Sean Larson (4), Logan Loppnow (2), Nate May (3), Sarah May (3),  Max Nikitovic (2), Owen Prescott (2), Matthew Schaefer (4), Jack Stich (3), Tyler Stich (3), Caroline Wanezek (3), Anya Brueggeman‌ (1), Sophia Brueggeman (1), Adyn Hamann (2), Maggie Johnson (3), Ella Kelsey (4), Maya Kelsey (2), Audrey Olen (1), Thevindu Perera (4), Abhinay Reddy (3), Mia Teng‌ (1), Lucy Thomas (1), Maggie Wanezek (1).

Great job at the meet!

We now have 19 swimmers qualified for the Short Course State Meet in 108 events with 81 usable individual entries and 10 relays.  We will hope to add more in the next few weeks!

January 4, 2018 Update

This Saturday we have the Escape to Hawaii meet at East.  8 and under swimmers should arrive by 6:45 AM for warm-up at 7:00 AM.  9 - 12 swimmers should arrive by 10:20 for 10:40 warm-up at 11:45 meet start.  Our meets tend to run ahead of the timeline (great meet management) so a little early is good.  It is very important to let us know if your swimmer will be late or absent if they are on a relay.  We have many kids in relays and changes are difficult to make at the meet.  We will replace any swimmer who arrives late for warm-up so please let me know as soon as possible (text 262-352-9602).

Now that we have returned from break and the holidays are past I hope to see an improvement in attendance.  We have had some decline in attendance and communication.  Remember there should never be a day I do not know the whereabouts of your swimmer and the reason for their absence.  Thanks for your attention to this.

See you at the Escape to Hawaii Meet - think warm thoughts!

December 28, 2017 Update

Not too much to say this week!  I hope everyone is enjoying time with your family!

Thank you again for the very generous Christmas gifts for all of us on the Age Group coaching crew (Jen, Anne and Me)!

Have a great rest of the week!

December 21, 2017 Update


The team competing at the 11 & under meet had a great outing lead by Logan Loppnow who finished 3rd place for the 9 year boys high point.  We had 1 club record, 6 new short course state cuts and earned 50 best times in 65 swims for sizzling 77% best time rate.

Sophia Brueggeman broke her own club record in the 50 fly with a 30.10 improving her time from two weeks ago of 30.68.  Sophia also added 50 back to her 11 & 12 state cuts.  Audrey Olen added 4 new short course cuts in the 100 fly, 100 free, 200 IM and 50 free.  Tyler Stich added the 100 breast to his state events.

We currently stand at 19 swimmers qualified for the 12 & Under State Meet in 106 events with 81 usable due to entry limits at this point.  We will be putting up our state cut chart over break (as soon as I get the happy face stickers)!

Best times we earned by Sam Bergin (3), Anya Brueggeman (6), Bella Brueggeman (2), Sophia Brueggeman (4), Rylie Budde (2), Lauren Correa (1), Luke Dinusson-Wiger (3), Adyn Hamann (3), Eric Hou (4), Jane Johnson (1), Logan Loppnow (4), Audrey Olen (7), Owen Prescott (1), Jack Stich (3) and Tyler Stich (6) - Great Job!

Happy Holidays!

Anne and I hope everyone has a great holiday and look forward to seeing kids at practice (when parents are really ready to get them out of the house doing something!)

Thanks for your support and trust!


December 14, 2017 Update


This weekend kids that have achieved cuts for the 11 & Under Meet will travel to the new St. Augustine pool.  This is a championship format meet for those kids competing.  Please arrive between 11:30 to 11:45 Saturday and 8:30 to 8:45 on Sunday.  The timeline, entry list and relays have been emailed so hopefully everyone has their events.  This is anew meet and should be very interesting!

Please check events on the website for the EBSC Meet entries, SST A+ entries and Menomonee Falls entries.  Please note kids can swim in both the MFSC meet and the A+ meet but they can't really swim in both the A+ and the NBSC meet so if swimmers qualify for the A+ meet I will not enter them in NBSC.  If they are at the A+ meet for only one day I can put them in the NBSC meet on the other day if you would like me to.  Please let me know if you have questions on this.


This week has been interesting - lots of stuff going on but attendance has been pretty good.  Please keep me posted if your swimmer will miss.  It is best to also let me know why.  The kids have been working very well!

December 7, 2017 Update


The Age Group team had a very good outing in Middleton this past weekend.  We had 104 best swims for 157 total for a 66.2% best time results.  This includes 3 club records and 12 new short course state cuts.

Team records were set by Sophia Brueggeman in the 10 & under 50 fly with 30.68 breaking the record of 30.70 set by both Maggie Wanezek and Ashley Joppe.  Maggie Wanezek added team records in the 50 and 100 backstroke (27.35 and 58.58) breaking her own records.

New state cuts were earned by:  Maggie Johnson (50 and 200 Breaststroke), Maya Kelsey (50 fly), Thevindu Perera (200 breast), Abhinay Reddy (200 breast), Loren Correa (50 and 100 breast), Katie Geske (50 and 100 back), Logan Loppnow (100 Back) and Caroline Wanezek (50 free and 50 breast).

Best times were earned by: Thomas Bergin (7), Anya Brueggeman (7), Sophia Brueggeman (6), Adyn Hamann (2), Maggie Johnson (7), Ella Kelsey (4), Maya Kelsey (5), Thevindu Perera (6), Abhinay Reddy 91), Stuart Seymour (3), Mia Teng (6), Lucy Thomas (2), Maggie Wanezek (7), Lauren Correa (6), Katie Geske (6), Grace Kirchenwitz (4), Logan Loppnow (3), Nate May (3), Sarah May (2), Max Nikitovic (3), Owen Prescott (2), Matthew Schaefer (2), Jack Stich (2), Tyler Stich (2), Luke Thomas (1) and Caroline Wanezek (5).

Great job at the meet!


This week we have been working on balance drills and streamlines along with butterfly turns and starts.  We are adding some distance to sets as well more challenging intervals.  Please keep up on attendance and let me know if kids will not be coming.  I know it is challenging few weeks with school holiday events.


November 30, 2017 Update


This weekend we travel to Middleton to compete at the BAC Welcome to Winter Meet.  We are taking a bit of a mini-taper for this meet since the competition and events are very good here.  For this reason swimmers may wear their championship tech suits and try to bust out some more state cuts or improve their times in preparation for some of the bigger meets coming up after the holidays.

Arrival times are as follow: Friday by 4:45 for 5:00 PM warm up, Saturday 10 & Under 7:45, 11 & 12 11:20, Sunday 10 & Under 7:45, 11 & 12 11:15.  We have assigned warm-ups so it is important to be on time.


Attendance has been pretty good though we have a few folks who have missed quite a bit of practice.  I do understand other activities but please put a priority on getting to as much practice as possible.  It is very difficult to be successful in swimming if attendance is poor.

I look forward to seeing some great swims this weekend in Middleton!

November 16, 2017 Update

Last weekend we swam at the PX-3 Meet at the Rec-Plex.  The age group team had 119 best times in 190 swims for a 62% best time performance!  This included 10 new short course state cuts. 

Earning new state cuts were: Maggie Johnson (100 breast), Ella Kelsey (100 breast and 50 breast), Thevindu Perera (100 breast), Abhinay Reddy (100 breast, 100 IM), Stuart Seymour (100 breast, 100 free) Lucy Thomas (100 Fly), Katie Geske (100 fly) and Caroline Wanezek (100 breat).  It looks like breaststroke was a great event for us this weekend.

Best times were earned by Thomas Bergin (4), Anya Brueggeman (4), Sophia Brueggeman (1), Adyn Hamann (7), Maggie Johnson (7), Ella Kelsey (6), Nogol Alizadegan (3), Hannah Christianson (4),  Lauren Correa (4), Katie Geske (5), Sara Jester (1), Katie Larson (3), Sean Larson (7), Nate May (3), Sarah May (3), Max Nikitovic (1), Owen Prescott (2), Matthew Schaefer (5), Jack Stich (1), Luke Thomas (5) Caroline Wanezek (4), Maya Kelsey (5), Audrey Olen (1), Mia Teng (4), Lucy Thomas (2), Thevindu Perera (4), Abhinay Reddy (7), Stuart Seymour (5) and Maggie Wanezek (4).  Great job gang.


Saturday we are having Turkey Relays at East from 10 to 11 AM.  This is always a fun activity for kids!  Please have your swimmer bring along some nonperishable food items to donate to the food pantry when they come for Turkey Relays.  Our goal is to have every EBSC swimmer bring at least one food item.


November 9, 2017 Update


This week we travel to PX-3 to compete.  This is a good meet for us because the kids get to do 100's as well as IM's so they are not only swimming 50's of each stroke.  It has benn many months since most have competed in short course races so we should se lots of best times.  I have emailed events, timeline and warm-up starting times - please arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled warm up time.  Also remember the kids will report to Van and Jen May on Saturday, Anne and I will be there on Sunday.  There are no relays but please still let us know if your swimmer will not be there.

Remember you need to print your own heat sheet for the meet.


Practice have been great and well attended.  The kids are working hard and listening well. 

Saturday the 18th we will have Turkey Relays.  Please have your swimmer bring some non perishable food for the food pantry.


November 2, 2017 Update


No meets this week but please check the entries for the PX-3 meet and the BAC meet.  Please be aware that Anne and I will no be at the Saturday part of the PX-3 meet because we will be at the WIAA Girls Swimming and Diving State Meet.  Van will be there to watch the AG gang.  Sunday we will be at the meet.


We did have a fun practice on Monday doing a Halloween "swim-o-poly" of sorts with AG and AGT.  It was packed and crazy but the kids seemed to have fun.  Practices are going well with good listening and effort.  We definitely need work on learning to race some in practice.  We work on this doing "high quality" swims which are race pace swims.  This is physically demanding but gets the gang thinking about speed.  It is easy to swim a practice but it is hard to do things consistently fast.  That is where time drops are earned though.


We had a few AG swimmers who ranked in the top 10 for their age in the United States which is really amazing!  Leading the crew is Maggie Wanezek who posted the #1 times in the US for 11 year olds in the 50 and 100 back and #2 in the 200 back.  Maggie's 100 back time of 1:06.08 ranks her 6th for all 11 and 12 year olds with the 2nd fastest 11 year old time ever recorded in the US. COOL!

Lucy Thomas, new to our team, was ranked 4th for 11 year olds in the 50 breaststroke and 6th in the 100 breaststroke with a 17th overall 11 and 12 ranking in the in the 50 breaststroke.  Great Job Lucy!

Although USA Swimming does not recognize 10 and under swimmers the ranks are easy to determine.  Logan Loppnow ranked #6 in the 50 free for 8 year olds as well as #7 in the 100 back, #8 in the 50 breast, #10 in the 100 breast and #10 in the 200 IM.  Awesome job Logan!

October 26, 2017 Update


The age group team was back in action at the EBSC Fall Classic last weekend.  We had many best times and showed some very nice development with streamlines and turns.  I am very pleased with how technique and skill development are going which will help to improve times!

Best times were recorded by:Nogol Alizadegan (1) Thomas Bergin (2), Mahi Besur (2), Anya Brueggemann (1), Sophia Brueggmann (3), Hannah Christianson (4), Lauren Correa (4), Katie (Chicken Nuggets) Geske (2), Ben Gosnell (4), Adyn Hamann (3), Sara jester (5), Maggie Johnson (3), Maya Kelsey (1), Grace Kirchenwitz (2), Katie Larson (4), Sean Larson (4), Loggan Loppnow (1), Nate May (1), Sarah May (1), Max Nikitovic (1), Audrey Olen (1), Thevindu Perera (3), Owen Prescott (2), Abhinay Reddy (4), Matthew Schaeffer (2), Jack Stich (2), Tyler Stich (2), Mia Teng (1), Lucy Thomas (1), Luke Thomas (4), and Maria Vella (1).  Thevindu Perera earned 1 new short course state cut in the 50 breast.  Great job gang!

Halloween Bowling Party:

Thanks to Jen May and Emily Wanezek for organizing and for all the parents who helped.  There were some amazing costumes!  It looked like all the kids were having fun!


This week we will have some fun of some type on Monday for a pre halloween day and no practice on Tuesday for trick-or-treat.



October 19, 2017 Update


This is our big Fall Classic weekend!  I have sent the timeline, heatsheets, events and relays to you so hopefully everyone is fully informed.  There are a couple of things for this weekend to keep in mind:  1. We have lots of relays - if your swimmer will be late or missing we need to know as soon as possible (text me at 262-352-9602).  2.  We are pretty short staffed with high school meets, weddings, etc.  we will concentrate mainly on watching swims rather than getting splits or times, we can use meet mobile and results for times.  There will likely not be enough time available to talk to every swimmer before and after their swim without missing people please remind your kids to see us after the swim but also to patient.  3.  We (coaches) will not have enough time to write events on kids hands if your kids want this - please take care of it with them.  4.  Please do not be late unless we know about it in advance.  We will automatically replace kids on relays if we do not see them or know about them.


We have definitely had some practice attendance issue over the past week.  I really appreciate the parents and kids who have let me know their status.  Many have not and we have had some very small practices (15 or 16 kids or 36).  Please keep me posted when your kids will not be at practice.

See you at the fall classic!



October 12, 2017 Update


Meet line-ups are in for EBSC, PX-3 and BAC.  Please check them out and let me know any changes you or your swimmer might like.


Great job for the AG team (especially AG 2 lead by Owen Prescott!) who lead the team in the amount raised in the swim-a-long !  We had lot of participants who swam a lot of yards and raised lots of money!

Halloween Bowling Party:

Make sure to sign up for the Halloween costume and bowling party by 10/21.  This is always a great time for the kids and parents!  Sign-up is on the website.


Due to high school changes practice this week needed to change some on Tuesday and Thursday.  Please go to the schedule and look at the new updated schedule.


Friday we were missing 15 kids only 2 of whom I had heard from so I would like to request we get back to keeping me posted about kids missing practice.  The earlier you can let me know the better - it helps when I set up lanes and practice sets.

EBSC meet on Saturday - looking forward to some great swims! 


October 5, 2017 Update


The age Group team competed at Menomonee Falls on Saturday and got off to a great start with 57 best times in 91 swims for 63%.  Best times were earned by Nogol Alizadegan (4), Thomas Bergin (1), Mahi Besur (2), Anya Brueggeman (1), Sophia Brueggeman (3), Hannah Christianson (3), Remy Fauber (2), Katie Geske (4), Ben Gosnell (2), Adyn Hamann (2), Sara Jester (1), Ella Kelsey (1), Nate May (3), Sarah May (1), Grace Kirchenwitz (4), Max Nikitovic (3), Thevindu Perera (4), Abhinay Reddy (3), MMatthew Schaefer (3), Jack Stich (2), Tyler Stich (1), Mia Teng (2), Caroline Wanezek (3) and Maggie Wanezek (2).

Meet entries are in for the EBSC meet and the BAC meet and will be in shortly for the PX-3 Meet.  Please let me know if you want or need changes.


The Age Group team is leading EBSC with fund raising.  This should be fun activity as well as a great activity for the club.  Please encourage friends and reletives to support EBSC by pledging to your efforts.  You only have a few may days to round up sponsors!

Practice attendnace has been great! it is a tough time of year so please keep it up!

September 28, 2017 Update


The age group team is back in action at Menomonee Falls with our first meet of the short course season.  9 to 12 year old swimmers should arrive by 10:55 AM.  Swimmers who will be absent should contact Anne and let her know.  I did send out a separate email with times, events and relays for the meet on 9/28, please check that for more information.  We look forward to starting the season off with some great first swims!

Please remember I will not attending this meet, we will be at Spencer's wedding in Minneapolis - they grow up fast!


We continue to have great practices.  A little crowded this week due to high school schedules but we are still getting good things done.  Attendance has been great - so thank you!  


September 21, 2017 Update


Please check the website for entries for Menomonee Falls (9/30) and EBSC (10/21).  Let me know if you are interested in changes for the EBSC meet.  


We had a really good week of practice!  I am very pleased with how well the gang is listening and trying to make improvements.  Also working hard and trying to things well on during practice.  We have done lots of drills, worked on freestyle flip turns (speed and push off).


For the most part attendance has been excellent.  Please keep me posted for schedules - it is tough to remember where everyone is all the time.


Just a reminder I will miss practice on Thursday 9/28 and 9/29 as well as the meet at Menomonee Falls on 9/30 for my son's wedding.  Please text Anne (414-305-0457) with any updates especially with the Menomonee Falls meet.

September 14, 2017 Update

Welcome back week is almost done.  This was a pretty easy week in that we are doing drills and working on getting in shape again.  Things went pretty well.  Definitely some forgetting of 3 point push offs and streamlines but overall everything looks pretty good.

We did drills for every stroke and worked on foot speed for freestyle turns by doing "noodle flips."  Typically if we have time we'll do some relays on Wednesday and play some water polo on Fridays for 20 or 30 min.  On our normal cycle for training well do longer aerobic days Monday and Thursday.  High Quality (race pace) on Tuesday and Friday and IM'sh work on Wednesday and Saturdays when we have them.

Again please contact me anytime to let me know about attendance situations or with any questions.

September 7, 2017 Update

Wow it feels like it has been a long time since I have seen any of the age group crew!

We begin Monday 9/11, it will be great to welcome our new kids and sad to have several no longer in our group.

Please make sure the kids have these things:  Shoes and socks for ALL dryland days, flippers (with their name), a kick board (with their name), a water bottle (with their name) and a mesh bag to carry the stuff.  The theme here, as always, PLEASE put their name on anything you do not want to lose!

Please keep me posted about attendance.  I do want to know where every swimmer is everyday.  Hopefully they will be at practice all the time but if not I really do want to know about it.

If you have questions or concerns please email me or stop to talk with me after practice.  My schedule is a bit tight during the fall because I am also coaching the high school girls at East so I am often running from one practice to another but I will always have some time at the end of practice.

August 10, 2017 Update

In our final meet of the season we 8 age group swimmers compete at the Central Zone Meet in Pleasant Prairie.  To qualify are swimmer must a chieve an "AAA" time in an event.  Triple A times represent the top 5% in the country in those events.

Leading the EBSC members of Team Wisconsin was Maggie Wanezek.  Maggie took 1st in the 50 and 100 back setting EBSC records in both events.  Her times: 1:06.08 inthe 100 back is the #3 time in the us and her 50 time of 31.00 is the #5 time in the US for 11 & 12 swimmers.  Maggie also finished 4th in the 200 back (club record 2:27.38), 3rd in the 400 Medley Relay, 11th in the 50 free, 2nd in the 200 medley relay, 3rd in the 400 free relay, 4th in the 200 free relay, and 11th in the 100 free.

Reese Tiltmann also set an EBSC team record of 5:20.00 finishing 4th in the 400 IM.  Reese finished 3rd in the 100 breast,6th in the 400 free relay,16 in the 200 free, 9th in the 200 medley relay,12th in the 50 breast, 7th in the 400 medley relay, 7th in the 200 breast,and 4th in the 200 IM.

Stuart Seymour finished 13th in the 50 back and competed in the 200 back, 50 fly and 100 back.

Sophia Brueggeman made the podium with a 4th place finish in the 50 fly and she finished 10th in the 100 fly.  She also finished 4th in the 200 medley relay and competed in the 100 free, 50 back 200 IM and 100 back.

Adrian Bellido placed 8th in the 200 medley relay, 5th in the 200 free relay he also competed in the 50 fly and  50 free.

Grace Hou competed in the 50 fly, 50 free and 100 free.

Anya Brueggeman swam the 50 and 100 freestyles

Mia Teng raced the 100 and 200 breaststrokes.

Great job and great season.

I look forward to seeing everyone back in September!

August 2, 2017 Update

The 12 & Under State Team had a great meet finishing 3rd which one of our highest finishes ever!  We had 103 best swims of 134 for a 77% best time performance.  This included 6 EBSC Team Records, 6 new Zone Cuts and 2 Summer Speedo Cuts!  The team made 35 trips to the podium for top 8 individual and top 3 relay finishes in 26 individual events and 9 relays.

Club records were set by Maggie Wanezek who was our triple event state champion setting records in the 50, 100 and 200 backstroke.  Reese Tiltmann added 2 records in the 200 and 400 IM and Logan Loppnow added a record in the 50 back.

Adrian Bellido added 2 Zone cuts in the 50 free and 50 fly, Grace Hou earned cuts in the 50 free and 50 back, Anya Brueggeman added the 100 free to her events and Stuart Seymour added the 50 fly to his.

8 new state cuts were added by: Luke Dinusson-Wiger (50 breast), Katie Geske (100 back) Ella Kelsey (100 back) Thevindu Perera (100 breast), Matthew Schaffer (50 back, 100 free) and Tyler Stich (100 Breast).

Leading the team with 6 trips to the podium were: Maggie Wanezek (1st 50, 1st 100, 1st 200 backstrokes, 2nd 50 free, 3rd 100 free and 6th 200 free).  Maggie's winning time 31.24 in the 50 back places her at #70 on the list of fastest 11 & 12 girls times EVER achieved in US History!).  Reese Tiltmann (2nds in the 100 and 200 breaststroke and 400 IM,3rds in the 200 IM and 50 breast and 4th in the 200 free).  Sophia Brueggeman (3rds in the 400 free and 50 fly, 4th 200 IM, 5th 100 back, 6th 100 fly and 7th 50 back).  Adrian Bellido (4th in the 50 fly, 5ths in the 50 free and 200 IM, 6ths in the 50 breast, 100 fly and 100 breast).

Stuart Seymour added 4 trips to the podium with: (3rds in the 50 and 100 back and 5ths in the 50 fly and 200 back).  Others making the podium were: Thomas Bergin (50 back), Anya Brueggeman (5th 400 free) Grace Hou (6th 50 back), Logan Loppnow (8th 100 back), and Mia Teng (7th 200 breast).

Our 11 & 12 boys relays earned 3 top 3 finishes in the 200 and 400 Medley relays and 200 free relay.  All 3 relays consisted of Thomas Bergin, Abhinay Reddy, Stuart Seymour and Adrian Bellido.  The 11 & 12 girls were top 3 in all 4 relays with 2nd places in the 200 Medley (Maggie, Reese, Grace and Carly Plate) and 400 Medley Relay (Maggie, Reese, Grace and Audrey Olen).  The girls finished 3rd in the 200 free relay (Maggie, Reese, Grace and Carly) and the 400 free relay (Maggie, Reese, Grace and Audrey).

All team members contributed to a great performance!  I hope I have not forgotten anyone - let me know if I did.


Currently we have 9 people representing EBSC at the Central Zone Meet (6 states).  Maggie Wanezek, Reese Tiltmann, Adrian Bellido, Stuart Seymour, Mia Teng, Anya Brueggeman, Sophia Brueggeman, Grace Hou and coach Michael Rose.  This is a great way to end the season!

Congrats on a great season, best of luck to kids moving onto Senior 3 and 4 and welcome to new kids coming into the Age Group Team!

Enjoy your break and I will see you in the fall!


July 27, 2017 Update


This is it State Meet Weekend!  With our performance at the Silver Meet, 131 best times of 163 swims for 80.4%, we added 4 new swimmers to our state team and 20 events to our Long Course cuts.  We now have 27 swimmers qualified in 154 events.  We will be competing in 133 events, 117 Individual events and 16 relays.  Great job by the whole team!  

In addition to the state cuts we added 2 new swimmers and 3 cuts to our kids qualified for zones.  Mia Teng earned a 1st zone cut in the 200 breaststroke and Anya Brueggeman got a 1st cut in the 50 freestyle.  Sophia Brueggeman added to her zone list with a new cut in the 100 free.  New additions to the state team are: Maya Kelsey (50 fly), Thevindu Perera (50 breast), Maggie Johnson (100 and 200 breast) and Tyler Stich (50 and 100 breast).  Leading the new state cuts was Audrey Olen with 4 (100 fly, 100 free, 200 IM and 200 back) and Carly Plate with 3 (100 back, 50 and 100 free).  Also earning new state cuts were: Grace Hou (200 free), Ahbinay Reddy (50 free, 100 fly), Katie Geske (100 fly), Nate Klitzke (200 breast) and Caroline Wanezek (100 back).

Best times were earned by:  Adrian Bellido (1), Anya Brueggeman (4), Sophia Brueggeman (2), Angela Cui (3), Grace Hou (1), Ella Kelsey (5), Maya Kelsey (3), Audrey Olen (6), Thevindu Perera (4), Carly Plate (5), Ahbinay Reddy (7), Mia Teng (3), Nogol Alizadegan (4), Sameer Bhatt (7), Jacob Decker (7), Katie Geske (6), Adyn Hamann (5), Sophie Hanson (3), Lily Horvath (7), Sara Jester (7), Maggie Johnson (7), Nate Klitzke (7), Sean Larson (5), Leo Mandella (4), Nate May (4), Sarah May (3), Dylan Tierney (5) and Katie York (5).  Great Job EVERYBODY!

This week we compete at the 12 & Under state Meet and next week several of our crew will be swimming at the Central Zone Meet.  Please follow us on Meet Mobile and the EBSC Facebook page.  The team consists of:  Adrian Bellido, Thomas Bergin, Anya and Sophia Brueggeman, Grace Hou, Ella and May Kelsey, Jennifer Hong, Audrey Olen,Thevidu Perera, Carley Plate, Ahbinay Reddy, Stuart Seymour,  Mia Teng, Reese Tiltmann, Maria Vella, Katie Geske, Maggie Johnson, Nate Klitzke and Jack Stich.  We also have several AGT swimmers on this team, Great Job! These include: Logan Loppnow, Luke Dinusson-Wiger, Owen Prescott, Tyler Stich, Matthew Schaefer and Caroline Wanezek.

Good Luck State Swimmers!

July 20, 2017 Update


This weekend begins our big meet 3 weekends!  The Silver Meet is the final meet for non-state kids where we hope to get lots of best times and some new state cuts.  Other than state meets it is our most important meet of the season.  It is also a special meet because we are running it and have the opportunity to show other teams what a great job we do running meets.  Running meets is important be cause it establishes respect for our team as well bringing in some major income which helps to keep fees low.  We know running this meet requires a great effort from our parents and senior swimmers.  Thank you for your effort and positive approach to this big undertaking!

Please plan on arriving on this schedule:

For AG swimmers in open events (later seesions) please look at the timeline and arrive at Schroeder 60 to 90 minutes before the swim.  There will be a lane or 2 in the Y pool for warm-up.  Feel free to head home or out if your swimmer has a long break.

12 & Under arrival times: Friday 11:40 AM, Saturday and Sunday 6:40 AM.  Have your swimmer bring plenty of water and/or sport drink and healthy snacks.  Rest, nutrition and attitude are the most important contributors to success.

Thanks again for your help to make this a great meet for your kids, EBSC and the other swimmers attending.

July 13, 2017 Update


This weekend we swam at the PX-3 Invitational.  We had 109 best times in 176 swims for 62% best times.  Ella Kelsey joined the 12 & under state team getting her first cut as an 11 year old in the 50 back.  Also joining the team is AGT swimmer Owen Prescott in the 50 fly.  Audrey Olen added a new long course cut in the 50 back and Stuart Seymour in the 50 breaststroke.  New zone cuts were earned by Maggie Wanezek in the 100 fly and Sophia Brueggeman in the 100 back.

Best times were earned by: Nogol Alizadegan (4), Remy Fauber (2), Katie Geske (5), Lily Horvath (4), Maggie Johnson (1), Sean Larson (5), Leo Madella (7), Nate May (3), Sarah May (2), Jack Stich (1), Dylan Tierney (6), Adrian Bellido (5), Thomas Bergin (5), Anya Brueggeman (2), Sophia Brueggeman (2), Angela Cui (6), Jennifer Hong (2), Grace Hou (8), Ella Kelsey (5), Maya Kelsey (5), Audrey Olen (7), Carley Plate (5), Abhinay Reddy (2), Stuart Seymour (2), Mia Teng (5), Reese Tiltmann (4), Maggie Wanezek (4).

Next week we will be at the Silver Meet we are hosting at Schroeder.  We hope to get a few more state qualifiers.  Currently we have 23 swimmers qualified in 136 individual events and 16 relays.  With entry limits we are now at 99 individual swims in the meet.


Next week we will begin dryland days at 4:15 (Monday and Wednesday).  Friday 7/21 we will practice from 7:30 to 8:45 with the 9 swimmers not competing in the Silver Meet.  Attendance this week has been great!

July 6, 2017 Update


This weekend we are swimming at PX-3 which is closing in on our last meet prior to State.  Amazing how fast time goes!

You should have the event line up for kids as well as the timeline.  Please plan to arrive between 12:30 and 12:45 each day for the meet.  Please also check entries for the Silver Meet and let me know if you want changes or additions.  Our kids who have 4 or more events qualified for the state meet are not entered in the Silver Meet but I can enter them either for more cuts or for experience in an event.

We currently have 21 swimmers qualified for state in 134 events.  We have 93 currently usable individual events plus 16 relays and hope to boost that over 100.


Mostly attendance is pretty good.  I know there are lots of things going on with kids in the summer but nothing replaces actual swimming practices for training and performance.

Attendance leaders since June 1st are: 100% (at least once on double days) - Thomas Bergin, Jennifer Hong and Stuart Seymour; 95% Grace Hou and Mia Teng; 90% Angela Cui and Maggie Wanezek.  Unfortunately we have 5 swimmer below 50%.  Some of this is due to camps and vacations - hopefully lots of swimming is getting done.

June 29, 2017 Update


On Wednesday we same the triangular meet at PX-3.  The age group team posted 50 best times of 78 swims for 65% best time performance.  Stewart Seymour set a club record in the 200 back breaking the record from 2009 by almost 3 seconds.  Stewart also got his first zone cut of the season.  Earning new long course state cuts were: Thomas Bergin (200 back, 200 breast), Anya Brueggeman (50 back), Jennifer Hong (200 breast), Abhinay Reddy (200 Breast), Mia Teng (200 breast) and Jack Stich (50 back).

Best times were earned by:  Adrian Bellido (2), Thomas Bergin (3), Anya Brueggeman (3), Sophia Brueggeman (2), Angela Cui (3), Jennifer Hong(2), Grace Hou (1), Carly Plate (2), Abhinay Reddy (3), Stuart Seymour (3), Mia Teng (1), Reese Tiltmann (3), Maggie Wanezek (2), Nogol Alzadegan (1), Sameer Bhatt (3), Remy Fauber (1), Adyn Hamann (1), Sara Jester (3), Maggie Johnson (2), Nate Klitzke (1), Leo Mandella (3) Nate May (1), Sarah May (2), Jack Stich (1) and Dylan Tierney (2).  Another fine job for all!

We had a blast at Noah's Ark (actually the Kahalahari) due to our stellar weather.  We took 69 people including chaperones and it was a blast!

Keep getting those kids to practice.  Swimming is tough to improve at if not regularly attending practice.  Summer is tough with vacations, camps and friends so try not to miss unless it is unavoidable.  Also remember to let me know about any absences and reasons. 

June 22, 2017 Update


This past weekend the Age Group team was well represented at the JAGS Meet in Indianapolis.  With 43 best times in 77 swims.  Maggie Wanezek and Logan Loppnow both took home Individual High Point titles.  Logan in 8 & Under boys and Maggie in 11 & 12 girls.  Logan also finished 3rd in the 10 & Under boys - pretty awesome for an 8 year old!  Adrian Bellido finished 2nd in the 11 & 12 boys high point, Reese Tiltmann was 2nd in 11 & 12 Girls and Lizzi Geske was 3rd in 13 & 14 girls.  Logan also set two EBSC Club Records in the 50 fly (40.20) and 50 free (33.63 - which ranks him second in the US for 8 & under swimmers).  Maggie set a new 50 back record in 11 & 12 girls (32.14).  Reese Tiltmann added 3 new zone cuts in the 50 free, 200 free and 50 fly.  Maggie added 2 zone cuts in the 200 free and 200 IM.  New state cuts were earned by Adrian Bellido in the 200 free and 400 IM.  We now have 21 swimmers qualified in 129 Individual events.  We have 93 usable events for the state meet - shooting for 100!

Best times include: Nogol Alizadegan (8), Adrian Bellido (5), Katie Geske (4), Grace Hou (5), Maggie Johnson (8), Abhinay Reddy (4), Dylan Tierney (4), Reese Tiltmann (5) and Maggie Wanezek  (8).  Great Job!

Congratulations for Thomas Bergin who competed in the 11 & 12 2K Zone Open Water Swimming Meet Friday at Lake Andrea.  Thomas finished 19th.  This is definitely a unique experience - Great Job! 

This Saturday some of the team heads to Waukesha for a short course sprint meet.  I will be sending the timeline and heat sheet later.

Wednesday the whole team heads to Pleasant Prairie for our annual tri-meet with WEST and PX-3 more information to follow.

June 15, 2017 Update


This weekend some of the age group team travels to Indianapolis for JAGS meet.  This will be a great opportunity for our kids to compete at one of the top aquatic facilities in the world.  Many of the US Olympic teams (diving, swimming and synchro) have been selected in this pool.  It should be a great experience for all involved.


With weather it has been a tough week with two practices canceled due to lightning.  

PLEASE REMEMBER - I REALLY do want to know when and why kids will miss any practice.  I try to keep up with other activities but a reminder could help.  We had 16 kids (of 38) at practice this afternoon, several of whom I did not know about.  Please look for rides to help get kids to practice.  Also remember it is very difficult to be a successful swimmer without training and there are few activities which are as good at conditioning athletes.


Thursday 6/22 we will head to Noah's Ark at 9:15 AM from Wirth Park.  We still have a fair amount of space available for kids.  Please sign-up by 6/20 on the EBSC website. 

June 8, 2017 Update (reminder no AG practice Friday at Wirth 4:00 for dryland until 6:00)


We had a very successful meet this weekend at Schroeder.  The AG team posted 137 best times of 194 swims for a 70.6% best time statistic.  This include 2 club records: Logan Loppnow AGT in the 50 free and Reese Tiltmann in the 11 and 12 400 IM.  Also 2 meet records Reese Tiltmann in the 11 & 12 100 breast and Maggie Wanezek in the 11 & 12 100 back.  In addition we added 24 new state long course cuts: Carly Plate earned her first state cut in the 11 & 12 50 back!, Logan Loppnow (1), Nate Klitzke (1), Jack Stich (5), Sophia Brueggeman (2), Anya Brueggeman (2), Jennifer Hong (1), Grace Hou (2), Abhinay Reddy (1), Stuart Seymour (2), Mia Teng (1), Reese Tiltmann (2) Maria Vella (2) and Maggie Wanezek (2).  Great Job!

Best times were earned by: Nogol Alizadegan (4), Sameer Bhatt (2), Hannah Christianson (3), Jacob Decker (5), Katie Geske (1), Adyn Hamman (5) Sara Jester (6), Nate Klitzke (5), Sean Larson (4), Nate May (6), Sarah May (3), Kaite York (3), Jack Stich (5), Adrian Bellido (4), Anya Brueggeman (5), Sophia Brueggeman (4), Angela Cui (6), Jennifer Hong (5), Grace Hou (5), Ella Kelsey (6), Maya Kelsey (5), Audrey Olen (3), Carly Plate (6), Abhinay Reddy (6), Stuart Seymour (5), Mia Teng (5), Reese Tiltmann (6) and Maggie Wanezek (5).

This week we have the biathlon and picnic - this great fun for the kids and for parents (and me ) to watch and attend.


Attendance continues to be a tad rough with AG 1 averaging 71% and AG 2 63% for the month of May.  We only 2 swimmers over 90% (Maggie Wanezek and Nate Klitzke).  Unfortunately we have 8 below 50% which is kind of challenging.  I am hoping that will improve now that school is about done.

We begin outdoor practices on Friday.  PLEASE make sure your swimmer has athletic shoes on ALL dryland days.  Also hydration is very important when swimming outside.

If you have not signed up for Noah's Ark yet please do so soon.


June 1, 2017 Update (reminder no AG practice Friday 6-2)


This weekend we are competing at the SEA Pirate Plunge at Schroeder.  Friday swimmers for the 400 should arrive by 4:15.  400 IM swimmers may arrive by 6:30 but do take the risk of only having a 10 minute warm-up.  If IM swimmers want to come at 5 for warm-up that would work also - totally up to families.  The events are positive check-in so I need to know before 4:15 if someone is not coming.

Saturday arrive between 1:30 to 1:45, Sunday between 12:50 and 1:10.  I emailed heatsheets and the timeline.  Remember you must print your own heatsheet.


Wednesday night we did a "beat the clock" for candy prizes.  The gang did sets of 4 100's beginning at 2:00 and dropping 10 sec. after each group of 4.  Our winner was Reese Tiltmann completing 23 (2 under 1:10 with #3 at 1:11).  2 nd Maggie Wanezek (2 @ 1:10 with # 3 at 1:15) - congrats girls!  Tomas Bergin, Adrian Bellido and Grace Hou all did 21 which was completing 4 at 1:20 and attempting 1 at 1:10.  We had 8 more complete 2 at 1:20 and 7 more attempt the 1st at 1:20 - GREAT JOB!

Attendance has been challenging.  Hopefully now that school is about done this will improve.  We only had 2 swimmers above 90% for May, Maggie Wanezek at 94% and 93% for Nate Klitzke.  We do have 8 swimmers who attended fewer than 50% for May.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone for more this summer.  ALMOST HERE!


May 25, 2017 Update


This past weekend we swam at the Rec-Plex in the BDSC Meet.  The Age Group Team had 118 best swims of 186 total for 63.4% best times.  This includes 14 new Long Course State Cuts for the AG team and 7 additional cuts for the AGT crew.  Jack Stich achieved 4 new state cuts (50 and 100 breast,50 free and 100 fly).  Thomas Bergin 1 cut (100 free), Anya Brueggeman (100 breast), Sophia Brueggeman (100 free, 50 breast), Grace Hou (100 back, 100 breast), Stuart Seymour (200 fly), Reese Tiltmann (200 back), Maggie Wanezek (200 Back and 200 free).  Agt Swimmers adding cuts were: First timers Caroline Wanezek (100 breast), Luke Dinusson-Wiger (100 breast), Matthew Schaefer (50 free) and new cuts for Logan Loppnow (100 breast, 100 fly, 50 breast, 50 fly).  Welcome to the team!

Best times were earned by Adrian Bellido (3), Thomas Bergin (2), Anya Brueggeman (1), Sophia Brueggeman (8), Jennifer Hong (1), Grace Hou (3), Ella Kelsey (1), Maya Kelsey (4), Audrey Olen (4), Thevindu Perera (6), Carly Plate (5), Abhinay Reddy (7), Stuart Seymour (3), Mia Teng (2), Reese Tiltmann (1), Maria Vella (4), Maggie Wanezek (4), Nogol Alizdegan (7), Hannah Christianson (6), Jacob Decker (4), Katie Geske (3), Adyn Hamann (7), Lily Horvath (2), Nate Klitzke (5), Sean Larson (4), Leo Madella (4), Jack Stich (8) and Dylan Tierney (8) - great job gang!

We are off for the Memorial day weekend - have a great weekend!

It is been another tough attendance week, including for me.  Hopefully now that we are into the last few days of school things will improve for attendance (and weather) as we look to begin to go outside!  


May 18, 2017 Update


This weekend we are heading back to the Rec-Plex to compete in the BDSC meet.  This meet will give us some opportunity to do stroke 200's which the Age Groupers have not done for a while.  Our side of the meet does not look too long though since we are starting at 2:00 PM it will run a bit late in the day.

Please arrive by about 12:30 to 12:45 each day.  We are in the early assigned warm-up time at 1:00 PM and there will be no other warm-up time for us.  

If you swimmer/s will be late or missing please let me know as soon as possible.  Before noon each day would be great so I can take care of check in.  Also we are tight on relay personnel so changes will likely result in scratches at this point so kids don't get to swim and the entry fee will be assessed to families causing the scratch.


It has been a tough attendance week with school concerts but we have had some great workouts.  The kids are working hard and we hope to continue to see some solid time drops. 

May 11, 2017 Update



This past weekend the Age Group team competed at the first long course meet since last season.  Always a great thing because we get lots of best times.  We had 127 best times in 144 swims for an 88.2% best time performance.  Many swimmers had best times in all their events - very cool!

Best times were recorded by: Nogal Alizadegan (7), Hannah Christianson (4), Jacob Decker (6), Remy Fauber (8), Katie Geske (8), Lily Horvath (8), Sara Jester (4), Maggie Johnson (8), Sofia Karti (4), Nate Klitzke (8), Nate May (8), Sarah May (8), Katie York (4), Adrian Bellido (6), Anya Brueggeman (4), Sophia Brueggeman (4), Jennifer Hong (8), Grace Hue (7), Ella Kelsey (4), Maya Kelsey (3), Audrey Olen (5), Thevindu Perera (7), Carly Plate (8), Abhinay Reddy (6), Stuart Seymour (5), Mia Teng (8), Reese Tiltmann (4), Maria Vella (5) and Maggie Wanezek (4).

New long course state cuts were earned by: Nate Klitzke (50 breast), Anya Brueggeman (200 IM), Grace Hou (100 fly, 100 free, 50 back, 50 free), Ahbinay Reddy (50 breast), Mia Teng (100 breast), Reese Tiltmann (400 free) and Maggie Wanezek (400 free).

Practices are going well.  Again please keep me posted on attendance.

Please sign-up for the Biathlon and Picnic June 10th.

May 4, 2017 Update


On Sunday 4/30 we competed at the Shorewood Pineapple Pentathlon.  The meet was a short course meet where swimmers did 50's of each stroke and the 100 IM.  We had 43 of 117 best times which is a bit below our usual average but we are really just getting moving on training post spring break.

Best times were earned by:  Adrian Bellido (2), Thomas Bergin (2), Anya Brueggeman (1), Angela Cui (1), Ella Kelsey (2), Maya Kelsey (2), Audrey Olen (2), Thevindu Perera (2), Carly Plate (1), Mia Teng (2), Reese Tiltmann (1), Maria Vella (2), Nogol Alizadegan (1), Sameer Bhatt (2), Remy Fauber (5), Katie Geske (1), Adyn Hamann (5), Sophie Hanson (3), Sara Jester (1), Sofia Karti (4), Leo Mandella (5), Dylan Tierney (4) and Katie York (3).

This weekend we head to the Rec-Plex for our first long course meet - we hope to have lots of best times!  Please check the times for the meet and warm-ups as well as the psych sheet on either meet mobile or the EBSC website in the "EVENTS" section under "LFSC".  Also check the email I sent to AG participants.


I am really pleased with our practices!  I am seeing great effort on normal aerobic days (Monday , Wednesday and Thursday).  For some we are still working on understanding High Quality (race-pace) work on Tuesday and Friday but this will develop.  Our new swimmers have made great progress on set work - great job!

Attendance in April was a bit inconsistent with trips, other sports and school activities.  Leaders for April are: Carly Plate, Reese Tiltmann and Maggie Wanezek with 100% attendance and Grace Hou, Lilly Horvath, Jack Stich, Sara Jester and Dylan Tierney with 93% - great job!  We have swimmers at 50% or under which I hope will improve now that we are beyond spring break.  For those I know are involved in other sports this is not too much of a problem right now but there 3 or 4 swimmers in that group for whom I do not get communication about absences often.  Please remember the more practices a swimmer is able to attend - the more likely they are to improve.


email:, text:  262-352-9602 

April 27, 2017 Update


This Sunday we are heading to Shorewood to swim in the Pineapple Pentathlon.  Please arrive by 7:15 AM so we are ready to hit the water at 7:30 AM.  If your swimmer will be late or missing please text me (262-352-9602) as soon as possible.  I did send the timeline, relays and event entries to everyone on Wednesday.  The meet begins at 8:20 and should be done by noon.


Our practices are improving again as people get back into shape from spring break.  We have worked drills on all strokes, backstroke turns and we will be working starts in preparation for Sunday's meet.

We are still having some issues with reporting absences.  It is important to get to as many practices as possible, especially for newer team members.  Things only get harder when missing practice as kids get in better shape and train more.  Please keep me posted to help in the planning process.

If you need to contact me text (262-352-9602) or email (

April 20, 2017 Update

Elmbrook Eats! - Monday, April 24th 2017 - Buffalo Wild Wings - Bluemound Road - 3:00 pm - 11:00 pm - Elmbrook Swim Club will reveive 10% of all profits from our group!  - Must present ticket at time of purchase - HERE

I hope everyone had a great Spring Break!  Mine was great - our family went to Scotland and Ireland to visit our daughter Abby who is doing a semester abroad at the University of Glasgow in Scotland.  It was a great vacation!


Please check the website for meet entries and let me know of any changes needed.  I am sending emails to swimmers in the meet when I have completed the entry please check the entries and share them with your swimmer.  As of now I have entries done through May.


Everyone is a bit out of shape so we have been doing some more aerobic swimming (longer swimmers with shorter rest) to work on getting in shape again.  We will move back to some high quality race type swims on Friday.

Please reinforce the idea of always trying to do things correctly.  We seem to have some struggles with maintaining consistent effort on turns and streamlines.  Doing these things correctly all the time helps performance in meets and also saves energy and effort.  Here is a very interesting video for you to share with your swimmer about the importance of streamlining.  It is important to note that this is a person on bike so the speed is greater but water is more than 700 times more dense than air so a streamline is actually more important in water.


If you need to contact me please email:, text 262-352-9602 or see me before or after practice.

April 6, 2017 Update

Hopefully everyone (parents and kids) are fired up for a great Spring Break.  This year is a bit strange with the breaks for our kids and coaches spread out over a few weeks.  If possible try to get in the water and have fun!  If your family is staying here it would be great your swimmer to take a few runs with the dog or rake the yard - you know, something to get some aerobic exercise!

Just a reminder that I will be out of the country from April 6th to the 16th so if you wish to communicate with me please wait until the 17th.  I don't want to lose communication in the many emails I'll need to delete when I get home!

March 30, 2017 Update


Just a reminder that our parent meeting for the Age Group Team is Monday, April 3rd after practice from 8 to 8:30 at the latest.  Hopefully everyone can make even if your swimmer is not at practice.  It is great for parents to meet other parents.


Practices continue to be good with kids working hard.  Hopefully you see them being a bit tired.

ATTENDANCE is, frankly, a bit low with AG 1 at 65% and AG 2 at 57%.  Some of this is due to vacations, some do to meet breaks and some due to sickness.  Please due remember it is very difficult for kids who miss many practices to keep up so it is important for kids to get to every practice they are able to attend.

Top attendance kids for March are: 100% Adyn Hamann and Sara Jester - GREAT JOB! 92% Dylan Tierney, and 83% Thomas Bergin, Angela Cui, Jennifer Hong, Thevindu Perera, Carly Plate, Abhinay Reddy, Nate Klitzke and Jack Stich.

Again my goal is to know where everyone is everyday.  I plan lane assignments and workouts each day and it complicates matters when I do not know who will be missing.  So please let me know when and why your swimmer will miss practice. 

We have been working this week on breaststroke and breaststroke turns.  This includes underwater pullouts and streamlines.  Strokes and turns look pretty good we just have to get to the point where the swimmers use proper techniques all the time, even when they are tired.


Email -, text - 262-352-9602, or before or after practice.

Please not I will be out of the country from April 6 to the 17th so I may be not see emails over that time.



March 23, 2017 Update

We have had a really nice start to the long course season.  The age group team has changed quite a bit with new kids and kids moving in to the senior program.  I am very please with the new swimmers in our group.  They have been great about listening and working to improve their skills.  The swimmers coming from AGT have had very good skill development but it is challenging to maintain streamlines and breathing patterns when tired - they have done a great job working toward that goal.
Please plan on attending our long course parent meeting on Monday, April 3rd from 8 to 8:30.  I know many of you have been through this before but I think it is really a good idea for new parents to meet experienced parents and continue to develop a team focus.  I look forward to meeting all the parents also.
Attendance has definitely improved this week and thank you again to all of you have communicated with me I really appreciate it.  Most days we set up lanes for specific sets in advance and it is really helpful to know who will be missing.
You can see me before or after practice, email ( or text (262-352-9602).