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Masters Update - June 18th, 2017
We are starting two weeks of backstroke emphasis along with a couple more metric
adjustment workouts!

The State Long Course Championship this past Saturday saw some really
strong swimming from Elmbrookers Shelley Nolden, Mary Schneider, Mary Pfalzgraff,
Bobby WU and Tom Grisa. In fact, Tom was involved in at least two new 55+ State Records!

University of Minnesota, Long Course National Team Members, should expect information this week for lodging, T-shirt purchase, relay sign up and other topics.
(Swimmers, please make sure you let me know if the plan is to attend that you are included in mailings).

Have a water enriched, fun week!
Coach Fred

Masters Update - April 20, 2017
Hello Masters and Friends!
The week is loaded with preparation for our (23) National Swimmers and for the remainder of the team that will time trial at home on the 27th. Sprint and Mid yardage is way down with only 600 in quality on ThursdayDistance are down from 3,000 race pace to 1,600. Expect start, turn and pace emphasis with work on relay exchanges too.
Relay assignments for Nats. will be out on Thursday, April 20. We will race (31) Relays with our (40) member Wisconsin Aquatic Club!
Any National member having some land travel issues in California should  ive me a call. (We have at least seven team members that have rented vehicles).
Remember we do have a workout this Saturday at Central 7:30 to 8:30 AM.
Finally, we have the chance to help the Club run the (8) and under meet next month. Please lend a hand, signing up with Coach Brent in the process. Always valuable and fun with another chance to have a beverage afterwards!
Wet is best,
Coach Fred

Tuesday, April 11 2017  - Update

Karen and I are back from the Florida after a wonderful week celebrating our

25th Anniversary. The week was great! In addition,  I was able to "get my workouts

in" at YMCA's on Marco Island and Key Largo. I also trained on Pine Island

In their community pool. All pools would be excellent for our Winter Training Trip!


The training week is is the beginning of taper for the Sprints and Mids with the

Distance enjoying their Peak Week. We will also cover the back half of

all stroke patterns. 

Remember for Elmbrookers, we have water time on April 11 and 13, 6:30-8:00 PM at East High School.


National Swimmers need to train as best as possible this week.

I know the timing of the Easter Holiday this year falls right in the middle

of taper time!  Try to stay "on cycle" as much as possible getting your

quality workout on or just after Thursday staying away from Wednesday.

Saturday should be used for your normal aerobic/IM workout.

National Swimmers with questions on reductions for dry land should contact

me individually.

Everyone have a great swim week and Easter Holiday!

Coach Fred