2017 Board Minutes

Minutes from F.A.S.T. Board Meeting - October 6, 2017 at 5:30 pm

Members Present:  Miles Allie, Nicole Mildenstein, Tonya Schultz, Lesley Pennewell and Jennifer Hanneman


·Checking Balance: $9,563.80 (lower due to meet fees paid – payroll not in there yet)

·Savings Balance:  $7,984.34

Coaching:  Miles and Tonya will meet with a sophomore from UW-Whitewater next week.  He has club, high school and college swimming experience.

F.A.S.T. Home Meet

·Officials: Jim Merrill is the head official and Jamie Pennewell is the AO.  We need at least 2 stroke & turn and starter refs.  Miles and Lesley will contact the ref from DFAC to check on availability.  Miles will also confirm Joe will be starter ref. Nikki Dingman will also volunteer. 

·Committed Teams: Deforest, Watertown, Waterloo, Beloit Tide, Lake Geneva, J-Hawk, Dane County Y and Stoughton.  Milton may also be coming.

·Heat Winners:  Already have Culvers coupons.

·Job Sign-Up: Miles will get meet information up so Lesley can put up job sign-ups.

·Concessions: Jennifer will contact Kristi Davis to confirm she will run concessions and to go over the menu.  We want Rocky’s pizza and subs again.  Note that subs are now on smaller bread than in the past so we will need to adjust the number ordered.

·Officials:  Tonya will take care of payments and Kwik Trip gift cards for officials.

·Banker:  Meagan is usually banker.  Lesley can be banker if Meagan is unavailable.

Attendance on Miles Side of the Pool:  Miles is putting together a book to take attendance. 

Parents Practicing with F.A.S.T.​:  Parents have requested being able to practice with F.A.S.T.  We would need to start a separate program for them.  The board prefers gearing it towards those training for triathlons instead of having a Masters Team.  The board would not want the new program to take away from the kids in any way and would not offer meets for participants.  Miles would write the practices and parents would get in the pool at 7:30 when copper is done and swim until 8:15 twice a week.  Miles would work with the parents the last 15 minutes after the kids on his side of the pool were done.  We would have to look at what registration would cost and what we would want to charge.  The number of participants would be limited when we started the program.  Concerns were raised about not taking on this program until we have more coaches.  The decision was made to table this issue until after our home meet.

Number of Swimmers Registered:  There are 17 new swimmers and a total of 54 swimmers registered this session.  We will have an additional 16 to 20 swimmers once girl’s high school swimming and other fall sports end.

Team Registration:  Team registration will be sent in next week once we get Mariah’s information.  We also need a picture of Mariah for the website.

Outstanding Balances: There are some outstanding balances but we have not had problems collecting from these people in the past.  Tonya will send out invoices to people with outstanding balances from last session.

Signors for Premier Bank & Luke Walsh CPA and Computer Access:  Meagan is resigning from the board effective December 1st.  She needs to be removed as a signor for Premier Bank and Luke Walsh.  Her computer access also needs to be revoked.  Lesley and Nicole will check into what needs to be done for Premier Bank.  Tonya will contact Luke Walsh about getting Meagan’s name removed.  Tonya will be added for Luke Walsh and Nicole can also be added if Luke needs a second person. 

Simply Swimming:  Nicole is working with Simply Swimming on team suits and 50th anniversary F.A.S.T. t-shirts.  Team suits will be navy blue Aquablades.  Simply Swimming will be at the Home Meet to fit team suits.  People have gone into Simply Swimming to buy team suits and have been told they are not available yet.  We need to make sure they are available to swimmers that want to buy them before the Home Meet.  There will be no F.A.S.T. logo so they should be able to buy them at any time.

Ribbons and Plaques:  Nicole ordered the ribbons and plaques for the Home Meet.  They will be in by the end of October.  It was approximately $317.25 for ribbons and $25 for plaques.  The invoice will be emailed with the final amounts.

T-Shirts for Registered Swimmers:  The board wanted to do something to give back to the swimmers.  The board approved buying a F.A.S.T. t-shirt for each registered swimmer.  Nicole will check on the price for the 50th Anniversary t-shirts being designed by Simply Swimming to see if it is feasible for the Club to purchase one for each swimmer.

Minutes from F.A.S.T. Board Meeting - November 3, 2017 at 5:30 pm

Members Present:  Miles Allie, Nicole Mildenstein, Tonya Schultz, Meagan Marowsky and Jennifer Hanneman

F.A.S.T. Home Meet

AwardsRibbons and plaques have arrived and Nicole will get another storage box and reorganize.  Tonya will buy Pizza Hut gift cards for the winning teams (1st - $75, 2nd $50 and 3rd $25).

Officials: Joe and Jim are coming for sure.  Jamie and Nikki are officials from F.A.S.T.  We need 5 to 6 officials on deck.  Miles emailed Scott Fanshaw to see if he is available.  There are officials from DeForest that will be there so we should have plenty.  Tonya will pick up 6 gift cards for officials.  Joe & Jim will get the same amount as the last meet

Life Guards:  Mariah Marowsky in the morning and Natalie Bosch in the afternoon.

Swimmers:  There will be  approximately 280 swimmers and 11 teams (including F.A.S.T.).  We already contacted Kristi with updated numbers for concessions.

Supplies:  Miles will get paper and poster board.   Miles ordered labels (5160) and DQ slips. We are good on pencils, ink and markers.  Miles has culvers coupons. 

Stop Watches:  We need a minimum of 17 stop watches.  We have 18 but Miles will look at ordering 10 more.  

S​imply Swimming:  They will be at the meet and offer team suits.  Nicole is confirming times.

Minutes from F.A.S.T. Board Meeting - November 20, 2017 – 5:30 pm


Members Present:  Miles Allie, Nicole Mildenstein, Tonya Schultz, Lesley Pennewell, Meagan Marowsky, and Jennifer Hanneman


Coaching certifications: Peter needs to complete all of his certifications by December 31st.  Miles will work with him to get them done.  Cathy needs her online coaches’ safety training and Barb will need to update her background check.


Overview of Fall Meet:


Income:  $10,672.44

Expenses $4,330.07

Tentative Net: $6,342.37**


**Note the following:

Kristi Davis has not submitted concessions receipts for reimbursement yet.

The above expenses include the Wisconsin Swimming fee.

We purchased stop watches which are a one-time expense.

We stocked up on supplies that we will use for the summer meet (labels, batteries, DQ slips).

We stocked up on ribbons that we will use for the summer meet.


Officials: We had too many officials on deck.  We will try to do better at planning for the summer meet.  Jamie Pennewell is looking into becoming a starter referee but due to the timing of the training he will not be certified until after our summer meet.  Jason Krapfl is getting certified to be an AO so he can replace Jamie.


Simply Swimming Orders:  The deadline for ordering has been extended to Tuesday, November 28th.  Nicole will send out an email informing the team.


Upcoming Expenditures: Miles needs to order a back-up pad which will cost approximately $310.  He will also order a new microphone since they are not real durable and only cost around $50.  Our wish list would include new bleachers to increase seating but that is more than we can afford.  We could try to change the bottom so they sit nicer though.


Parent Swimming: Our discussion was tabled until the next meeting since we do not have the coaching staff to offer this until Peter completes all of his certifications.


Shadowing:  Watertown Aquatic Team (WAT) has requested that their new coaches shadow Miles on deck during practice.  We are willing to help other teams as needed and the board approved this request.


Winter Session:  Winter session starts December 4th.  Lesley will send out an email reminder to the team.  We don’t typically have a lot of new swimmers so we do not need as much help with registration.  We will have early swim practices (due to boys high school swim meets) on January 9th, 23rd and 30th.


Christmas Gifts:  Christmas gifts for the coaches will be handed out the week before Christmas.


T-Shirts for Swimmers: The timing did not work to buy swimmers the t-shirts designed by Simply Swimming.  We will get a quote from a different vendor to see if it is still feasible to purchase a t-shirt for each swimmer in celebration of F.A.S.T.’s 50th anniversary.


Minutes from F.A.S.T. Board Meeting - December 18, 2017 – 5:30 pm


Members Present:  Miles Allie, Nicole Mildenstein, Tonya Schultz, Lesley Pennewell, and Jennifer Hanneman


Practice Schedule over the Holidays:  Bronz and Silver will stay the same.  The other kids will practice in the morning starting at 8:00am.  Morning and evening practice will be offered on December 26, 2017.  There will be no practice Christmas Day or News Years Day.


Change in Meet Schedule:  The February 11th Meet at Waukesha South has been canceled.  We will try to replace it with a meet in Waunakee on January 27th since there were no other good options the week of February 10th - 11th.


Early Practice:  There will be early practice January 2nd, 9th, 23rd and 30th due to boys high school home meets.