2018 Board Minutes

May 2nd, 2018
FAST Board Meeting Minutes

Present: Miles, Ed, Leslie, Jennifer, Bonnie, Tonya

Home Meet

Other Meets
- Rooms reserved for Birdbath

Dryland Update
- Evan will lead, offered M/W after practice (ending 8/7:45, Start 5/7 Copper +
- Activity will vary based on age 

Financial Sub-committee
- Motion made and passed w/ 6 votes to create a sub-committee consisting of the Head Coach, President, & Treasurer to make decisions for families requesting special payment options (hardships)
- Swimmer issues will be handled by the Head Coach and President

- Miles sent out messages and is just waiting to hear back regarding potential coaches

Incentives for swimmers to attend meets
- We will be having a parka give-a-way to motivate swimmers to participate in more meets (Bronze 3, Silver 4, Copper 5, Plaid 6, Gold 7, Platinum 8); FAST swimmer will be entered in a drawing after required # of meets met

Updates from House of Delegates Meeting

Team Towel update
- Design has been chosen and ready to order

50th anniversary T-shirts
- Each swimmer will receive 1 50th anniversary t-shirt for no cost

Elsmore clothing orders

Write-ups for newspaper
- Vice President will provide write-ups from meets/special events and send to the newspaper
- Also will work on keeping the team active on social media/facebook page

- Vice President will look to local business/chamber members via mailings for fundraising to use for scholarships for swimmers in need

Half-session policy
- Finalize for Fall session

Financial updates

50th Anniversary Celebration 

- Pot-luck at Dorthy Carnes Park June 26th; Miles will create a Meet Event for RSVP’s; Sign-up Genius will be utilized for families to register food/donations; Team will provide drinks (lemonade, gatorade, water)

Team Photo
- Ed will ask Val to take (tabled until next meeting)

Office Coverage
- Ed will create Goggle calendar for board members to fill as able

Hollis Incident
- Due to the fact that they were a returning family there was no week ‘trial period’; swimmer was in the water; the option that will be presented is to either pay the $66 for the USA fee or full session price 


Board Meeting April 5th, 2018

In attendance: Jen Hanneman, Bonnie Garthwait, Tonya Schultz, Miles Allie, Lesley Pennewell

Call to order: Jen

 Fast will make a New Swimmer, 1 per family, $25 coupon to be put in at triathalon. We will pay for the $200 sponsorship for Fort Parks and Rec Triathalon this summer. 

Miles will print out forms for registration for next week. 

Parent swim program was voted down. There will not be a parent swim program. 

New board positions elected. Jen Hanneman was voted in as president with the understanding that she would get a vote. She resigned as Meet Director, and was motioned by Miles, Second by Lesley, all in favor for Jen Hanneman to be President as of today. 

Bonnie Garthwait was voted in as Vice President, Ed Schmidtt was voted in as Meet Manager, motioned by Miles, second by Lesley, all in favor. 

Meet schedule was revisited due to a lack of meter meet days and indoor meter meet days, Jen made a graph demonstrating this year to be a 5 year low of meet days, and lack of Championship meet this year. Graph is as follows. 

2018 14 meet days total, 4 indoor meter meet days, 4 outdoor, 0 Championship meet days

2017 19 meet days total, 13 indoor, 1 outdoor, 3 Championship meet days

2016 18 meet days total, 9 indoor, 4 outdoor, 3 Championship meet days

2015 19 meet days total, 11 indoor, 4, outdoor, 3 Championship meet days

2014 20 total meet days total, 11 indoor, 4 outdoor, 3 Championship meet days

2013 20 total meet days, 11 indoor, 4 outdoor, 3 Champ meet days

It was discussed and attempted to add a championship meet but due to WGLO being same weekend as Bird Bath we could not find a replacement for that. We did add both days of the Seay meet June 22-23. And in addition to this we have 3 options. Option A BSC Invite June 15-17 at Recplex, Option B is May 18, 19 of BDSC, and Option C is send Miles to WGLO and send another coach to Bird Bath. Depending on the response he gets from the BSC coach we will put in place one of the options without needing another meeting to vote on this.

Evan will do Tuesday and Thursday dry lands after practice. (Evan showed up at the meeting)

Trophies will be awarded at home meet

50 year celebration will be discussed for Summer

We will be asking to see if Val Schmidt would like to take pictures of our swimmers for website. 

Coach staffing is a big issue. We do not have enough coaches. Miles will contact Joel from UW Whitewater to see if he has any prospects. 

Incentive Program for meet attendance for meet days (4 bronze, 5 silver, 6 copper, 7, plaid, 8 gold, 9 plat)

Checking 7,897.69 Saving 4, 443,03

Jen would like to know going forward if we are making money, wants a more organized. That is one of her goals. 

Outstanding balances. List will be given. Jen will be emailing people with large balances. 


Minutes from F.A.S.T. Board Meeting

January 31, 2018 – 5:00 pm

Members Present:  Miles Allie, Nicole Mildenstein, Tonya Schultz, Lesley Pennewell  and Jennifer Hanneman


  • Checking: approximately $7,000
  • Savings: $7,987.69
  • We will follow up on large outstanding family balances.

Spring/Summer Session: 

  • The session will run from April 9, 2018 through July 20, 2018 for non-state swimmers.
  • Practices will be at the same time as last year.
  • Morning practices will begin the week of June 11th and practices will be held at Rockport again on Tuesday and Thursday morning beginning that week.

Spring/Summer Meet Schedule:

May 5th:  Lake  

May 20th:  Waterloo

June 1st – 3rd: SEA at Schroeder

June 9th: FAST Home Meet

June 22nd – 24th:  Swim Pink A+ Invitation in Iowa City, Iowa (qualifying times required)

June 22nd or 23rd: SEA at Rec Plex (one day only)

June 29th: Rockport Meet

July 6th - 8th: Bird Bath at Erb Park in Appleton

July 21st – 23rd: Silver (location to be determined)   


Donations:​  We have $900 to spend from Ball Corporation.  We will use it for a new pace clock which costs $549 plus tax and shipping.  We also need a cord for our old pace clock which will cost approximately $100 with taxes and shipping.


Adult Swim Program:  We will consider doing a trial adult swim program during the spring/summer season at a future meeting.  The board members do not want this to conflict with or take anything away from the kids.

Championship Meets:  The board voted to pay for Coach Miles to attend championship meets with swimmers who qualify.  The board felt that swimmers who work hard enough to make the cuts should have the opportunity and support to attend these meets.  It is also good for our team to show that we have championship swimmers.