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Coach MJ

Hey there everyone!

Below you will be able to find any of the information that I have put out regarding fitness activities and virtual learning with Senior Gold kids.  This is an ever changing situation and I understand that we all have our own challenges and adaptations to make during this time.  Much of what is "assigned" is on a do what you can, when you can situation.

Day 1 of touching base.  In this form linked below I mentioned two apps that can help keep us all connected in everyone's fitness activities outside of the Tuesday and Thursday virtual drylands.


Zoom Meetings-I will send out the link to the group.  We will have a weekly meeting to talk about what everyone should be doing during this time in regards to exercise, diet, routines, being students of the sport, etc.  Right now, the meetings will be held on Friday's at 3:00

Virtual Drylands-These will be ongoing on Tuesday and Thursday at 4:15 and Saturdays at 11:00AM  They will be lead by Coach Nick.

Assigned Drylands- These are in addition to the standing 4:15 drylands on Tuesdays and Thursdays

4/9- Running-  1 mile cruise

                       2 minute stop and stretch

                       4 Rounds of the following in brackets

                      {30sec jog;30sec sprint;30sec walk

                      {30sec jog;20sec sprint;30sec walk

                      {30sec jog;10sec sprint;30sec walk

                      3-5 minute walk/cool down

4/13- Assigned "Peaks and Valleys" on Nike Training Club

4/14- Assigned a 20 minute AMRAP(As many rounds as possible) of the following or a 3 mile run before dryland

                          10 burpees, 20 pushups, 30 sit-ups, 40 squats, 50 russian twists, 60 high knees

4/15- Assigned "The Descent" on Nike Training Club

4/16- Recovery jog of 1-2 miles

4/17- Nike Training Club "Controlled Blast"

4/18 Assigned Run


4/20- Today's assigned dryland is the "Navy Seal Challenge"

4/21- Light walk before dryland with Coach Nick

4/22- Nike Training Club "Lunge Capacity"

4/23- 2.5 mile run before dryland with Coach Nick


Weekly Virtual Lessons

Monday, March 30th

Wednesday, April 1st

Friday, April 3rd

Monday, April 6th

Wednesday, April 8th

Friday, April 10th

Monday, April 13th

Wednesday, April 15th

Friday, April 17th

Monday, April 20th

Wednesday, April 22nd