Worker Requirements


Meet worker shifts for all spring/summer meets will open on April 11, 2018!

Express home meets are fundraisers for our team, and the only fundraising required of our families.  Volunteers are an important part of running a successful meet and a great way to become a part of the action and meet new families.  Below are the requirements for each family for the season.

Click here for Volunteer Job Descriptions to learn more about the meet worker positions. 

Buy-out for Spring/Summer Meet Worker Shifts: $250.  If you don't buy-out by April 1, and don't work your shifts you will be charged $300 for not working at the end of the season (billed on 8/1). 

We really want our families to get involved; it's a great way to meet other swim team families!  If you don't meet the required number of shifts and don't communicate your plans to "make-up" those shifts you will be charged $60 per shift on 8/1

Meet worker sign up for each meet is found by clicking on the Job Sign Up tab under each meet.  The meets are found under the Events/Meets tab.  You must be logged in first.


  • The estimated requirement for Spring/Summer 2018 is 5 shifts per family.  If we have to make adjustments to this requirement we will let you know as soon as possible.
  • Spring only families, requirement is 3 shifts.
  • Summer only families, requirement is 3 shifts.
  • Our shift times listed are estimates, we won't know our timelines until approximately 1 week prior to the meet start when entries are finalized.  Times will be updated online at that time.
  • Please note that 1 full shift is equal to approximately 4 hours.  Any shift that is less than 3 hours in length will be counted as half a shift.
  • Please remember that families still within the first 6 months of being on the team are NOT required to fulfill any meet worker shifts.  However you are welcome to get involved at anytime during your first six months.
  • Children ages 13 & up are allowed to work in most positions if they accompanied by a parent.  If you have questions about specifics please ask.
  • Officials sign up is handled by Blaine Carlson and not on our online Job Sign Up.  Contact Blaine directly if you have not received communication from him to sign up for these meets as an official.