Team Store

Waukesha Express Swim Team Store

Use the below link to take you to our online team store with All-American Aquatics (by clicking the below link you will leave our website and be directed to our team store which is a part of All-American Aquatics website).  Orders and payments go directly to All-American Aquatics.  Any questions regarding orders placed here should be directed to Kasey at All-American Aquatics, 800-910-7946.

You will have the option of having your order shipped to you, or you can pick it up at the All-American Aquatics store in Oconomowoc.




Team Caps

Team caps are available at the pool during practices and meets.  You or your child can request a cap from a coach or staff member.  If your child asks for a cap, you will be responsible for payment of the cap(s).  Caps will be billed to accounts; $3.00 for latex caps and $13.00 for silicone caps.

Customized team cap orders (team caps with last name) are placed 3 - 4 times per year, usually at the beginning of each season.  Watch your e-mail for ordering information and deadlines.

Practice Equipment

Swimmers are required to have their own equipment for practices, see below.  Swimmers should also come prepared with their own suits, caps and goggles.  You can purchase this practice equipment from All-American Aquatics using the link to our online team store above or by calling All-American Aquatics directly at 800-910-7946.  

At the beginning of each season we also hold an open house (September and March).  All-American Aquatics is typically at the open house with equipment, suits, goggles, etc.  

Mesh bags are optional for all swimmers, but are nice for storing and transporting wet practice equipment.

Super 8's: Fins (long)

AG White: Fins (long), Pull buoy

AG Grey, AG Black, AG Red: Fins (long), Pull buoy, Snorkel

AG Performance: Fins (long or short), Pull buoy, Snorkel, FINIS Agility Paddles

Senior White: Fins (short), Pull buoy, Snorkel

Senior Black/National Team: Fins (short), Pull buoy, Monofin (optional for Senior Black), Nose Plug, Tempo Trainer