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Team Travel Available Meets

In order to reach our goals, it is imperative that our athletes compete outside of West Texas.  We realize this can be a burden on families, both for time and finances.  For meets that are listed as "Team Travel Available" the coaching staff can take your swimmer to the meet with the team.  This is only for families who are not planning on attending the meet otherwise.  If you have conflicts and can't get them there or would rather send them with the team for financial reasons, please fill out the travel forms for each meet you are planning to send you athlete and you will be billed for a $200 deposit before the trip, and the remainder of the cost after the trip.  Please remember, this is not for parents who are attending the meet.  

Pete Ragus Invitation- Lubbock, TX

Dates: May 11-12th 

Deadline to Sign Up For Travel: April 23rd

Time: Leaving Midland May 11th @ 2:30pm 

Estimated Cost: $200 (not including entry fees)

Room Block:

 Elegante Hotel Lubbock Texas 

801 Avenue Q, Lubbock, TX 79401 Phone(806) 763-1200

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Trip Itinerary

West Texas Champs- Qualifiers with "B" Times Only

Dates: July 20-22

Time: Leaving Midland 2:00pm July 20th 

Estimated Cost: $250 (Not including entry fees)

Fill our the travel form here

Team Travel Only Meets

Part of developing as a swimmer is gaining independence from your parents and learning to rely on your teammates.  Once per season, we take a trip that is only athletes (11&Over) and coaches.  10&Under athletes are included but parents are responsible for their travel.   Parents are allowed to follow the bus and come to the meet but are highly encouraged to give your swimmer every opportunity to be responsible for their own meet during the trip.  These trips are vital to our team building and retention of athletes.  

Your athlete will automatically be committed to the appropriate team trips by their coach.  If they are unable to attend, please decline on team unify.  If you are able to attend, please fill out the travel forms.  You will be billed for a $200 deposit before the meet and for the remainder of the cost after the meet.  

Summer Training Trip - Incoming High School Freshman and Up

Location: Austin, TX

Dates: June 24-30

Estimated Cost: $650-675

Fill out travel waiver here

AAAA George Block Invitational- 12 and unders only with B times

Dates: June 21-24

Time: Leaving Midland June 21st at 1:00pm

​Estimated Cost: $300 (not including entry fees)

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TXLA Texas Open - 13 and overs only with BB times in Long Course

Dates: June 22-24

Time: Leaving Midland June 22-24

Estimated Cost: $300 (Not including entry fees)

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C Travel Trip

Dates: June 30th 

Estimated Cost: $80

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Dates: July 26-19

Estimated Cost $300-400 ( Not including entry fees)

Contact Coach Mike for Travel Details

TYR Pro Series, Texas Senior Circuit, Sectionals, Nationals, Futures- Sectional Qualifiers Only

All information for these meets will be distributed by coach Jenna 

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