Board Of Directors

West Texas Swimming Board of Directors:

Cyndi Fenton:  [email protected] (806) 789-3636 
     General Chair
     Club Development Liaison
Luke Serrano:  [email protected]  (432) 940-7789
     Admin Vice Chair
     Diversity & Inclusion Chair
     Safety Chair
Jenna Purkey:  [email protected] (432) 770-6048
     Coaches Representative
     Rules & Regulations Chair
     Sanctions Chair
     Senior Vice Chair
April Hayes:  [email protected]  (806) 438-4809
     Membership Chair
     Registration Chair
Trey Hayes:  [email protected] (806) 577-3240
     National Times Chair
     Records Chair
     Top Times Tabulator
Andy Laegeler:  [email protected] (832) 833-6534
Mike Anzano:  [email protected] (915) 799-9597
     Age Group Vice Chair
Tom Jackson:  [email protected] (440) 787-5962
     Officials Chair
Sondra Hunt:  [email protected] (336) 775-7115
     Safe Sport Chair