Swim Lesson Program




Swim Lessons are our "pre-swim team" level.  They are intended for children 3-9 years of age, with limited or no swimming experience. 

Lessons are 30 minutes in length and are provided twice each week.  A child need not be able to swim to enter this group but should be comfortable in the water. 

Lessons will focus on floating, breathing and body awareness in the water.  Swimmers will also learn flutter kick, breaststroke kick, freestyle and backstroke arms. The instructor:student ratio is never more than 4:1.

Lessons are scheduled by Level 1,2,3,or 4 depending upon ability.

Swimmers will need a tight-fitting suit, swim cap, and goggles to participate.

Please email us if you require more information or to schedule an evaluation. 

MORE SWIM LESSON INFORMATION (including upcoming session dates and cost) CLICK HERE