Green Group




Tuesday & Thursday (45 min sessions)

Green Group is the entry level to the year-round swim team. Swimmers in this group should be able to demonstrate the ability to swim or  25 backstroke and 25 freestyle with proper leg and breathing skills.

Most of the practices will be simple repetition of the 4 competitive strokes (including Breaststroke and Butterfly) with a focus on body position, kicking, and basic fundamentals of the 4 strokes.  Repeats will vaety in length but the workout conisists mostly of 25's and 50's repeats all excuted directly under a coaches direction. Swimmers will be expected to be able to function within a group of other swimmers, listen and execute on coaches directions, and show at least 2 basic levels of effort (smooth/slow and strong/fast).  Swimmers may be introduced to competition and swim meets although it is not a requirment to participate.    

Swimmers will need a tight-fitting suit, swim cap, goggles, kick board, long blade swim fins, and a mesh bag in which to keep their swim gear.                                                                  

Please email us if you require more information or to schedule a tryout.