Practice Schedule



SPRING 2018 

(Until May 25th, 2018)

  • Senior Group: M-F 4:00-6:00PM   Sat 6:00-8:45AM    ** Mon, Tues, Thurs 5:00-6:45AM
  • Gold Group:    M-F 6:00-7:30PM  Sat 8:00-9:30AM
  • Silver Group:   M-F 6:15-7:30PM  
  • Bronze Group: MWF 5:15-6:15PM  At OVAC
  • Blue Group:     MWF 4:30-5:15PM  At OVAC

DRY-LAND for Senior, Gold, and Silver Group will be on MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS and FRIDAYS this season.  

  • Silver will dry-land BEFORE practice 6:00-6:15PM.  
  • Gold will dry-land BEFORE practice 5:30-6:00PM (extra 15 minutes this season). 
  • Senior will dry-land AFTER practice 6:00-6:45PM (extra 15 minutes this season).