Committees & Divisons

Please email [email protected] to have your inquiry directed to the appropriate party


  • Athlete:  Sr Athlete Rep (Chair) - Summer Cheng; Jr Athlete Rep - Lydia Jacoby
    • Area Athlete Reps from South Central, Northern, Central, and Southeast
  • Finance:  Finance Vice Chair (Chair); Members: Treasurer, 3 appointed members
  • Governance:  Members Elected; Members Choose their Chair, Admin Vice-Chair is Ex Officio member with voice and vote
  • Operational Risk:  Stephanie Snyder



  • Tech Planning:  Patrick Burda (Chair, NA), Cassidy Welsh (NA,Athlete), Scott O'Brien (CA), Ryann Dorris (CA Athlete) Maggie Rocheleau (SC), Koda Poulin (SC, Athlete), Renee Roberts (SE, Athlete), Wendy Kolberg, Jodi McLaughlin
  • Zones: Debra Reger (Chair), Wendy Kolberg, Josh Gregory, Maggie Rocheleau, Koda Poulin (Athlete), Lydia Jacoby (Athlete)
  • Officials:  Cathy Foy (Chair), Caleb Peiman (Athlete), Micah Keen (Athlete), Scott Johnson (NA), Sean McLaughlin (CA), Holli Watkins (SC), Stacy Mank (SE)
  • *When a committee is established the Division Head is an Ex Officio Member with Voice and Vote.
Committee Meeting Minutes to be taken and shared with the General Chair, Secretary, Division Head, and Posted here. Meetings are Open.



  • Admin Vice Chair:  Bylaw/Rules/Legislation, Clubs, Elections, Equipment/Computers, Insurance, Legal, Membership, PR & Special Events, Secretary, Parent Manual
  • Age Group Vice Chair:  Adaptive, Camps, Tech Plan, Time Standard, Zone Team
  • Senior Vice Chair:  Awards, Meet Evaluation, Meet Mgmt, Meet Sanctions, Meet Sponsors, Officials, Open Water, Reportable Times, Safety
  • Finance Vice Chair:  Audit, Budget, Marketing/Sponsorship, Swim-a-thon, Tax, Treasurer