Club Portal Access


1. Go to USA Swimming website –

2. Sign in with your username and password. If you do not have one, create one

3. Once logged in to USA Swimming, click on Member Resources, then Club Portal Search

4. At the Club Portal Search window, put in the club code and click SEARCH

5. After the SEARCH has been executed click on the CLUB PORTAL to go the Club Portal area

6. Note the blue tabs labeled Announcements, Practice Schedule, Upcoming Meets, Meet Results and Facilities. All of the contents of these tabs are viewable to the public. The Report tab (on the far right is only viewable if logged in as the Club Administrator.

7. To log in as the Club Administrator, get the Club Portal password. The individual club determines who has this password. Then scroll to the bottom and click on Club Administrator Login.

8. Fill in the club password and click on Edit Club Portal

9. Once logged in as the Club Administrator, follow the directions below to edit and update the blue tab areas.

10. To access the Reports, click on the Reports tab

11. Note the different kinds of reports that are available: Membership Trends, Club Athlete Roster, Club Non-Athlete Roster, and Club IMX Certificates. Each time you click on one of the reports, it goes to SWIMS and gets the most up to date info. Under the Club IMX Certificates, the club can print the certificates.