Mentoring Program

  Western Zones Age Group and Senior Zones Championship

Meet Official’s Reimbursement Programs

The Western Zone has two programs to help reimburse officials expenses to travel to and work the Age Group and Senior Zones Championship Meets.  The goals of these programs are to encourage uniform, consistent and athlete friendly officiating throughout the Western Zone, to offer officials an opportunity to attend championship meets outside their LSC with some support and mentored learning, and for officials to take back new skills to their respective LSC’s.

The Mentoring program is designed to pair officials newer to a larger meet format with experienced officials who can help them gain confidence in their skills, have someone to share and discuss situations during the meet, and to gain a feeling of comfort to working at larger Championship Meet formats.

OFFICIALS MENTORING PROGRAM (OMP):This fund provides lodging assistance for two Officials from each Western Zone LSC to attend and work at least 80% of the meet sessions at the Western Zone Senior Championship. Each LSC Officials Chair must submit the names of their two Officials (one to act as a mentor and one that has been identified as having strong potential) to the Western Zone Officials Chair by June 30, 2018. 

OFFICIALS REIMBURSEMENT FUND PROGRAM:This fund provides reimbursement assistance to officials who work at least 80% of the meet sessions and who are not being reimbursed from another source for their expenses to attend the Western Zone Senior Championship meet. The proceeds of the funds generated from this meet are shared equally across all applicants who have met the work requirements. 

For BOTH Officials Programs mentioned above, please contact:  Western Zone Officials Chair ~ Mike Dilli: [email protected]