Officials Reimbursement Program

 Officials Mentoring and Reimbursement Program

This fund will provide travel and lodging assistance for any officials, in good standing, from an LSC in the Western Zone to work the Age Group and Senior Zone Meets. Officials will be identified by the Western Zone Officials Chair with the advice of the Western Zone LSCs, the assigned championship Meet Referees, and the Western Zone Directors, from each of the Western Zone LSCs for each of the two zone meets. (Meet Referees, Admin Referee and Team Leads are not covered by this fund.) To be eligible for funding, officials working the Age Group Championship Meet or the Senior Zone Meet must work 80% of their meet sessions, including time trials. The funding for each of these meets will be kept separate and available to only the officials working that meet. Monies collected from each meet will be divided among the officials eligible to receive funding as outlined above.  Mentoring is an important aspect of this program. Prior to reimbursement, participating officials must turn in travel and lodging expense receipts to the Western Zone Officials Chair.  Officials will not only be expected to participate in the mentoring programs for each meet, but also to actively engage with senior officials to advance their skills in each position on the deck, over the course of the meet.

This fund will be administered by the Western Zone Officials Chair, subject to the policies and procedures of the Western Zone. Distribution of any monies from this fund will be made by the Western Zone Treasurer with the approval of the Western Zone Directors. The funds will be sent to each official’s LSC to be distributed to the eligible officials. Any funds not used in any one year will carry forward and made strictly available to the Officials Mentoring Program in future years.